Questions for the NZ People’s Party

The NZ Peoples Party has been formed, Radio NZ reports:

A new political party dedicated to immigrants will make crime one of its main campaigning issues.

Ethnic crime was the big influence in Roshan Nauhria’s decision to start the New Zealand People’s Party, which intends to look after Chinese and Indian voters.

The New Zealand People’s Party says it intends to stand its first candidate in Phil Goff’s electorate of Mount Roskill, should there be a by-election if Mr Goff is elected as Auckland mayor.

They seem to be a collection of legitimately angry immigrants, who have announced they are running at the next election and also in the Mt Roskill by-election. At Whaleoil we like new parties, and want to know if they are serious. As with the NZ Seniors Party, we want to ask them some questions that we will provide them space on this blog to answer.

The New Zealand People’s Party might make it but we want to know the following things:   
1. How are you going to get into parliament? Win an electorate or by getting to the 5% threshold?< 2. Are you aware that the 5% threshold was 120282 votes in 2014, and is likely to be more in 2017 due to population growth? 3. How are you going to fundraise the necessary funds to win a seat or get to the 5% threshold? 4. Analysis by members of our team suggests that a political party needs a budget of $3m in election year to be successful. Do you have this level of funding? 5. No new minor party has come into parliament without a sitting MP defecting since MMP began in 1996. Are you intending getting an MP to defect or are you going to attempt to break 21 years precedent? 6. Have they considered signing up to another party and getting the other party to adopt the policy agenda the New Zealand People's Party is pushing? We wish the NZ People's Party all the best, and hope they have answers to these questions. We will happily publish them if anyone from the NZ People's Party wants to send in answers or any other material about their party. At Whaleoil we always publish information of this type in full without editing, so our readers can make their own judgments. We may comment, but we do not edit.

  • ex-JAFA

    Further to Q6, their preferred response to their single issue may not be met be any other party’s policy. But have they considered that those other parties’ policies on the issue may be more pragmatic and realistic? And even if their policy is better, how do they hope to get it implemented? They have to be “at the table”, and those currently at the table don’t need them.

  • Dog Breath

    The question of law and order goes both ways. The primary motivation for this party is the violence against dairy owners and trying to do something about that. What they will not talk about is their business practice of exploitation of their own people. They have quite different values when it comes to business as shown by the number of contracting businesses in Marlborough who were recently given a warning shot across the bow about their business affairs and guess what these owners surname is never Smith or Jones.

  • Eiselmann

    Gee when I saw the thread title I thought , Harre, Bradford, Minto , Sykes and co had gotten together to form a new party to help with the Greens with the ‘ great leap backwards’

    So welcome to the Political scene NZ Peoples Party ….but that name could have been better selected, Comrade.