Scarlette licker revealed: the 70 year old bus driver

A 70-year-old bus driver has confirmed he was the man who touched the entertainer “Scarlette” at the centre of the Chiefs’ Mad Monday scandal. But the man said he never wanted to upset her and is sorry it happened.

He also said he would no longer drive for the Chiefs, or for any “stag”party events. “They are all too much trouble.”

The bus driver was hired by the Chiefs for the day to drive them to celebrations at the Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel near Tirau.

The driver admitted to licking “Scarlette” as she performed a lap dance for him, which was paid for by the Chiefs.

He said he did so after he was egged on by Chief team members.

“I didn’t intentionally want to do anything that she didn’t want,” the man said.

“I would never have done that if I knew she was going to be upset.”

Erm.  So, Scarlette was getting stuck into the Chiefs, but it was the bus driver?  

The bus driver, whom the Herald on Sunday has agreed not to name, said Scarlette “seemed happy” to him when he returned to collect the team from the hot pools.

“I went down to see if they were ready and they said come in and then they got me to sit in this chair for her to give me a lap dance,” the man said.

He said he was not told he couldn’t touch Scarlette so thought what he did was acceptable.

“She kind of did a backward flip and ended up with her legs around my neck kind of thing,” he said.”They [the players] were standing around shouting out, encouraging me.”

The man said he briefly licked Scarlette and she then flipped back and kept dancing.

She then got partially dressed and walked around chatting to the players before packing up.

“She came up and gave me a hug and a kiss and gave one of the other players a hug. She didn’t seem upset at all.”

So stop the friggin’ bus.

Both Scarlette and the Media Party have been beating up on the Chiefs players when the guy who licked Scarlette’s hoo-haa was the bus driver?

If there is a lesson in here at all, it is to not take your story to the media.  They’ll use you, abuse you and dance on the corpse of your reputation for good measure.

No doubt the Chiefs were drunk and not behaving the way their mothers had taught them, but to let this story go for nearly a month without throwing the driver under the bus is some admirable bro code right there.

It also shows why people have to be careful not to get on the outrage trip too soon.  You always want to ask more questions before rushing in and turning it into a bloody crash.

As for the story… the deliberate lies in the media go round and round, round and round, round and round…


– Kirsty Wynn, NZ Herald

  • Patriot

    This clearly explains why Scarlette didn’t go to the police initially and has refused further police input/investigation. It is a no-story, story. I am now wondering who encouraged her to go to the media. Somewhere in the background will probably be a a woman’s lib, social justice bully “friend”. This puts me in mind of the waitress who’s hair John Key pulled and how that got blown totally out of proportion. Both were silly acts by boys but basically harmless. Both girls have been used by the media to push their own media party agenda.

  • Nige.

    This is typical ‘drip feed’ churnalism at its worst. This sets a new low for the media party which clearly demonstrates that they in the msm all colluded together and hunt like pack wolves.

    • Cadwallader

      How often at this site have the words “this sets a new low” been used relative to the msm? Down they go at more or less the same acceleration as Little Angry’s plunge in the polls.

      • Nige.

        And yet they continue to fees and people continue to eat.

        It seems humans love a train wreck.

        But seriously this should be a lesson on how to manipulate a story.

  • So it’s bus drivers that need educating about the limits you can go to, they are a wild lot especially those older ones.

  • XCIA

    The impressionable fools in the MSM are always getting sucked in by those who flutter eyelashes and who give the impression that butter wouldn’t melt. Now, if they had properly trained and seasoned investigative reporters, people like “Scarlette” would not make it to first base.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Sooo… the bus driver hadn’t been drinking. i.e. no alcohol involved?
    Are we going to see any retractions or corrections WRT the Chiefs, rugby, alcohol or “rape culture”?

    Queue: crickets chirping.

  • venator

    Did he have to swipe his Gold Card or did she accept it on face value.

    • cod

      And if the septuagenarian did, where did he swipe it, I don’t imagine she carries an eftpos reader, and if she accepted it, was the cost picked up by the taxpayer for that particular journey, we have to know, public interest.

  • oldmanNZ

    from my view of angle.

    Scarlett should be the ones to apologise to the Chief players, and their apology retracted.
    The police should be looking at laying a charge for false complaint
    The Commerce commission should look how scarlett charge per lick without advertising a price list, for all we know, it could have been $100. The bust driver had no idea.
    HDPA should not comment at all.
    Susan Devoy should go back and learn what a race complaint is.

    and the Media, well, no one trust them.

    • RD

      There was no police complaint – Scarlett has been consistent in not wanting to lay one, so no false complaint to be charged with.
      I was suspicious from the start when she went to the media instead of the police, and her main issue was that she was not paid what was promised.

  • dave

    Chiefs = Money, 70yo bus driver not so much. Seems much clearer now.

  • Teakay

    MSM, HDPA, Labour/Greens et all congratulate Louisa Upston for displaying good judgment and balance. YEAH RIGHT!

  • iera

    With the culprit now outed, it is interesting to see who of those involved may have lied earlier – it would seem: all of them – that’s if this new version is actually true.

    So, simplified for Heather du Plessis-Allan ( also Susan Devoy and the 7,230 who have signed the Open Letter to Rugby Management ) –
    “The old man didn’t know of “extras fee”, so he didn’t pay, leaving Scarlette $50 short. That’s all really.”

  • Doc45

    The two things to come out of this that strike me:

  • Doc45


  • Doc45


  • Doc45


    • Doc45

      Sorry team – do not what’s happened here. Please edit out.

  • Hard1

    HdPA, the latest in this long line of fiction writing media repeaters, are on The Ship Of Fools, and they have run aground once again. Why do they even believe each other?

  • Dave

    So, Scarlett can’t tell the difference between a Chiefs player, and a 70 year old ??? Perhaps she needs to go to spec savers! Or could it be Ms Upton, HDPA and the media party just created another fiction. I suggest scarlet needs to tell the truth. To go and give the driver a hug after suggests she was happy at that stage.

    • Dumrse

      There’s more to come. I’m picking Scarlette and HdPa are one and the same.

  • Alf Garnett

    If you’re gonna get your kit off in front of a bunch of liquored up, testosterone fueled young men, surely it’s not too much to expect that you aren’t going to be admired for your personality and intelligence.

  • jimknowsall

    What an astonishing revelation. The more we find out, the less this is any kind of story at all.

    Also, I know there are rules with lap dancers and the main one is no touching, but if a dancer puts her genitals literally within a tongues length of a man’s face, and does so in a sexual manner, she really is playing with temptation to such a degree that it’s almost inevitable something will happen.

  • Michelle

    Typical Media party I wonder if Scarlette feels like used goods now she has been through the Media party sleaze machine
    No doubt she is looking for a new job

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Can we now call time on Scarlette’s 15 minutes? Please?

  • pisces8284

    So who got thrown under the bus?

    • Wheninrome

      Who did the paying for the act in a public place because members of the public were free to view whether they wanted to or not. Was the function privat function in which case all the witnesses will go one way only. If it was open to the public you can check the crimes act which talks about indecent acts in public. Was it indecent or not.

  • Kevin

    The bus driver’s account is rather different to how Scarlett tells it so one of them is lying, I mean, “has got it wrong.” No prizes of for guessing who.

  • Paul Marsden

    Women have been thrusting their genitalia into mens faces for some form of reward, since the dawn of evolution, and will continue to thrust them into men’s faces until the end of time. Give me a break!

  • PharmaBloke

    Given this led the news for 2 or more days I thought this new revelation would be breathlessly reported as the lead item …………. persisted through 3 News and even paid attention but…., nope