Via the Tipline

Damn, I nearly had this lot come through my wind screen.  Time for this “builder” to become famous.




Listen Tim, steal a pair of your wife’s pink undies if you need to, but put a bloody flag on your sticky out load so you don’t nearly kill one of my readers.

Much obliged.


  • Petem8nz

    Bring back the parking and bad driving posts! Also bring back the printout that goes on the windscreen!

  • Big_Al

    Yep, that is definately a tad dangerous. I hope that Tim is a WhaleOil reader.
    He might then get the message. Luckily no persons were harmed in the taking of this pic.

  • Sailor Sam

    The trailer may itself be illegal and not roadworthy, it has no illumination method for the number plate and is it not allowed to be mounted on the movable tailgate?
    No rego sticker on the number plate either, trailer rego stickers come with an adhesive strip to attach it to the number plate.

  • Nebman

    Given that the load appears secure and is elevated, can’t see the issue.

    No flags or placards are required if the load does not extend more than 1m passed the tailgate or 4m passed the rear axle of the trailer.

    If it “nearly went through your windscreen” pay closer attention next time. Supposed to be able to brake within half the available distance which suggests you were following too closely anyway.

  • Ringmaster

    I would not think the wire cage, designed to contain loads, was designed to carry the weight shown in photo. I notice the top cage rail is distorted by tie down.

  • Anthony

    Should have wrapped the straps around the bundle at least. There is nothing stopping the centre planks from sliding forward during braking, or rattling backwards.