Simon Wilson from Metro on Vic Crone

Simon Wilson has a brutal column on Vic Crone in Metro.

As is usual for this lefty sniveller he sneers his way through a meandering waffly old tale until the very end when he slips the shiv in:

She’s right about many things, but does that make her right for the job? She’s allowed herself to be surrounded by time-servers, hacks and half-arses. The embittered (in the local body world), entitled rump of old National. Almost none of them share the next generation future-focused energy she likes to portray herself as having.  

Why hasn’t she got an exciting team of people around her? What does that tell us? That talented creative people don’t trust her or that she doesn’t know how to harness their talents? Or both?

She sprays complaints into the wind and often they’re so misdirected and contradictory you wonder if she has any idea what she’s talking about. Is it inexperience, which she will learn from? Is she a cunning strategist or a self-aggrandising high flyer with minimal people skills who is, very publicly, being found out?

Are those new tunnels under the harbour going to save her or bury her?

He’s dead right about the time-servers, hacks and half-arses. It is just a matter of what slot to put people in like Michelle Boag, Nikki Kaye, Sue Wood, Jo de Joux, Hamish Price, Joe Davis, Alistair Bell, Alan Towers and the rest of the bugger’s muddle, so they can be accurately labelled. There also needs to be a label for turncoats like Denise Krum.

Vic Crone

Simon Wilson also made this observation about me:

Instead, she was blessed by the presence of ministers Maggie Barry, Paul Goldsmith and Nikki Kaye. The National Party was all over this meeting. MC duties were shared by MPs Mark Mitchell and Alfred Ngaro (Mitchell, you may remember, is the Rodney MP whose way into Parliament was cleared by Cameron Slater and friends in a brutal internecine campaign, as detailed by Nicky Hager in his book Dirty Politics. Slater, in case you’re wondering, can’t stand Crone).

No, I can’t stand Crone at all. Her lead up to the beginning of the campaign was the ultimate in dishonesty. This will be outlined in a book following her loss to be issued after the election.


– Metro

  • Backdoor

    Welcome back Cameron. Good to read your comments again. However, I have enjoyed reading the team ‘s comments in your absence.

    Looks like Goff for Mayor. That will make an interesting by-election in Roskill.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Crone makes no impression on me whenever I see her in interviews.

  • MyKillS

    I shall vote for Crone. Why? because she is the only one who is polling anywhere near a level that shows some possibility of success. Palino and the others of the right persuasion are still in single figures and and quite honestly don’t have a dog’s show. Goff has said that one of his main policies is going to be to give all Council workers a living wage. How Labour is that and he wants to be seen as an Independent. (Give me a break) Vic C wants to fast track a second Harbour crossing. That at least shows some vision and understanding of the problems Auckland has. I haven’t heard much in the way of policies from the other candidates.

    So I appreciate that you don’t like Crone but if we are going to get a Mayor that is not an old Labour hack then I see her as the only possibility.

    • That’s your choice of course, but all you are doing is letting a left wing bimbo who was number 11 on Boags list to seek for mayor, who btw, is still working Labour on their future of work commission. She is no more right wing than I am a bleeding heart liberal.

      • MyKillS

        Thanks for that assessment. I only know of her as an ex CEO of Xero and would assume that she has some competencies. I can’t vote for Goff for several reasons but one of the main ones is that I still remember the reception he, Helen C and the other left ……… who protested those who returned from fighting in Vietnam. They were only doing what they were told by the politicians. I found their actions despicable then and some of Goff’s actions since as significantly hypocritical.

        Who is your best option from the right then?

        • I won’t be voting for Goff, and for the first time in my life I may have to ignore the Mayoral vote and just focus on the council and local boards.

        • biscuit barrel

          She wasnt CEO, that has always been Rod Drury, she was one of 4 regional MDs ( for NZ)

        • XCIA

          I’m going to go with the WO recommendations and I will be passing them on to colleagues, acquaintances and friends who are all similarly disappointed in the Rodney Hyde so called “super city” and those who have run it into the ground.

    • Win

      Palino has sensible and accountable policies. Shame he has had no coverage by MSM. Possibly this is because his policies threaten certain council officers leftist projects. If his policies did get some air he would be a very serious mayoral contender.

      • biscuit barrel

        Dont forget when it comes to council policy, the mayors vote is just one of 21. Its no use pushing some specific policy unless you have 10 more votes to make it happen.

    • GoingRight

      I understand Palino’s booklet clearly lays out his plan for Auckland. We will likely vote for him. Can’t vote for a leftie like Goff or Crone.

    • Bluemanning

      Crone appeared on my facebook, uninvited, consequently I took the opportunity to ask her if she has ever worked with or for the Labour party and if she is involved with them. She answered other questions either side of my question but did not answer mine; so I asked her the same question again. No reply.
      From my perspective she is Labour.

  • kayaker

    Don’t know a lot about Vic (why not Victoria?) Crone, except for one event I went to earlier this year where she was the speaker – all I really heard from her then was “we need to be having conversations” etc. As for Simon Wilson – what a bitter and twisted, lemon-lipped individual he is. It must be miserable living in his head.

  • Pluto

    Interesting you’re not publishing your book on her before the election.
    Hager and co would see this as the morally right thing to do, public have a right to know etc etc.

    • It’s not on her per se, more on the complete cluster whatsit of the centre-right.

  • Graeme

    They are all a bunch of nohopers, including the only “Independent ” Labour candidate who will probably get the office as he is the only one from the left who is allowed to stand as was Brown. There is no hope of anyone from the other side of the political spectrum who has a chance because there are so many candidates standing which splits the vote.

  • Wayne Hodge

    National have lost the plot re Auckland Council. Letting Kaye, Boag and Wood run the show is ridiculous. They need to take a hard nosed focus look at what is required and go for it. This includes uniting around one viable candidate. For heaven’s sake if Crone was no 11 on even Boag’s list why was she the chosen one? Crone waffles and seems more left than right. At times she even makes Goff appear rational.