Social Justice Bullies

Writes Neil

May I suggest that the term Social Justice Warriors gets replaced with Social Justice Bullies; because that is what they are.

A warrior implies something noble whereas what they are really doing is trying to bully people/organisations into submission in the absence of reason, only with innuendo and some misguided perception of moral authority – not unlike the MSM – do as I say, not do as I do.

  • oldmanNZ

    I would rather call them loosers, as it appears they cant get what they want, they lost the plot, got nothing to loose, as they already lost so start a triade of abuse to the victor.

  • Eiselmann

    While I do agree that bullies is a very apt term , for me the ‘Warrior’ in SJW is sarcasm , often unable to say face to face what they can type anonymously…they fight with absolute dedication to their cause….for about a week.

    • BigNose

      Does it stand for Warrior? I thought it stood for something else entirely…

  • Bling Bling

    How about social justice terrorist? Or Social justice combatant?

    • Mike Webber

      What about social justice fascists.

  • George Carter

    Alongside absence of reason, innuendo and misguided perception of moral authority you might want to add “a complete lack of facts” as part of their armory!

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Good idea – bullies sums them up totally. They also get power from the ‘gang’ mentality of being in a ‘powerful (??) group’.

  • Big_Al

    They are just self appointed bunch of bullies who try and force their opinions on society.
    Their demanding boycotts of companies and businesses without a care for the consequences or of being in possession of the facts in most cases.
    As i have suggested before, it is time that these bullies and thugs were named and shamed and their businesses and places of employment were boycotted by the rest of us. See how they feel when their jobs and livelihoods are affected.

  • Observer

    Good call. Latest is NYU have rescinded a lecture invitation to 88 year old Nobel Prize winning DNA co-discoverer, James Watson, after SJB’s complained about his past comments on race, gender and obesity.