“Stop Islamisation” movement in Whanganui upsets


The “racist” anti-Muslim rants included in a pamphlet circulating in Whanganui have upset some locals but have been defended by the group posting them.

Headed “Stop Islamisation” the pamphlet has been delivered to letter boxes across the city and the inflammatory commentary had a number of people contacting the Chronicle expressing their disgust.

It claims Muslims are arriving in New Zealand as refugees but only intent on changing our “laws, culture and daily life to suit Muslims”. It goes on to claim their main goal is to “kill anyone” who doesn’t believe in their God (Allah).

“Islamic associations, backed by endless amounts of Saudi oil money, put pressure on local government, school boards, community groups and central government to give Muslims special treatment and exempt them from our laws,” the flyer says.

“Islam demands our society accept their backward and barbaric practices and beliefs (child marriage, death penalty, polygamy) to name a few.

Enough is enough. Join the Resistance against insane immigration policies and fear-based silence.”

That would have been a bit in the face for people who haven’t been faced with the Islamisation argument before. 

The group behind the pamphlets is the Whanganui branch of the Right Wing Resistance which has groups around the world but largely in Europe.

The vice-president of the local branch, who spoke to the Chronicle on condition of anonymity, said they were trying to raise public awareness “of what’s happening across the world before it happens here”.

He said Muslims had been migrating to other countries “and already getting laws changed”.

Asked if he had evidence of that happening in NZ the spokesman said it wasn’t happening “yet”.

“All we’re doing is pre-empting what’s happening in other parts of the world.”

He said since the pamphlet appeared last weekend he had had a number of phone calls from people supporting the organisation’s stance.

“We’re not just highlighting the Muslim problem. We have issues about immigration, lack of jobs, poverty and housing. We’re against family violence and supported changing the national flag,” he said.

“Everyone has a right to their beliefs and ways of life but we don’t see a need for us to change our ways and our laws to suit others coming to live here.”

Not too keen on their chosen name, but the basic concept of losing our own culture in the process of making room for theirs continues to be an extremely valid stance to take.

The world is full of Islamic countries.  Why do they want to come to non-Islamic countries and then slowly change them into Islamic ones over generations?

Is it really “racist” to want to stop New Zealand turning into an extension of the Islamic State?


– John Maslin, Wanganui Chronicle

  • Builder

    I don’t see a problem, it looks like they are just telling the truth. It would come as a shock to those that get their news only from MSM.

  • Superman

    Once again an anti-Islam stance is called racism. When will these stupid people get it into their heads that Islam is not a race. To make a stand against an ideology that wants to destroy your culture and way of life and you yourself if you don’t conform is just common sense. It is time to call out the people who shout “racism” every time they don’t agree with a point of view. They are the real racists – people who reduce everything to race.

    • jaundiced

      If you say anything anti-Islam it is racism.
      And to emphasise that it is a demented view, lets call it a ‘rant’.

    • Raibert

      The PC brigade rapidly resort to name calling to get their way, this is what spoilt, indulged children do everywhere. They make no attempt to ensure facts support their arguments and in fact seem to be unable to debate openly without ranting. This is becoming a very tedious aspect of our modern western democracies..

  • Mrs_R

    In response to a question and answer in the above article it would be interesting to know if indeed we are actually making changes here in NZ, either legally or culturally, to pander to the Muslim way of life. I can think of one example whereby NZ’ers in general are required to remove helmets and glasses when entering a bank, however Muslim women wearing the full face burka are exempt from exposing their features in the same way we are required to. I believe we have also been discouraged by our government to use the expression ‘Merry Christmas’ due to offending these people. Can people here think of other tangible examples?

    • Old Kiwi

      Public swimming pools in Auckland now have women only swimming sessions for that very reason


      • Nessie

        I don’t care if people have ‘special’ arrangements such as women only swimming sessions, as long as they are open to ALL women. I wouldn’t mind men having men-only sessions either.
        I might go to one, and wouldn’t feel the slightest bit offended about no being able to go to the other.

        • Old Kiwi

          No argument from me. Woman’s gyms, men’s clubs etc have been around a long long time. Mrs_R was looking for examples of the “creep” effect. I remember well the Roskill pool setup when it happened, and it was driven solely to meet the ideology of Islam. I’m sure it will be squared away now with lots of PC reasons and other justifications. But to quote someone here, -“Softly softly catches monkee”. 😊

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      What about the Halal rort?

    • KatB

      I think we would view somebody walking down the street in a balaclava with some suspicion, least of all thinking they had no manners having their face covered in public for no practical reason, but we give a pass to those who want to do it in the name of their religion. At worst it’s a security risk, but more so to me, much more of a problem as it makes it loud and clear they have no respect for us.

    • Abdullah

      Hi Mrs_R, I believe those wearing veil/niqab (I believe no one is wearing Burka in this country), will take off their veil at the Banks, public office etc. Those who wear them as I understood will be happy to obey the law as required, especially for security reasons. :-)

  • cows4me

    Good on them if the truth be known they probably speak for many more Kiwis than the hip and fashionable left would like to believe. Liberals have done a superb job of silencing those that challenge their narrative. Part of that narrative is about promoting multiculturalism and those against their so called high minded principles are accused of racism, bigotry and every other ism they can dream up. This has created a vast section of society that are afraid to speak out least they be branded of been modern day lepers.

  • oldmanNZ

    If stopping islamisration is racist., then susan devoy plan to stop xmasfication of workplace, is racist as well.

  • Jb2142

    Yet again the evil nature of religion rears it’s ugly head and produces tension and disharmony. When will the human race realize that there are no gods and just get on with each other?

    • waldopepper

      yes. these constant arguments over who has the best imaginary friend get tiresome.

      • Jb2142

        If a grown adult were to go around trying to foist his imaginary friends bizarre rules on to others and try to control and punishment people accordingly he would be locked up until a mental health assessment was completed. But for some reason when you get a whole bunch of people doing just that, well that’s okay because it’s a religion.

  • Just me

    No it’s not racist. Islam isn’t based on racial bias, but an ideological malignancy that the deluded and generationally brain washed buy into. It might be more accurately described as bigotry – but that would be an irony as the intolerance that drives Islam is the real reason it isn’t embraced by the freethinkers in the West. We’d prefer to keep our gays alive, our women as equals and girls as children and not married off at 9 years old as sex slaves. Let’s hope Wanganui will be able to take Kiwi refugees very soon… if Mt Roskil is anything to judge by we’ll be forced out of Auckland soon enough.

  • XCIA

    Somehow, I can’t imagine this bunch of “people” who call themselves the Right Wing Resistance will inspire confidence in mainstream New Zealand.

    • Isherman

      Perception. If you want to advance a political argument that the mainstream can handle, doing it by forming little groups with bootboy gang sounding names, and who may or may not enjoy a bit of dress up and goose stepping isn’t really a winning formula.

      • XCIA

        It reminds me of one of Russell Crowe’s early movies “Romper Stomper”, what with the Doc Martins cherry reds, skinhead haircuts, braces et al. Not a good choice of flag/emblem either, methinks.

      • Rebecca

        True but is a start and hopefully wakes enough people up before we all regret putting our heads on the sand

        • Goldie

          Unfortunately, even though some of us may agree with SOME of their opinions, they will be seen as ultra right-wing skinhead neo-nazis, and so not people we would want to be associated with?

          • Rebecca

            But it could lead to stonger leaders setting up to spread the truth
            For some reason many cant see the bleeding obvious

          • Terence Hodgson

            I think their use of the wolfsangle (wolf trap) symbol in the middle of their flag is so ill-advised, after all it was the symbol of the SS Das Reich division as they slaughtered their way through Russia then up through France.
            For that reason, I find the group stupidly diversionist and of no help in reiterating the truth about the islamovirus.

    • jaundiced

      Unfortunate if these guys become the poster boys for anti-Muslim immigration. If, as they claim, they are also anti-domestic violence, they counter this with their choice of uniform.

  • Hard1

    To put forward the comparison of an average household, I would never invite a total stranger into my house to live there forever.
    When you are in the top 10 of the world’s most successful countries, a country that invites students to “study” while they work for next to nothing to get their Residence, then bring in the whole family while taking the employer to court and always winning, having properly learnt to game the system, you are just dumb. Like buying the cheapest stock at a cattle auction.
    Choose the best and brightest and discard the rest. Don’t give students residence under any circumstances beyond marriage to a NZ’er, or a degree with job with 5 years minimum in said job.
    I know of a Syrian barber who had residence in the Netherlands, became Christian, then entered NZ as a refugee, gets refugee benefits like subsidised staff, keeps all cash and never a whiff of IRD intervention.
    Have a good look around South Auckland if you think our Immigration policies have been proactively selective, especially in bringing in smart workers. The numbers of overweight and unemployed are astonishing. Some shops don’t even have EFTPOS.
    Instead of putting useless people from useless countries on a pedestal and importing them on flimsy grounds, how about we act like sober citizens and pick the best and tell the richest countries like Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. to take in their poor sad and fleeing fellow religious soulmates.
    However they are much smarter than us. They don’t take Muslim Immigrants because they KNOW it means trouble, we take in Muslims pretending people who are taught to hate us for eternity will somehow change. They can’t. To renounce your Muslim faith is a death sentence. To not be a Muslim is a death sentence.
    And to bring in Muslims who are programmed for eternity to both hate us, wish our death, lie to us and refuse to intermarry, is inviting the slow, inexorable transformation into Sharia Law. All you women who support Muslim ideology are braindead. You will be treated as a chattel, sex on demand both ways, totally controlled and most likely by a feudalistic idiot.

  • Nessie

    “it’s not happening yet” Who remembers hot cross buns being proscribed at kindergartens, and last year, Holiday parties, in stead of Christmas? Hmmm?
    Softly,softly catchee monkee.

  • Huia

    Well done to those people.
    Islam is not compatible with the Western ideals, they will not conform to any indoctrination but their own and are not above using terrible violence to further their cause.
    Islam is here already, you only have to look at the Halal rort, segregated Muslim schools, Muslim dress and the calls for introducing Sharia law, prayer rooms and breaks in business’s, no integration happening at all.
    When women apply for a job and get it dressed as Westerners, then turn up for work wearing a Hijab and Islamic dress only to be told that is not the representation the owner of the business wants, the screams of racism (which it isn’t) is deafening. Islam is an ideology not a race and the quicker NZ citizens learn that the better they will be able to understand what is happening in the world.
    You only have to look at the awful decree issued to all Muslims in Australia over the last couple of days, kill the Aussies, run them over, stab them, shoot them, hit them at the Opera house, at Bondi beach or anywhere they gather, kill as many as you can.
    You have to be pretty thick to think that violence wont come here.
    The guys above are trying to preempt this and make ordinary people aware.

  • iera

    “… the Right Wing Resistance which has groups around the world but largely in Europe.”
    Are these the same people ? –

  • sandalwood789

    Good on them!

    These people have the courage to make a stand and defend Western culture! I support them all the way!

    Ok – in the process of defending the West it will be the case that some of the defenders will be intimidating-looking “bovver boy” types that most ordinary people would rather not usually associate with. However – these are not “usual times” – these are *desperate* times.

    • spanishbride

      The reality is when there are marches overseas in Europe made up of 95% Mums and Dad’s the MSM always look for and interview the skin- head bovver boy types to fit their extreme right wing spin. They are the ones they choose to photograph too and when violent Lefties protest the legal peaceful march they show the violence and blame it on the right wing every time.

      • Simo

        We must thank our “trusty” MSM for actually reporting this because it brings the issue into plain sight no matter what the delivery and by who. The ongoing grief Europe is going through underpins this so Mum and Dad’s will put 2 & 2 together and be aware of a more uncertain future for their children and push this up into the limelight in the 2017 election.

        Hysteria aside though….if I was Muslim living in a country which was a 1000 miles from any other country would I start carrying our terror attacks with no way to leave? They will expose their families to deportation, their mosques shut down, their business destroyed. No-one will ride to their rescue…….Oh sorry there is one Dame Susan, she will save the day….Fat chance jihadists, your crispy toast

  • Rebecca

    Where can we donate so we can educate more people?
    More flyers needed

    • exSME

      Well and good, but we have to be considerably more sophisticated than this group in presenting the message. Because understanding the evil of the ideology and contrasting that with the nice Muslim man down at the corner dairy is just too much of an intellectual conundrum for most people to get their heads around.

  • JEL51

    Typical to throw the racist call & hate banners out when people are trying to express CONCERN for their communities. Perhaps those doing the name-calling should look at things from a different perspective…..

    …….people who have to be called to prayer through a loud speaker from the top of a very tall tower, 5 times a day, would be seriously embarrassed being the cause of disruption to so many others with-in a community, you know, disturbing the non-believers.

    We mustn’t embarrass those people who feel compelled to have the fairer sex completely covered in a black shapeless garment for fear some other bugger may lust after her, or for us non-believers recognize their shameful, grotty, preoccupation of mind.

    People may even be embarrassed that they may be considered to be even more devout than any other in our community, to be closer to their god than any other in Our community, so therefore be regarded more deserving than others who live nearby.

    These same people may be just a tad uncomfortable to accept all the benefits, free housing ,free medical & free education while too busy praying to hold down a job.That just may be the last straw. How can we do that to them?

    It would be sad to make these special people feel so out-of-place that it would be best to avoid embarrassing them, avoid making them feel unwanted or worst still offending them by not encouraging them to come live among us heathens.
    Lets give them a tent & milk powder and send them back for the benefit of all. It would be much too cold for them here anyway.

  • sandalwood789

    The people of Whanganui shouldn’t be upset by this group – they *should* be upset (and darned scared) about *Islam*. This group is doing them a favour, getting some information out now.

    When it comes to a comparison of ideologies, Islam is *much* worse than Naziism (and has killed vastly more people too) so the people of Whanganui should consider themselves lucky that they now have some information on this evil ideology.

    • veridian

      Unfortunately for the long term health of New Zealand’s culture the desire to ‘signal’ is strong in many white people.

  • Ruahine

    Why are Muslim schoolgirls allowed to wear ‘hoodies” at school but many schools will not allow crucifixes to be worn? Well known case was Marlborough College.

    • waikatosinger

      Personally I’m glad to see those girls going to an ordinary school and mixing with the rest of the kiwi kids. If people start going over the top about headscarfs the likely consequence is that those kids will end up being send to an Islamic school.

  • Superman

    I commented on this earlier today and would like to add that the Right Wing Resistance Group are a bit dodgy and their leaders look a bit dodgy and they may well be a bit dodgy. They may even (god forbid) be somewhat racist although this pamphlet is not racist. Instead of just criticising them as the MSM is doing now why not ask what has motivated them to circulate this pamphlet and ask if the actions of Islam have not had something to do with it. It is inevitable that as atrocities committed in the name of Islam continue and increase there is going to be a backlash. People will get tired of being shot, blown up, hacked and stabbed and will retaliate and as always happens some innocents will be caught up. I see that in France there are even mutterings about a coming civil war.

  • kloyd0306

    I am waiting for just one of our gutless politicians to say half as much about preserving our Kiwi way of life and realizing that now is the time to inform Muslims that they assimilate or leave.

  • Brian Dingwall

    Once there was a “big lie” that Jews constitute a race, and a vastly inferior one at that, which had catastrophic consequences for Jews.

    Today’s analogous “big lie” is that the muslim caucasians, arabs, africans, chinese, malays, indonesians, etc are also “a race” and thus entitled to privilege…..

    And we pledged to remember………..

  • exSME

    Mike Hosking featured these guys tonight on 7 Sharp and totally pooh-poohed them. They did not present well, believe me. While what they say is factually correct, they looked like the archetypal “extreme right-wing” nut jobs.

    I am sure my friends regard me as extreme when I talk about what is going on in Sweden, Germany etc. But, as John Leoffler says, “your failure to be informed does not make me a whacko’.

    • Rebecca

      Mike is a puppet and too full of his own self importance to see what is going on around him…. Or maybe he is another too scared to tell the truth…. Or handcuffed because of his pay cheque
      Yes they looked dodgy but Mike the message is what we need to focus on…. Not the delivery
      More flyers please!!!

    • Observer

      The quality of the messenger kind of misses the point about the content of their warning. Look at parts of Europe. France has 750 no-go zones now?

  • exSME

    A very articulate description of Islam. Brilliant. And nothing has changed.

    Of course we are far more sophisticated now and know soo much more than historical figures like Winston Churchill (sarc)