That’s nice, but they don’t get a vote

Apparently, the staff at the UN think Helen Clark is best suited for the job as head of the UN.

Helen Clark has won a poll taken among United Nations staff on who the best candidate for secretary-general is.

Miss Clark has been insisting she will keep campaigning for the job, despite disappointing results so far in informal ballots taken among Security Council members.

Miss Clark received eight ‘discourage’ votes in this week’s poll. Member states rate each candidate by choosing ‘encourage’, ‘discourage’ or ‘no opinion’.

She was placed sixth after the first poll and has dropped to seventh place in the subsequent two polls.  

The Huffington Post reports that Miss Clark received 439 mentions when UN staff were asked to name their top three candidates for the job.

In a post on LinkedIn, Miss Clark said she was pleased with the staff poll result.

Former Portuguese prime minister António Guterres 381 and Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica received 340.

Miss Clark said she knew from the outset the campaign would be a marathon rather than a sprint and that was proving to be the case

The next ballot among Security Council members is due next Saturday.

That’s nice of them, but they don’t get a vote. Her tilt is over, kind of like her government was in 2007 but she soldiered on and it all ended in a river of tears in the back of a crown limousine.


– RadioNZ

  • niggly

    “The Huffington Post reports that Miss Clark received 439 mentions …..”.

    Hang on a minute, one google search suggests 44,000 people work for the UN ….

    So who made a mere 439 of them say they want Helen – H2 per chance? And would that be 439 of H1’s own staff by coinidence???

    • dumbshit

      Mrs, oops, Ms, 10%, mind that’s better than 7%, and sliding!

  • Hard1

    Why isn’t she Mrs or MS Clark, or the new PC variation Mx Clark?
    A spinster she ain’t.
    “The General Assembly is based on an absurdity: the patently false idea that the governments of the world are equal in some real (as opposed to formulaic) sense to each other. India has as many votes in the General Assembly as Chad. As the number of weak states and irrelevant states grow, the political importance of the General Assembly declines to the vanishing point. Nobody cares what a collection of micro states, weak states and corrupt, shambolic states thinks about anything.”

    I think it’s over, Rover.

    “Finally, the UN punches below its weight because it is so badly run. Corrupt and incompetent governments insist on placing political favorites in UN jobs because, well, because they can. Despite commendable efforts at reform, UN bureaucracies remain notoriously poorly managed, inefficient and the whiff of scandal is never far away. The UN designs its objectives badly and spends money inefficiently in pursuit of them.”

  • cows4me

    439 mentions, a sad joke. If she was a truly inspiring leader full of wisdom and good intentions she would be a ring in. I would suggest most in the UN see her for what she is, a Fabian Marxist that would mold the world into some new world ordered Marxist state where people like herself and her cronies are kept in the lifestyles they have become accustomed to. Bloody good job I reckon, the world does not need this woman and her crackpot ides.

    • Nige.

      ….and our right wing PM has backed her almost to the point of sycophancy.

      • Wheninrome

        Yeah but that looks good, maybe he knew something the rest of us could only surmise, perhaps Obama tipped him the wink. Makes him look “inclusive”. Maybe those rightist lefties will think well of him.

        • Nige.

          He always knows something we don’t. They all do. It must be very hard to compromise.

      • johcar

        … winning the position WOULD keep her out of NZ though