The first suspect was shot dead by a civilian with a conceal and carry permit.

Gun free zones turn unarmed people into terrorist targets. Legally armed civilians  protect unarmed people from illegally armed terrorists.

Muslims Shouting “Allah Akbar!” Go on Stabbing Rampage in St. Cloud – 8 Injured, One Dead


Eight people were injured Saturday at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota when two Muslims went on a stabbing attack.

One Muslim was shot dead by an off-duty officer.

BREAKING: St. Cloud mall stabbing attack suspect referenced Allah during attack, asked at least 1 victim if they were Muslim before assault
St. Cloud, MN, chief: Stabbing suspect referred to Allah during attack…

One assailant is dead and another is in custody as St. Cloud Police continue to investigate the stabbing at Crossroads Mall.

An officer, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the ongoing case, says the first suspect was shot dead by a civilian with a conceal and carry permit.

There have been multiple confirmed victims of stab wounds at the St. Cloud Emergency Room.

Americans are now beginning to understand the kind of horror that Israeli citizens have had to suffer for decades. Now is the time for America to strengthen its ties with Israel. Their expertise and advice on counter-terrorism will be invaluable.

  • Crowgirl

    Not sure where this story is getting its info from, but every other story refers to only 1 attacker – Dahir Adan from Somalia – and acknowledges he was shot dead by an off-duty police officer. Not quite the same scenario as this story, although I suppose technically he was a legally armed civilian at the time.

    • Seriously?

      Yes (about the cop at least) – see Andrewo’s link above. No just a cop either, one who does competition shooting as well… What perfect timing.

  • JohnO

    Obama, the mayor of New York, the mayor of London all want more immigration of muslim attack dogs.

  • Anthony

    “Adan was a Somali refugee who moved to the United States when he was 3 months old”
    “he was a quiet and studious young man who came from a humble and well-known local Somali family”
    “Adan hadn’t been enrolled in college since the spring semester”
    “Adan was out of work after his job as a part-time security guard had ended”
    How long before something similar happens here?

  • andrewo
    • Seriously?


      An off duty police officer who is a competition shooter and was armed…. Allah be praised, the timing was perfect.

      • DeplorableHungarianPhrasebook

        LOL! (and Allah be praised))

  • Nebman

    Not sure what the angle is here? Are you advocating we should be pushing for similar laws here regarding firearms?

    My brother has lived in the States for over 30 years and has a CC permit for his Glock. The only reason he carries it at all is because his wife bought it for him for a birthday present. It lives in the locked glovebox of his F250 Kingranch and he pointblank refuses to wear it.

    He says he sees too many drunk idiots with legal firearms killing their kids, their wives, their husbands and complete random strangers to ever think that it would merit having one on him at all times.

    In a country where the CDC is legally prohibited from even doing research on gun control and firearms kill over 13000 people every year – and that excludes suicides – I don’t see their gun laws as being of any benefit to us here.

    No issue with sharing the counter terrorism knowledge of the Israelis though but allowing changes to our gun laws is not the answer. It’s a Pandoras box that can never be closed.