The internet is a double-edged sword for dispensing shame and outrage-fueled justice


She was not the first young woman to make a video with the intention of humiliating someone on YouTube and she won’t be the last.  What is delicious about this particular video, is that it had the opposite effect to what to what she had intended.  I am sure that Rawshark and Nicky Hager  completely understand how she is feeling.

So what was it that this young woman took offence to?  Believe it or not, it was the hula girl bobble head sitting on her driver’s dashboard.

“You thought that was adorable,” she said to him. “You didn’t think of the pillaging of, like, the continent of Hawaii.”

For the crime of insulting the “continent” of Hawaii, the Lyft driver had to endure some of the worst entitled valley girl speak that California has to offer. Finally he decided to kick her out of the car after miraculously keeping his cool through her profanity-laden rant.


Annaliese Nielsen, when she filmed the incident felt that she was on the side of justice and that her target deserved to be mocked online.

“You will be published on Gawker,” Nielsen told the driver. “And you’ll be like the next internet meme, it’s going to be super funny.”

Ironically she filmed the video with the intention of causing an online dogpile on the driver, but instead it completely back fired. She had to delete her Twitter account which has now been taken over by a troll.

She responded to the events on Facebook, claiming she has received a barrage of harassment since Southern published the video.

I was unable to watch the video in full because this woman’s  voice is an annoying as fingernails on a blackboard.


  • Bombastic

    That’s one triggered snowflake in desperate need of a safe space to heal in. I dispair at the freshly minted generation.

  • Quinton Hogg

    The impressive bit is the driver kept his cool.
    Make that him the president of the USA.
    Won’t do any worse than the leading candidates…

    • KatB

      But he wouldn’t get the State of Hawaii behind him though. Think of all those outraged Hawaiians. Thank goodness they have this women to fight for them.

  • Usaywot

    What an absolute plonker! The irony is that no doubt a lot of Hawaiians make a good living out of selling these hula dolls. Also the Hawaiians have heaps of dance troops with ukeleles which they also make money from. The poor taxi driver was probably trying to bring a little happiness into his working day or bring back memories of a wonderful holiday. Can’t believe there are people in this world with that awful girls attitude.

  • One_step_beyond

    They’ve been dubbed the ‘Daycare Generation’. Raised by semi-qualified part-timers whose main role is to ensure little Jamiquah, Kody, or Kaaaytlin go home happy and tell their parents what a wonderful, glowing, Barney-inspired, bully-free, stress-free day of play they had.

    Therefore, the only attention they can garner from the frazzled ‘carers’ is by a little attention-seeking whimpering like ‘Miss Bailey, Jaymes looked at me funny!’, and Jaymes then has to be moved to a distant corner.

    This becomes their normal, and we’re seeing it play out now.

    Apparently you can have a child and a career too, just don’t expect the little darlings to be emotionally robust.

    edit: sp

    • KatB

      My dad has always thought these daycares would strip the uniqueness of individual family life. All these kids coming out of daycare with the same routines, traditions, idiosyncrasies. A lot of them spending a large part of their formative years in the care of an institution, not the uniqueness of their own biological family unit.

    • ex-JAFA

      It’s unlikely to be “Miss Bailey”. That sounds awfully maritalstatusist, not to mention genderist. Far more likely that the carer will be called Kelly (or some unpronounceable variation on the spelling), so that gender identity and patriarchal pigeon-holing labels need not be a factor.

  • AF

    Good job. Check out her twitter account and the troll posts :
    plus this troll account :

  • BigNose

    The world just becomes more and more depressing each day…How did humanity get reduced to this? Generations of useless parents, useless teachers, useless politicians, looney lefties and SJWs, stand up and take a bow. Annaliese is your creation.

  • KatB

    The guy should’ve told her that the doll was modelled after his part Hawaiian mother and that she was deeply offending him by wanting to get rid of the doll. She sounded so dense, she’d believe anything.

  • JeffW2

    I would be grateful if W/O didn’t publish pictures of people who have disfigured their body like this thing. So ugly.

  • Superman

    If she is the one with the tats then say no more.

  • Boondecker

    This woman’s behaviour towards the Lyft driver is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in ages. She did herself absolutely no favours then or since. It appears she revels in all her SJW nastiness though and even managed to get Lauren Southern from InfoWars suspended from YouTube for 24 hours even for just mentioning her stupidity on another clip. It is pleasing to see by far the majority of those on social media have served notice that she is an idiot. Social media definitely is a double edged sword for fools.

    Speaking of social media fools, you only have to hear or read what the actor and vegan animal rights internet troll Ricky Gervais thinks of social media to know that trying to use it as a weapon for your narcissistic social justice warrior causes, it is an unbalanced unwieldy weapon that sometimes falls back on your own head… hard. He now complains almost daily of being trolled too much and that he can’t believe how horrible some people are – yet at the same time keeps telling anyone who will listen how he stands up to them because he’s “thick skinned’. Gervais is just a self-serving ingrate who’s got too big for his own boots and it’s funny to find he can’t handle the heat from the fire he himself stoked.

  • sandalwood789

    “… the continent of Hawaii.”

    That sums up these airhead SJWs beautifully. I’ll bet that the silly bint doesn’t even know which century the US Civil War was fought in.

  • El Jorge