The Nation asks if Talleys is a good corporate citizen but uses a man who threatens violence and rape as their front man

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The Nation on TV3 did a hit job on Talleys yesterday and replayed it again this morning.

They presented a worker called Phillip Reweti Bear, He is also standing for the Wanganui Council.

We have covered this ratbag before and his behaviour. Where he threatened Paula Bennett with rape and violence.

So yesterday morning we had The Nation asking AFFCO and Talleys are good corporate citizens?

Well what about the guy they were promoting, is he a good citizen? He’s still at the threats of violence, here is a recent outburst:


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So, The Nation uses a guy to attack Talleys and AFFCO who states on Facebook that he wants to go and shoot them. Nice one The Nation, I think we can safely say any credibility you had is now gone forever, and all for want of a bit of research.

I feel sorry for Patrick Gower (not so much) being served up this crap and having to front it.

Of course, assorted Labour and former Labour functionaries fronted the show as well on behalf of the union, including Darien Fenton.

What I want to know is where do The Nation and the union get off calling for Talleys to be a good corporate citizen when they have someone who threatens violence, shootings, and rape as their spokesperson?

I suppose The Nation thinks they shouldn’t have to do research, after all, Chris Hipkins and Megan Woods seem to think it is ok to associate with a man who threatens rape on Paula Bennett and threatens to shoot AFFCO staff.


A little bit of research could have saved themselves a whole lot of embarrassment. These questions remain unanswered:

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  • john Doe

    It’s the Governments fault, they closed all of the mental health institutions.

    • Ruahine

      True. But some time ago. Helen Clark was the Minister of Health at the time.

  • dumbshit

    “Boom” the silence will be deafening. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply!

  • Cadwallader

    This is a disturbing insight in to the minds of unionists and lefties. This is the level of the pond unionists seem to flourish at. Why the msm can’t apply a small amount of perspective when they relay this garbage is saddening. Perhaps they only read things here which on rare occasions suit their agendae?

  • XCIA

    I was under the impression that threatening to kill was still an offence, so why has this mongrel not been charged?

    • Michelle

      Not only that it sounds like he has a gun so why is he still in possession of a weapon?

  • cows4me

    Why doesn’t the producers of the Nation get the guests to interview Paddy Pants wetter after all he’s got more to say about matters than they do.

    • cows4me

      Winnie must have had an early whiskey, he just .called Paddy Pants wetter a “serious and respectable journalist”

      • niggly

        I think Winnie likes the mongrel in Paddy (after seeing the Nation interview yesterday), but knows that he needs to be put in line occasionally (eg when Paddy repeats his questions and Winnie doesn’t want to give a straight answer).

        Anyway by the end of the NZF conference this weekend Paddy will be Winnie’s Poodle for sure, using Winston First to attack the PM no doubt. Paddy will think that he’s got Key now (thanks to Winnie’s attack lines) as the mud gets sprayed about and we’ll be treated to him puffing out his chest and dazzling us with his crooked smirky smile! Meanwhile Winnie the sly operator pours himself another G&T and chuckles at how he has bought another paid attack piece for essentially nothing again courtesy of the gullible MSM!.

        There you go, save ya watching TV news tonight as that’ll be the predictable outcome, yeah/nah?

  • johnnyB

    They will be fully aware but this runs counter to their social justice campaigns of good versus evil. The large employer Tallys must fit the Evil and the Union rep must fit the good regardless of the actual behavior of both. Vote the fools onto the council and make it so difficult for Tallys to continue to be operational that they pack up and move.

  • Sally

    When I saw this guy on national TV yesterday I was absolutely astonished that they hadn’t done any research into this person.
    I thought media would at least research there subject get some background. Ms McGee was proudly tweeted that this was her first story for the Nation – a big failure on her part.

  • Second time around

    I suppose the Talleys workers who pay their union dues are getting good value for money. But Talleys should have no obligation to negotiate with a person who threatens violence against them.

  • Minnie Mouse

    This man is hardly an exemplary citizen so I’m wondering why his application to stand for Council wasn’t turfed out. It will be a travesty if a mongrel like this guy becomes a City Councillor. It’s a joke.

  • Whitey

    Is this inarticulate, unpleasant derelict seriously the best frontman the union can come up with? He destroys any chance of credibility they might have had.

    Incidentally, due to the Wanganui Council’s incompetence and dishonesty Talleys is seriously considering closing their Wanganui plant.

    • Sally

      Whose fault then if 100’s lose their jobs? Well done the unions, that sure worked out well.

      • Whitey

        To be fair this is specifically a council thing. They’ve mismanaged their wastewater treatment system so badly that it may not be economically viable for Talleys to stay in Wanganui, but the mindset is exactly the same. They think they can get away with whatever outrageous behaviour they like, and then they’re surprised when businesses move out.

      • mixedblood

        Talleys directly employ 1100 staff in Wanganui. This does not include contractors or suppliers, so it is obvious that if Talleys were to close there would be a significant drop in disposable income in Wanganui.

        Welcome to the new Patea

        • What with union action and ratbags like this guy can you blame them if they want to move?

  • Chris Bell

    Hideous – looking at that photo above of this sick crim and his Labour cohorts giving him cuddles says it all to me – Labour will support the crims and crim-hugging scum at the mercy of ordinary kiwis who have had a total and utter guts full of this crap!!! I’ll vote for them when hell freezes over! By the way, what great coping skills this larrikin has – “i’ll shoot them” – wow, I bet a debate with him lasts 5 seconds before you win with intellect and he threatens to kill you…dumb will always be dumb and nothing’s gonna change that…

  • Sally

    Interesting The Nation Twitter feed has been dead quiet this morning over this. Although there was a repeat of yesterday’s piece on TV they have not promoted it like they did yesterday. Nothing, zilch not a dickie bird.

  • Superman

    God help Wanganui.