The People’s Party deliver a hit on Winston Peters and it bounced right off

via 3 News

via 3 News

Winston Peters is caught up in a donations controversy after his New Zealand First party took $3000 from the founder of the new immigrant-focused People’s Party.

Newshub can reveal the money was taken after Peters met with Indian businessman Rohan Nauhria over dinner at Auckland’s India Gate restaurant in the days before the 2014 election.

So what?   A politician has dinner, and he takes a donation.  The party has accounted for it.  End of story.  All above board and legal.

The donation is politically embarrassing for Mr Peters because he has been attacking the People’s Party as “race-based”, and personally criticising its acting leader Mr Nauhria for trying to donate money to John Key’s National Party.

Oh. Politically embarrassing!   Awesome.  As if that makes a difference.

Newshub has obtained a copy the $3000 cheque Mr Nauhria made out to NZ First.

Mr Nauhria says he handed the cheque to Mr Peters, who put it in his pocket – which Mr Peters refutes.

On Saturday, Mr Peters told TV3’s The Nation that the People’s Party was “a National Party front”.

“The person that was the spokesperson and the temporary leader for that party just at a recent raffle for fundraising for the National Party offered $20,000 in a bid for the Prime Minister to have breakfast at his place. He got beaten by a bid of $27,000. This is a National Party front,” Mr Peters said.

I don’t know why anyone tries to put a hit on Winston.  Although the day the wily old fox does slip up, it will be a public signal to call it quits.

In the meantime, the People’s party are clearly trying to buy influence.   In a very Indian way.


– Jenny Lynch, Newhub

  • Bryan

    what about the 185000 he has never paid back, and he often makes claims that they run on very little money, I think we need to did deeper on winston’s money trail he may have just created his own wine box inquiry. It’s time we listed all the claims of winston and the results including joining two govts and walking away.This strikes right at the heart of his often claim about keeping the Govt honest. it starts at home

    • Wheninrome

      Put the cheque in his pocket, surely it should have gone into the party’s bank account.

      • kayaker

        It’s Winnie we’re talking about here. Proceed with caution if you’re thinking of supporting him that’s all I can say.

        • Wheninrome

          Never in his lifetime. Smelly little smoker.

      • Kiwi As

        The old cheques in the “male” huh !!!

  • Rebecca

    So Peters took a donation from a private citizen in 2014 and accounted for it. Two years later, the donor has put on a different cap as spokesman for a race-based party, and now wants to pretend he has a time machine to go back and embarrass Peters.

    The MSM should be ashamed for conflating such an absurdity- but I suspect their only dismay is that Winston scooped them on the John Key hit that a race-based party’s spokesman is cuddling up to him.

  • Brent

    Watched this last night from a Link in Comments as I don’t watch any NZ msm because they are not credible in my eye, My first thought was this is not about the Hit but more about the Chase. If P&D are going after Winston it will be in the Pressure they apply asking for comment as Winston is known to perform less than average in this field and even worse when P&D cut and Paste what they want to use. I think his comments will bite him.

    • It won’t bite him at all. The leader doesn’t handle the nitty gritty of the management of the party or donations. John Key would have no idea who donated to National. Even if a receipt is produced it still won’t prove anything other than a legitimate donation was received, it was deposited, it was recorded…all legally. So, again where is the story in this?

      • Rebecca

        Perhaps the race-based party thinks it is throwing down the gauntlet. That’s amateurs for you: Peters can now give his cheerful smile as he portrays the race-based party cuddling up to a National Party that allows foreigners to price kiwis out of the housing market, scoop the best dairy farms and flood the country with low-skilled immigrants that every study confirms are bad for the economy.

      • Brent

        There is nothing in the Donation, But we have seen this with MSM’s hits on Key and Collins where there was no story but Pressure to get comment is doctored to look bad by MSM. Winston’s comment about showing evidence will give P&D ammo as they will be quoting him every time he brings out a Hit to show them the evidence.

        • Rebecca

          “What else would you expect from a race-based stooge of the National Party and its foreigner-friendly policies. They’re attacking “New Zealand First” for insisting that that ALL Kiwis should be put first first regardless of race or creed, including struggling young kiwis being reduced to serfs in their own land.” Etc etc. Request for comment is a gift to Peters who can trot those sorts of responses out in his sleep.

      • Seriously?

        I think allegation is that the donor was sitting with Winston at a party fundraiser dinner, personally gave the cheque to him, and Winston put it in his pocket.

        Now I would not expect a politician to remember such things years later. I would have thought that happened a lot and the polly just passed a handful onto a minion at the end of the night and then went on with their business. But if Winston is saying that he simply does not do that sort of thing that raises a question: if it did happen, ought to have been more memorable.

        Either the donor is mistaken / lying, or Winston is mistaken / lying.

        It might have been better for Winston to say, I just pass on such donations and don’t have any more to do with them and have no recollection of the donation in question. But he hasn’t done that. I’d have no problem with that, but it does call into question the basis of his attack around the guy donating to National. Instead he has doubled down. This might be a problem for him.

  • shykiwibloke

    They are wasting their breath trying on Winny. Better people have tried and failed. A headline you will never see “Peters admits allegations against him are true”.
    Whatever really happened, it’s amateur-hour stuff from those involved.

  • Jon Low

    Paddy Gower thought he’d get utu for the humiliation dished out to him (again) by Winnie on the dire “The Nation” show. But Paddy thinks a tap on the shoulder is grievous bodily harm assault. That’s just Paddy. Builder of mountains out of molehills, all done with that scary-clown smile.

  • Seriously?

    Gower managed to ruin an interesting story he had been spoon-fed by beating it up to be more than it is.

    The point was that Winston is attacking the new party (and National) alleging the new party is a National Party front. One of the facts he used to do so was that the man behind the party had donated to National.

    It turns out the same man had donated to NZ First as well.

    Winston says he did not know about it, and the way they handle donation ensures that. The man in question says he gave the cheque to Winston himself, at a fundraising dinner, and Winston put it in his pocket.

    And and therein lies the story. I’m not sure it is shattering news, but amusing all the same and worth reporting.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      MSM would be all over John Key if he had been handed a cheque and then claimed to have no knowledge of it.
      Winston’s amnesia, given his role as a Party Leader, is concerning. What else does he simply forget?

      • Seriously?

        Yep there is that, but I thought the nub was elsewhere. I don’t really expect a politician to remember all the people that donate to their parties. In a way I’d rather they forgot them as that helps remove the stigma that the donation is made with the expectation of future favor (as was expected by Dotcom).

        What the story illustrated for me is that Winston points at shadows and sees ghosts, and does so while standing ghost-like in a shadow himself. His attack was as hollow as his promises to the Northland electorate.

    • kayaker

      I’m absolutely not a fan of Paddy’s. However, last night he excelled himself. As I’ve said elsewhere on WO, compulsory viewing. Winnie had it coming to him and I’m sure there’s more where that came from.

  • contractor

    Years ago I had ongoing business dealings with Roshan Nauhria, and found him to be rather a likeable character, often with the best of intentions. However your closing remark reflects the pervasive traits of most, but not all, foreign born Indians.

    More minor parties with narrow interest agendas in parliament usurping efforts of the main party can only be hugely detrimental to progress.

  • XCIA

    I recall when Bridge Corp finally went down the toilet. I had acquaintances who despite being warned lost considerable sums of money. When they were asked why they had not pulled their Investments out when they knew the skullduggery that was going on twelve months previously, they all said “well, that was just Rod, everyone knew what he was like”. It seems to me that is where Peters followers are, it matters not what he does or what lies he tells, they will blindly follow him over the cliff simply because they have been blagged by a professional snake oil salesman.

  • Graeme

    Bit like the $158,000.

    • kayaker

      $158k has a better ring to it.

      • Seriously?

        Hey Winston, does 158k sound better?

  • RD

    I thought Mr Nauhria’s final comment on the matter was priceless!
    “We’re getting media coverage for $3000 – that’s cheap media coverage for me. If Winston wants to do more media coverage of me, I might give him another $3000.”
    I’m starting to warm to this guy!

  • Neil

    astounding…people using cheques!

  • Blueburd

    “The donation is politically embarrassing for Mr Peters”

    It’s probably true, it is embarrassing. Thats way more donations than Labour could dream of