The reality of homeless “migrants” in Paris

  • JLS

    Thanks goodness we are isolated away down here and resisting the guilt trip to accept this infestation of two legged rats. Things could get very ugly up there when the citizens patience has worn out.

    • Nige.

      Winter is coming. Will get cold like they have never known.

      Things will get burned.

      • Observer

        Copenhagen and parts of Sweden had a number of car burnings recently following the Paris example.

    • Jayar

      Yes. we can be very grateful for the Tasman Sea. We would be a “soft touch””for these parasites -. Imagine Queen Street or the Domain in such a state.

  • Jude

    Did not see many females. I would have an overwhelming urge to send them back.One way flight back to whence they came.
    I may seem heartless but they are not contributing in any shape or form.If ISIS are being fought by other nations armies, these men should also fight them too.
    Maybe house them and train them in army? At least they would be off the street?

  • Bob Dazzler

    Just makes you want to go and visit that socialist paradise, huh?

  • Sunnyjim

    It is just unbelievable what has happened to the French culture over the last few years with the invasion of the Muslim migrants. France, which always claimed to have brought civilisation to the world and was so proud of it’s language and culture, resembles an Islamic hellhole more and more.
    As if the video of the homeless migrants on the streets is not bad enough, the Express UK reports today that Muslims in France were being urged not to slaughter animals on the streets during the weekends Eid celebrations.

    The lifestyle of the Muslims is totally incompatible with western cultures and values and I am not confident about the future of Europe if this sort of nonsense is allowed to continue.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Somebody point those guys to the Champs-Elysées please. The sooner this plague is forced onto the parks, boulevards and playgrounds of the beautiful people and Paris is made an embarrassment and laughing stock in the eyes of the world the sooner the French will listen to reason and start enforcing effective controls.

  • andrewo

    Who is feeding them? They seem well dressed – who is providing that?