“The sinister cloaks of those who would see me hang fill the streets I grew up in”

Milo Yiannopoulos says goodbye to London and explains why. Europe has changed forever and that change makes me more determined than ever to be as offensive and provocative and challenging as I have to be. I am not naturally offensive but my truth telling is labelled offensive and provocative by our MSM who seem determined to usher in our new overlords as soon as possible. If a gay fabulous, libertarian conservative like Milo is prepared to take on the establishment head on then what excuse do I as a heterosexual mother of two have for cowardice?

I’m leaving London tomorrow, perhaps for the last time, and I can’t say I’m sad. This isn’t my city any more.

I first thought my long absence was the source of my malaise. I’ve been feeling this niggling sense of unease, as though either I had changed or London had changed — as though we didn’t really know each other any more. I worked it out in the end. What’s wrong with London is what’s wrong with every major European city now. It’s Islam.

Visiting my tailor on Savile Row I saw nothing but hijabs and burkas. Some of them are from Saudi; rich men’s wives frittering away their afternoons in Mayfair. But the majority were not wealthy. They are women covering up as the British Muslim population becomes more radicalised. Britain now sends more fighters to ISIS than any country besides Belgium.

…No, there is no exaggeration, travel hangover. There is a pall hanging over my city, a sense of foreboding. A fear hanging heavy in the hair that something unspeakable could happen at any moment, and that when it does, the cry of Allahu Akbar will be heard. It’s the third chapter in a triptych, following the Blitz and Whitechapel during the reign of the Ripper.

I am a gay man. I have seen the aftermath of Orlando. I have watched videos on the internet of what happens to gay people in the Middle East. Not just the roof-hurling horrors of ISIS, but the death penalty imposed in a dozen Muslim countries for homosexuality. My people hanging from cranes. And I’ve seen journalists, politicians and celebrities look the other way because they’re frightened to offend.

Now the sinister cloaks of those who would see me hang fill the streets I grew up in. One hundred per cent of British Muslims think my lifestyle is unacceptable. Over half of them want my sex life to be made illegal.

My first meal back in the city, my personal trainer and I sit next to a handsome couple having a very earnest discussion about the recent terror attacks in France and Germany. The woman kept arguing like a liberal. “Surely it won’t happen here, this is London.” The man replied with dispassionate logic: “It is the same people with the same beliefs willing to do anything for their cause.”

…Leaving the European Union was the first sign that Britain might be awake to the danger. Although of course this will not solve the problem of Muslims already in the UK who are ready and willing to join their European brothers in bloodshed.

The people of London are feeling a deep distrust of the government, whose response to the sex crimes of Muslims is to suggest that refugees need to be re-educated on how to treat women. No word on the well-being of our goats.

The citizenry are right to be distrustful. The government is on a multi-decade losing streak when it comes to decisions on the Religion of Peace. Just this month we learned 900 Syrian refugees have been arrested in the UK for exactly the offenses you’d expect: child abuse and rape. Why are they here?

The mood here is obvious. It’s written on the faces of everyone from my Uber Lux driver to my waiter at brunch. People know that they are being lied to by politicians and the media.

They know that the shockingly regressive social attitudes of British Muslims threaten to tear the country apart.

…If you are scared of being called a racist for speaking out against Islam, think about what people will call you in a generation if you don’t take a stand now.

As we look across the English Channel to the terror attacks in Europe, the question is not “Will it continue?” or “Could it happen here?” The questions are: “How often will it happen, and what will we do about it?”

I came home from an America that doesn’t feel fear, despite 9/11. They are fools. But we are fools, too, not to recognise what is happening to our streets, our towns, our country. I don’t know if I’ll be back.



  • hookerphil

    The irony is that a call by an open gay person to quit London because of Muslims will be put down by the defenders because he is only a gay, forgetting of course that yesterday it was all about gay rights that was the flavour.

  • sandalwood789

    Forty years from now (if I’m still around), I will remember that the left-wing parties – Labour, the Greens, Mana – supported this evil ideology. I’ll also remember that the MSM supported it too.

    How cowardly the MSM are, to ignore the vast evidence of Islam’s evil and to run away instead of taking a stand.

    • H. Upmann

      I have just had Father’s day breakfast with my youngest daughter (22) and we discussed what everyday life will very likely be like in 40 years time.

      She is very grounded and aware of the rapidly changing worldscape having just spent 6 months studying in Europe, mainly France. New Zealand’s geographic isolation may give it some short term relief but when the attack is coming from the inside we will be not different than say Belgium or Italy, it will come fast and brutally.

  • MaryLou

    It is such a shame. I went looking to find out the population percentage of Muslims in NZ as of 2015 and couldn’t find it – but I did come across this paragraph in Wikipedia. Something we should take more note of:

    “The Aotearoa Māori Muslim Association (AMMA), the most influential Maori Muslim movement, view tino rangatiratanga as a form of jihad, and Islam the perfect vehicle for Maori nationalism. ”

    An interesting Wikipedia page, ith other surprising tidbits – worth reading.


    • sandalwood789

      Good find, MaryLou. Yet more proof (as if any were needed) that what we are saying is right.

      • MaryLou

        I remember at Waitangi (I think) last year – David Rankin warning of the perils of Islam to Maori youth. He was laughed at, and even I (who am a great fan of Mr Rankin) thought it was a bit strange. Having read that I think perhaps he has again got his finger on the pulse of what is going on more than the MSM. If he is concerned enough to make that statement, maybe we should all listen.

        • H. Upmann

          David Rankin is one person who is away ahead of the pack on this. We all need to listen him carefully.

        • Hard1

          More like the perils of Maori youth to Islam. Can’t even get them to work. Can they read? Or understand simple concepts like ‘NO’

          • MaryLou

            But they can rote-learn. And they enjoy the sense of belonging that a cult provides. And youth does lean towards things that will give the a sense of moral (or any other) superiority. They feel aggrieved, rightly or wrongly. I think they would make the perfect “disciples” if left unchecked.

          • Hard1

            Interestingly, “All 8500 prisoners in the New Zealand prison system eat halal-certified meat, despite only 82 prisoners identifying themselves as Muslim.
            For a meat processor to be halal-certified, meat must be slaughtered by Muslims and cannot be contaminated by alcohol or pig products.
            Corrections rehabilitation general manager Phil McCarthy confirmed, in response to an Official Information Act request, that the department had bought meat from a halal-accredited supplier since 2005.
            In Aussie, “NON-Muslim jail inmates are being forced to convert to Islam by fellow prisoners using threats and violence against those who refuse.
            A Muslim chaplain at Kariong jail on the Central Coast has been inundated with requests for extra prayer mats and copies of the Koran from more than a dozen non-Arab ­inmates, according to prison sources.”
            No crime, no stealing, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. What’s not to like about Maori converting to Islam.

          • Patricia

            That’s “stage 2” in the stages of Islam: At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs….
            Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/05/the_five_stages_of_islam.html#ixzz4JFhPwMQC

    • Hard1

      Maori will come up a slight problem here, as bro’ism will have to disappear…
      “Te Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) and the Islamic view regarding intoxicants. In another Hadith the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) has described intoxicants as: –

      1. The key to all evils.

      2. The head of all errors and lapses.

      3. The most terrible of major sins.

      4. The mother of all atrocities.

      5. The mother of all evils.

      Read more. Very few Maori will have the guts to forsake their pleasures.

      • KatB

        Will they have to forsake their pleasures really, though? From somebody who’s sitting on the sidelines watching, Islam seems to have a wide range of rules and counter rules to appeal to all circumstances. A lot seem to still have their pleasures as long as they atone for them at some stage.

      • Kiwi As

        Maybe human heads will be on the market again ???

    • Gazza

      A couple of news items i have seen recently suggest 50,000 in NZ but I do not know the source of that info.

    • Eiselmann

      Nothing ironic in this organization is there /sarc.

      No doubt populated by Maori Nationalists who reject colonialism and hearken back to the old ways …the ‘Maori’ ways of their ancestors……while the ideology they embrace would see the symbols of those ‘Maori ways’ destroyed.

      Islam ,if given the opportunity ,will destroy every link Maori have to their past beliefs and ways. Foolish foolish people

  • Duchess of Pork

    How often will it happen? In the past few weeks alone we have seen the following attacks from Muslims on European citizens:
    August 15: 1 man attacked with an axe in Cologne
    August 19: A Rabbi stabbed in Strasbourg
    August 22: 3 women stabbed in on a bus in Brussels
    August 23: 1 man (presumably Muslim) killed in a Calais camp riot
    August 29: 2 people stabbed at a German music festival
    August 30: 1 female police officer stabbed in Toulouse
    September 2: 1 female police officer stabbed in Vincennes
    September 2: 2 police officers shot and wounded in Copenhagen

    These are only the attacks of which I have taken note and do not include the tragic deaths of two British tourists in Townsville and attacks in America or elsewhere. Nor does it include the alarming number of Muslims arrested on terror charges and foiled terror plots. But there is a clearly recognisable pattern which is emerging; the “mentally-ill” are increasingly violent with a tendency to attack those of a different race. I wonder if Dame Susan Devoy is aware of such racism. We must not bury our heads in the sand lest it happen here.

  • GoingRight

    So the people of London are showing a distrust of the government in their response to some Muslim behaviour. Why on earth would they vote a Muslim mayor in. He is already speaking out and will make sure no bikini clad models are shown on adverts in the tube station – on buses etc. No doubt that will be just a start!

  • GirlSnake

    We do need to be concerned for our daughters. Happening in Australia…


  • JLS

    It’s been sad to watch a once proud and internationally successful nation brought down under the slow but relentless socialist levers of welfare and tolerance. A country which once conquered nations bringing democracy, law, and civilisation, withdrawing and slowly collapsing under the weight of hoards of worthless, demanding immigrants over the last few decades. Lots of lessons to be learned. Hopefully brexit it is the first step in their resurrection.

    • Really?

      Apart from Brexit – possibly showing the public are learning.
      Is there any real sign the politicians are learning?
      I suspect the public will need to learn the politicians at the ballot box.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Move to NZ Milo.