The University of Auckland and the Auckland Muslim Association present: Sheikh Ebrahim Bham

The Auckland Muslim Association together with the University of Auckland, have brought to Auckland Sheikh Ebrahim Bham.The Sheikh appears to be planning to talk about two main topics.

  1. Love for Allah and your parents
  2. Hate for Israel and promotion of the BDS movement which has as its ultimate goal the destruction of Israel

His topics:

  • Love of Allah and your parents
  • Israeli oppression
  • Israeli aggression
  • Israeli apartheid
  • Supporting boycott (BDS) of Israel.

Here are two examples of Sheikh Ebrahim Bham’s  message:

Take note of the photos used. It is Pallywood in action. Who are committing all the knife attacks currently on Israeli citizens? Most of them are young teenage boys. When you see a photo of a teenage boy restrained ask yourself what he was doing a few seconds before that photo was taken, if it is, in fact, a genuine photo, not a Pallywood one. The fact that Pallywood exists tells us that there is a severe shortage of Israeli bad behaviour; so much so that Hamas has to fake it. Fancy that!

Here is a video where he talks about Boycotting Israel and calls for increased support for BDS against Israel. Why is Auckland University promoting a speaker who is spreading lies about Israel and pushing the BDS movement? When the BDS were successful in their attacks against Soda Stream it cost hundreds of Palestinian employees their well-paid jobs. BDS are virtue signalling, Social justice bullies, ( useful idiots in other words) who are merely tools of Propaganda merchants like the Sheikh. They don’t help Palestinians they hurt them. They do it because it also hurts the Israelis. In other words, the ends justify the means.

The Sheikh is also pushing the lie that Israel is an Apartheid state.



Shaykh Ebrahim Bham will be coming to speak about the parallels between the South African apartheid (from an objective historical perspective as well as his own experiences) and the Israeli one.

He’ll be looking at what apartheid meant for South Africa how it’s being applied in Israel before reviewing the international movement, and student movements which helped end South African apartheid and what we can do now in our activism and advocacy for Palestinians.


The reality, of course, is not at all how it is painted by people like Sheikh Ebrahim Bham. Israel is a model of diversity and tolerance with gay beaches as well as public beaches shared by Jew and Muslim alike.

Police reportedly had a woman remove her burkini on a Nice beach. Nice as in the French city (not pleasant or friendly). Once on a flight to Tel Aviv, I had a French airport security woman insist I remove my hat on the ramp on the way on to a plane; that was traumatic enough for me.

Meanwhile, photographers have been heading to Israeli beaches for photos of local scenes.

…No need for burkinis. Arab women wear their street clothes into the water if they wish.

Cover up. Don’t cover up. Wear what you want on Israel beaches. (There are a few separate gender beaches available along Israeli coastline.)

But insisting a woman – anyone disrobe in public?

Think what an international uproar that would cause!

burkini Israel

The Sheikh willfully misunderstands what Apartheid actually is. Protecting yourself from an enemy who has declared war on you is not Apartheid. It is self-defence.

Want an example of Apartheid at the beach? Here you go…



  • cows4me

    “Love for Allah and your parents”, enough already. Allah can get stuffed and hate mongers like this clown can naff off back to the slim pond from whence they come. What a joke Goofystan university is.

    • johnandali

      But that’s the definition of university academics. All brains and no common-sense.

    • Minnie Mouse

      The problem with these Muslims, is the inbreeding that has gone on for centuries. The promote marriage between 1st cousins. The problems that brings with birth defects etc. is getting worse.

      • Duchess of Pork

        Inbreeding is the elephant in the room isn’t it; that which dare not be mentioned in polite circles. But the deformities produced by the Islamic tradition of first cousin marriage are horrific, remarked upon by anyone who has spent time in the Middle East and is increasingly apparent in Britain, France and any European country where Muslims have established themselves in large numbers.

        • Minnie Mouse

          Exactly. There are some very interesting documentaries on this very subject and the subsequent tragedies i.e. birth deformities that are on the rise within the Muslim population. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Braford in UK. The list goes on an while Muslims continue to interbreed, then the entire world has huge problems as a result.

  • phronesis

    He will need to be careful preaching against apartheid in NZ. “Seperate but equal” is increasingly fashionable here. Seperate Maori seats in parliament, seperate Maori seats wanted on Councils,seperate scholarships just for Maori etc etc.

  • oldmanNZ

    Susan Devoy should take note, that jews are actually a race. This is promoting hate of a race and pretty much looks like racism….

    Or is she going to say islam is a religion of peace, the discussing peace with Israel?

  • PsychoKea

    Isn’t Hate Speech prohibited under the Human Rights Act 1993 ? wake up Ms Devoy you are asleep on the job again

  • Grumpy of Onehunga

    Why wasn’t he caught by immigration at the border? Why wasn’t his visa revoked? Come to think of it, how did he get a visa? Or did he lie about the purpose of his visit – in which case why hasn’t his visa been revoked?

  • MaryLou

    Unbelievable. I think we should all pile i for a listen and hear the words that are spoken at that event. With a microphone or two.

    • shykiwibloke

      And a megaphone to shout him down…what’s sauce for the goose….

      • Spiker

        You can be sure there would be megaphones aplenty if it was an Israeli rabbi promoting activism and advocacy for the Jewish team.

  • Hakaru

    I am sure that Marama Davidson will be going to get the inside dope on her visit to Gaza. She will need all of the information she can get so that she can attack those dastardly Israelis. (sarc)

    • johnandali

      She was reported on ZB news on at least two occasions this morning, opposing the Israeli blockade, and saying that she was going in peace, and she was quite happy for the boats to be checked to ensure there were no weapons on board. I wonder if she knows that that’s the reason for the blockade, as Hamas have now attacked Israel on a number of occasions with thousands of rockets and by using tunnels lined with cement which was designated for construction of buildings, and the retaliation from Israel has only been in self defence. I wonder if she has ever read the Hamas charter, and its pledge to totally destroy Israel. Perhaps she should look at a dictionary definition of the word “peace”. I sincerely hope that NZ taxpayers are not paying for this stunt. If she really wants to make a name for herself and win a Nobel Peace Prize, she should volunteer her services as an intermediary between Hamas and their sworn enemies, the Palestinian Authority to unite them in the quest for a peaceful Palestinian State that will live in peace with its neighbours. Or is that asking too much? It probably is asking too much.

      • Isherman

        Quite happy for the boats to be checked eh, well that’s fine, and the boats will be checked when intercepted as a matter of course, but she really needs to stop saying she’s going to Gaza… because she isn’t. The closest she and her merry band will get will be the Israeli port of Ashdod from where she will be processed and deported.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Oh don’t you understand, the Leftie losers are allowed to preach hate speech. Special rules you see.

  • Mike

    At the risk of incurring wrath… free speech is the reason why he was invited by a student group and allowed by the university.

    We may not like or agree with what he says but he has the right to say it.

    We as the more educated and reasonable side of the political spectrum should acknowledge this. We get angry when Milo is prevented from giving his speeches claiming his right to free speech… we should extend that indignantion to anyone who prevents free speech.

    • Isherman

      Nope, it’s a perfectly fair point. If anything it exposes the message that is being sent, and shows us those who support it.

      • Mike

        Hypocrisy thy name is…

        We condemn the left when they use that argument as it isn’t valid. Milo would be ashamed.

        Freedom of speech is freedom to offend, and in this guys case freedom to look like an bigoted fool.

    • johnandali

      Freedom of speech is fine, but if anybody wanted to address them giving the opposite view, would they be allowed to? That would be the real test. As any university-trained academic should already know, there are two sides to any argument, and to simply support one side and totally exclude the other side, indicates that somebody who should know better, is an ignoramus, and is undeserving of any university qualification.

      • Mike

        Let them be the hypocrites then, let their actions define them and let ours define us.

      • DeplorablePersonOfColor:WHITE

        I was wondering if they were considering an invitation to Milo….for a nanosecond.

    • spanishbride

      Of course that goes without saying I hope. I do not want to silence him. I want to draw attention to him and the fact that Auckland University hosts activists. I would love them to host Milo but that will never happen. Why do you think that is?

      • Mike

        Nothing stopping a student body inviting Milo or Can to give a speech.

        • spanishbride

          Nothing apart from University management citing security risks and screaming SJB’s smearing themselves with paint, screaming and invading the room like Milo has to deal with all the time.

          • Mike

            Has anyone tried, or is that just speculation?

          • spanishbride

            Milo and Nicky Hager don’t “try,” they get invited. Cam has never received an invitation from any University including the ones that invited Nicky Hager to speak about Dirty Politics. If they wanted the low down from the horses’s mouth so to speak they would have invited Cam as well.
            Cam has been invited to speak by many organisations and quite a number paid him well for the privilege. He would happily talk for free if it meant a chance to debate Nicky Hager.

          • Mike

            Exactly they’ve been invited by a student body… no student body has invited Can or Milo.

            Until someone has tried and failed to invite them then your claim is just speculation.

  • Isherman

    I wonder if invitations were sent to NZ politicians who have signed a pledge to support the BDS movement. In case anyone has forgotten they are:
    Peter Dunne
    Kevin Hague (now ex politician)
    Kennedy Graham
    Hone Harawira
    Laila Harre (hopefully ex politician)
    Materia Turei
    James Shaw
    Mojo Mathers
    and all the usual suspects Minto, Fowler, Bravery et al.

    • D.Dave

      They could all be referred to as pseudo intellectuals, with hardly a brain cell between them. It is astounding that the media gives time to such a collection of , never contributed to anything, has-been politicians.

  • iera

    The link above, University of Auckland, goes to Auckland MSA Muslim Students Association. Who then is “the Auckland Muslim Association that the opening sentence mentions?

    Christians are identified as Roman Catholic, Destiny, Presbyterian and many others, which does give some idea of their actual beliefs.
    It would be nice if Muslims could afford New Zealanders the same courtesy.

    Then they would maybe not have to say ISLAM HIJACKED, or TRUE FACE OF ISLAM.
    For example, I suspect that the MSA may have members who “hosted” Lindsay Perigo and Dame Devoy recently, but I doubt they are Ahmadiyya Muslim referred to in this morning’s earlier post.

  • JEL51

    1:31. I’m sorry but I couldn’t listen to him any longer. Go on label me now.
    The moment he said the Gaza was the most populated piece of land, I lost it, and was compelled to yell through the screen at him, that was the problem, right there.
    I hope anyone attending his speech, like maybe one of the wonderful, diversity-globalist-minded dweebs at professorial level, will take an opportunity to ask what measures are Palestinian males taking with regards to family planning. Not too much to ask of a guest to the country demanding even more than they already gifted.

    • bristol

      I’m with you JEL. Just for the record, the world’s top ten most densely populated ‘countries’ (People per
      Macau = 18,568
      Monaco = 18,812
      Singapore = 7,736
      Hong Kong = 6,897
      Gaza = 5,046
      Gibraltar = 4,328
      Vatican City = 1,877
      Bahrain = 1,337
      Maldives = 1,796
      Malta = 1,336
      There’s only one ‘country’ on this list that routinely fires rockets indiscriminately at their neighbours, with the sole intention of killing them. This same ‘country’ also receives massive foreign aid, yet has next to nothing to show for it.

  • Duchess of Pork

    The chosen topics represent a perfect nexus of Islam today; there is no greater love for Allah than martyrdom for his cause.

  • Sunnyjim

    “….Hate for Israel and promotion of the BDS movement which has as its ultimate goal the destruction of Israel”, surely this is hate speech and contravenes the Human Rights Act and I suppose we can expect Susan Devoy to get involved?

    And as far as Israeli oppression, aggression and apartheid are concerned, just have a read of the Times of Israel with daily reports of terrorist action by Palestinians and other Arab militants and find out who the real victims are of oppression, aggression and apartheid.

    • curry4me

      It’s different when the left, or their Muslim pals do it. Just their usual level of hypocrisy.

  • XCIA

    I recall when the NZ home grown Nazi, Colin King-Ansell was running around distributing anti Jewish material. I believe he received 3 months, reduced on appeal to a $300 fine. It seems the Human Rights law has not kept pace with the times to deter the mongrel mullahs from preaching their oral hatred…………… “New Zealand prohibits hate speech under the Human Rights Act 1993. Section 61 (Racial Disharmony) makes it unlawful to publish or distribute “threatening, abusive, or insulting…matter or words likely to excite hostility against or bring into contempt any group of persons…on the ground of the colour, race, or ethnic or national or ethnic origins of that group of persons”. Section 131 (Inciting Racial Disharmony) lists offences for which “racial disharmony” creates liability.

  • sandalwood789

    Ok, so this guy is pushing to increase support for BDS which (as SB says) has as its ultimate goal the destruction of Israel.

    We also see that this talk is advertised as “the true face of Islam”.

    I wonder if that honesty is unintentional. This IS INDEED the “true face of Islam” – anti-Semitism and hatred. ( The Islamic texts make that very clear. )

    So – to summarise –

    1 – this Muslim guy is pushing for increased support of BDS which has as its ultimate goal the destruction of Israel.

    2 – this is “the true face of Islam”.

    Not a word (of course) will be uttered to show that Muslims are “Johnnies-come-lately” to the area of Israel. They first arived there before their conquest of Jerusalem in 638AD. At that time, the Jews had been there for *thousands of years*.

    Oh, and not a word will be said about the “Palestinians” endless firing of rockets into Israel, provoking the Israelis to respond (as they are *entitled* to do).

    No – it’ll be all “Israel bad, “”Palestinians”” good”.