There is no mayoral election in Auckland




Phil Goff: 52%
Vic Crone: 15%
John Palino: 8%
Cloe Swarbrick: 7%
Mark Thomas 5%
Penny Bright: 5%
Others: 8%


Phil Goff: 38%
Vic Crone: 11%
John Palino: 6%
Cloe Swarbrick: 5%
Mark Thomas 4%
Penny Bright: 4%
Others : 5%
No response: 4
Don’t know: 23%

Source: Horizon Research. The survey, commissioned by Derek Handley’s non-profit Aera Foundation, polled 748 eligible Auckland voters between 8 September and 12 September 2016 – via NBR

Three more years of Len Brown, except with renewed energy and the lack of being cowed by a sex scandal.

Time to pay up or move away

Maybe a good right candidate backed by a cohesive campaign would have made a difference.   Due to be absurd behavior of Michelle Boag, Nicky Kaye, Jo de Joux and others, we’ll never know.

Here is the real shame that lands on their shoulders

As well as commanding among Labour and Green-affiliated voters, he registers 24% support among National-identified supporters – more than any other candidate include the leading centre-right contenders Victoria Crone (who drew the support of 21% of National Party voters) and John Palino (13%).

The shambles that is the right is so distasteful to the voter that Phil Goff is even preferred by most National voters.   This is against a backdrop of a National government that goes from strength to strength.

Just how bad is Vic Crone?

Well, I did warn everyone right at the beginning.



  • oldmanNZ

    And around 70% will be fuming when goff./brown gets in.

    I won’t vote for goff, but whoever i vote for just so goff wont get in will be wasted, hence 23% wont vote,

    Unless something magical happen and every anti goff voters vote for the 1 best alternative, there may be a chance.

  • MarcWills

    If one in 20 Jafas intend voting for Penny Bright, then you deserve the pain you are going to get for the next 3 years. Really, don’t you realise how important this election is for the future – a chance to set a new direction for Auckland of being a livable city and one to be proud of by it’s citizens. Len 2.0 is not going to change anything.

  • Quinton Hogg

    I am more interested in who is on my board Eden Albert and who sits for the area on the council.
    My preference Mark Thomas has effectively bailed.
    sadly Goff will get there by default.

  • duve

    For once, my thoughts are in line with Andrew Little. I don’t accept the poll, it’s bogus, it has to be.

    • Forrest Ranger

      It must be a rogue poll. Penny Bright is on 5%. Surely there can’t be that many idiots in our village?

      • biscuit barrel

        Last election she got 3.4% and Minto got the same, as hes off to Christchurch, she has cornered the silly bugger vote

  • cows4me

    I’ve heard when Goofy gets in he plans to build a wall around Goofystan but this won’t be like Trump’s wall. It won’t be a wall to keep the rest of NZ out it will be a wall to keep the ratepayers in.

  • Boondecker

    Ah well, I just have to vote for Palino (as promised i would) and revel in feeling justified in nit-picking and sniping Goff from the sidelines for another three years. SIgh!

    Still, it could be a whole lot worse (he sighs again, imagining Penny Bright as mayor)…

    • oldmanNZ

      Same, but it wont be enough.
      Really needs a joint effort.
      Like how mark bowled out

  • Brian_Smaller

    Auckland will once again get the leadership it deserves and the rest of us will still get taxed to “contribute” to the various schemes and projects that big spending Auckland mayors seem to love.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Even the slogan is bogus “Making a city where talent and enterprise can thrive”. Judging by the Mayoral candidates cumulative talent most of it has left for the regions. A little harsh perhaps but it is doubtless those with talent are too enterprising to waste their time on a lost cause. The operation was a failure and the patient will have to live on life support.

  • waldopepper

    i never trust polls. im a busy guy and when ever anyone calls to poll me i tell them i havent the time. im sure when they call someone with nothing to do all day, that person suddenly feels important and will talk to pollsters for hours. which makes any poll suspect, as it tends to only be those with a lot of time on their hands that take part – ie the unemployed or the retired. the rest of us are out there working (twice as hard these days) to keep the country running.

  • kloyd0306

    What’s the bet that “sorting out Auckland’s transport problems” involves a tax, a levy or an investment (which lefty code for tax and levy).

    Auckland will NEVER learn. The city needs a fiscal conservative who knows that living beyond one’s means is and always will be a disaster.

    Hubbard – disaster
    Brown – disaster
    Goff – continuing leftist disaster

  • Peter

    Honestly, I find the thought of Goff as Mayor very scary and it seems no-one else might even get close to winning. I really want to pack it in and leave this city, and I’m not very happy with myself for even thinking that.

    • Sailor Sam

      As a resident of New Zealand, not Auckland, I think it is great that Phil Goff looks like becoming mayor of that city.
      Us taxpayers will no longer pick up the tab for his parliamentary salary.
      Auckland rate payers will.
      I know we will be up for his superannuation, but that was always going to be the case.