“These people talk shit, so they get shit”

Won’t someone please put this ratbag in jail.

A serial dung-slinger who chucked manure at a sitting judge told police he did it because “these people talk s***, so they get s***”.

There’s also a lot to be bought in Mangere, where you can get a whole bag for $2, he said.

Sam Bracanov, 80, was today found guilty of assaulting Judge Anne Kiernan on March 10 when he threw a “dirt-like substance” at the bench after pulling it out of his right pocket.

This was not the first time the Yugoslav-born pensioner has slung dung, and he and the judge had history.  

Last year, Judge Kiernan convicted Bracanov of throwing horse poo at John Banks, fined him $400 and ordered him to pay $130 in court costs.

At a judge-alone trial at Auckland District Court this afternoon, Bracanov told Judge Stan Thorburn he threw poo at Judge Kiernan because she didn’t let him “say a few words” to Banks last year.

The court heard how Judge Kiernan was presiding in Courtroom 16 over an unrelated matter and the prosecution’s three witnesses all said they saw an old man who had trouble walking slowly approach the bench.

Constable Nicole McCartney, who was sitting at the back of the courtroom, said Judge Kiernan seemed to recognise Bracanov and told him to stay back.

The 80-year-old then reached into his pocket with his right hand, the other still gripping a cane, pulled out a “dirt-like substance” and threw it at the judge.

McCartney said it looked like “a large amount” made it over the bench and some of it onto the judge’s lap.

Time he went to the pokie. He’s clearly mentally ill, but jail seems appropriate.


– NZ Herald

  • Vutekno

    This guy gives our senior Citizens a bad name! Once can be explained twice cannot, what will be next to make what ever obscure point he is trying to make!

    • Dave

      That’s the point, we all know who he is, but no one knows what his gripe is, and he thinks he has made a point. Except poo is cheap in Sth Auckland.

      • Paul Marsden

        Probably explains the number of glasshouse’s out that way then.

  • JEL51

    He would make a good cell-mate for the serial litigant…………what’s his name? They would both be kept too busy to be a nuisance ever again.

  • spanishbride

    This proves that it was evolution not creationism that made us. Our ancestors the monkeys fling poo too!

  • cows4me

    Maybe he was at the wrong court case, isn’t there another going on at the moment that involves a lot of mud slinging?

  • Big_Al

    Maybe if his head was placed into the receptical that was the source of his ammunition, it might make him think twice before attempting this vile act again.

  • sandalwood789

    Yugoslav-born. So he came here many years ago and since his arrival seems to have been nothing but trouble.
    What a pity we can’t revoke his citizenship and send him back (to the general area where Yugoslavia used to be…..).

  • Jayar

    He should be in jail but probably won’t be sent there, due to his age. On a number of occasions he has behaved like this. Years ago he sprayed air freshener around Prince Charles, then he threw horse manure at the King of Spain’s car and damaged it, plus throwing manure and damaging John Banks’ suit. He was a regular caller to talkback radio where he ranted on against the Royal Family. I’m sure he wouldn’t have got away with this behaviour in the former Yugoslavia. Should be sent back – he’d find life a lot harder.