This cat wins the world record for patience and grace

  • JEL51

    In that time mine would have done this!! (Oooops, I have no idea how to turn that around)

  • Jude

    I like the look of the knife and was that a wet stone? I could not go to all that effort for our cats! I thought the biscuits are better for cats , they have to chew and it’s good for teeth and gums.

    • Chris EM

      Yes, that’s a wet stone, Jude, great for sharpening chisels, plane irons and kitchen knives. The knife is a Japanese Damascas. Check out YouTube videos about how they make them, it’s quite amazing.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Actually a fabulous video.

  • gonzo

    to be fair – you could have just cut the head off a fish in about 5 seconds – and 99% of cats would take that first over cat biscuits!

  • Moonroof

    Patient cat, and beautiful prep and knifework. The knife stone is nice touch – they do work btw.