Time for a Aus-Exit from the “unelected swill” of the United Nations

I do enjoy a party  that has politicians prepared to call a spade a spade. Pauline Hanson’s party, One Nation has impressed me with its willingness to raise the issues of both Muslim immigration and the corruption and uselessness of the United Nations. This willingness to be unpopular with the media and to say politically incorrect things because they are the truth, is what ultimately is going to protect Australia. Where are the New Zealand politicians prepared to protect New Zealand? Apart from Winston Peters no other politician  in New Zealand has stepped up to the plate. Why not a NZ-Exit? It is time for some strong and decisive leadership.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has urged Australia to mimic Britain’s Brexit and leave the “socialistic, monolithic” United Nations during his first speech to Parliament.

…Praising Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union, which had the power to set laws and regulations affecting domestic laws in member countries, Senator Roberts called on Australians to launch an “Aus-exit” from institutions including the UN and International Monetary Fund.

…”Australia’s values and way of life are also at risk from insidious institutions such as the unelected swill that is the United Nations,” he said.

“The EU is a template for total socialist domination of Europe through unelected bodies, such as the IMF, forcing their frightening agenda on the people. It is also the UN’s template, and Australia must leave the UN.”

“We need an Aus-exit,” he declared.


  • Boondecker

    The complete and thorough demise of the corrupted, costly and coerced United Nations has been a long held dream of mine too.

  • cows4me

    Exit the UN ? Surely you jest SB. Will someone not think of the politicians, the little politicians. My God You’ll be sending waves of sheer terror amongst their ranks with talk like that. Where would they be without that retreat for the failed and parasitic, the UN is the ultimate prize. No It will never happen, the golden trough is akin to the gates of heaven as payment for spending a life time taking orders from the UN Marxist overlords. In short, the liberal noddys that run this place don’t have the nuts or the nous to ever contemplate such a thing.

  • Terence Hodgson

    A complete UNexit intrigues me, mind you, at present there are many countries who don’t ratify certain UN agreements. Of the 193 countries in the world, at least 40 have never joined the refugee protocols: apart from North Korea, the majority of these are, of course, Muslim states. They’re simply not interested in having anything to do with being told to accept (or ‘welcome’ as the weepies have it) refugees.

  • JEL51

    Malcolm’s speech had the Milo factor……full of hard hitting facts …politely (if somewhat nervously) presented and with a greater ‘wow’ as it was in Parliament.

  • Cadwallader

    Do you recall the rabid outcry from the opposers of the TPPA “It’ll destroy NZ’s sovereignty!” This stupid claim forgets that our sovereignty was flushed away seven decades ago when we joined the UN waste of space. The sooner NZ gets out of it the better. The only downside will be the possible return to NZ of Clark, Chauvel etc..

  • Didn’t Trump mention cutting payments to the U.N. a while ago?

    • Sunnyjim

      If I remember correctly he wanted to stop payments to NATO

    • cod

      The US owes 1.3 billion to the UN, last payment was in 1999 – Trump was countries in Nato to pay their fair wack as most of them don’t.

  • Jman

    The UN, despite it’s almost too numerous to mention faults has had one crowning achievement – keeping the major powers from warring with one another. All the wars since its inception have involved small, globally insignificant nations. This has prevented a Third World War and the immense destruction and loss of life that would entail. I believe the nuclear deterrent or “mutually assured destruction” plays a big part in that, but I also think a lot of the credit must go to the wisdom of creating the Security Council and giving the five permanent members veto power.

    If I had my way I would do away with everything else in the UN but just keep that.

  • exSME

    We need legislation that prevents us ratifying any UN Declaration without a full parliamentary debate. These declarations just do an end-run around our sovereignty and end up imposing obligations on us as a county that are a socialist’s wet dream.

    The problem is that in the eyes of the undiscerning the UN has an assumed moral legitimacy that means it’s one-world government ambitions go unchallenged. Let’s hope that Brexit and maybe Trump’s election are just the start of a push back.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

    I love the way people are slowly waking from the fairyland of the post-war liberal order – shaking their heads, blinking, looking around at where they’ve been led.

    Seeing all these liberal Golden Calves, and saying why? Why must we take Muslim refugees? Why does multiculturalism even mean? What do we owe the Muslim world? What is the point in the UN? You lordly liberal intellectuals, justify yourselves!

    And we seem to have the courage to take ’em down. Brexit. Trump. It’s a movement. It’s wonderful.

  • sandalwood789

    The UN and EU should both be axed – full stop.

    Both of them are corrupt leftist totalitarian cesspits.

  • ross

    If Trump becomes the next US president I hope he exits his country from the UN.