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Michael Jackson’s autopsy report confirms he tattooed his lips pink and his eyebrows black. He was also partially bald and wore wigs to conceal it, with the front of his scalp also being tattooed black. (Source)


In 1835, a man attempted to assassinate the king of France with a hand-made 25-barrel rifle. The discharge killed 18 people and wounded 22. The king was only grazed by a bullet. (Source)


In 1867 Alaska became the only place to have two Fridays in succession. This was due to the United States purchase of Alaska from Russia, causing it’s timezone to change from GMT+14 to GMT-10 (Source)


Every U.S. president with a beard has been a Republican (Source)


English Americans are often seen as an invisible ethnic group. In 1980, 50 million Americans claimed English ancestry, but by 2000 it was down to 24 million. The actual number could be closer to 80 million. (Source)


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  • Nige.

    “….when we took too many shots, skinny dipping in the dark, think we kissed but I forgot…..”

    • Goldie

      Crikey!… so you’re a head-banger with a soft spot for Katy Perry?!?

      • Nige.

        I have had it drummed into me by small people

        • I’m so glad I have boys

          • Goldie


  • Mike

    Katy Perry – Last Friday night. There is a link somewhere….

  • El Jorge

    KP’s Last Friday Night which included Rebecca Black in video clip whom also sang about Friday.