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Hard disks are so sensitive to vibration, that just screaming at them diminishes their performance (Source


“Bennie And The Jets” by Elton John isn’t a live recording but producer Gus Dudgeon wanted a live feel on the recording, so he mixed in crowd noise and whistles into the song. (Source)


Google’s Artificial-Intelligence Bot says the purpose of living is ‘to live forever’ (Source)


Broccoli has nearly twice the vitamin C of oranges by weight (Source)


“As smooth as a milkmaid’s skin” comes from the fact that milkmaids were often exposed to cowpox, giving them partial immunity to smallpox and leaving their skin free of pox scars. (Source)


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  • RightOfGenghis

    Robert Plants ungodly wail could crack a CD at 12 paces

  • EagleEyesNZ

    Brian May of Queen. Queen performed “who wants to live forever” off the Highlander movie soundtrack.

    • Mike

      Brian May actually wrote the track mentioned.

      • That’s the one I was after.