Trump gets one step closer to being President by acting like one

Trump and his team are brilliant strategists. He is acting as though he already is President.  When people see him up there side by side with the Mexican president they will see him as a President, not as a Presidential hopeful.  The fact that the Mexican president invited him shows that he sees Trump as Presidential.  This is an amazing coup for the Trump team.  One of his most controversial policies is to build the wall between Mexico and the United States and here he is acting like a president side-by-side with the president of Mexico. Like him or hate him no one should underestimate the political brilliance of this man. The below video doesn’t have a translation for the Mexican president but this one on Trump’s facebook page does.


By hammering home a tough message on immigration, he gets back to the basics and reminds us why he won the primaries.

First, Trump flew down Mexico way to discuss his plans for a wall with President Enrique Pena Nieto. The statement he gave afterwards was measured and well delivered, full of praise for the “amazing” and “spectacular” people of Mexico (Trump’s efforts at diplomacy read like a TripAdviser review) and he avoided the subject of who would pay for the gargantuan structure.

So, win #1 was standing side-by-side with a foreign leader and looking like a man who can actually get things done.


  • Tiger

    You would not think that at all after listening to the “Moan Stream Media”, who seem to spend an awful lot of time reading twitter and facebook. They broadcast responses from twitter nationally using terms comparing Trump to “Hitler, Mussolini, hate speech, genocide” interspersed with sighs and better than thou attitudes. Irrelevancy beckons for the MSM.

  • Seriously?

    I’m not sure that I would call having a meeting and then immediately lying about what was said in it is acting like a president. Actually, maybe it is in a way, but not one you should want to elect.

    After the meeting Trump said they did not discuss who will pay for the Trump Wall.

    Nieto said that at the start of the meeting he made clear that Mexico will not being paying for the wall. He has no reason to lye about that, and I believe him.

    Is Trump now going to say the Mexican President is lying? I doubt it. There will be proof of the discussion (I’m sure it was recorded either openly or not) if Nieto is pushed into providing or leaking it.

    • Tiger

      Lying is a politician’s currency. How they lie separates the good ones from the bad ones.

    • Aucky

      Clinton won the Presidency yesterday or should I say that Trump lost it yesterday? That doesn’t make me happy but it’s the reality.

    • XCIA

      He reminds me of Cunliffe, talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

    • Jonat

      Just because the topic was mentioned, doesn’t mean it was discussed. You can make something clear without intending to discuss it.

      • Seriously?

        You’re quite right. And I would not put it beyond trump to try that line, “but as I said we did not discuss it, he may have said that, or something like that, but I wasn’t going there because they are 100% going to pay for the wall”.

        He’ll probably just double down though.

  • rustyjohn58

    And he has said that he will get the money for his wall by seizing assets from Mexican Drug Cartels. Brilliant! he gets the Mexicans to pay for it as promised and the Mexican Government can’t object as they would be seen supporting criminals.

    • Seriously?

      The money would then be coming, mostly, from American drug addicts.

      In any event, they should seize that money anyway if they can, wall or no wall, Trump or no Trump. I doubt that the current or future US Governments would fail to do so if they have the ability to.

      He is just blowing smoke.

      • rustyjohn58

        Yes but he is blowing smoke cleverly

      • Mike

        So he’s acting like a politician…

        • Seriously?

          If so not a good one, a good one would be more subtle about their lies. Something like (using Trump-like words) “I can assure you I will do everything in my power to ensure that Mexico pay for the wall, and I’m the best negotiator that ever stood for leadership of our once great country which I will make great again! Vote Trump!”

          • Mike

            If good politicians are the ones who lie the best then I don’t want good politicians thank you very much.

    • Builder

      When you look at the length of the wall, 3200km and compare to population 320 million, it would be a rough equivalent of building a 47km wall in NZ. (NZ population 4.7 million). Totally doable.

    • Nige.

      Fact is that it’s already paid for and is legislated for too. He would just be the one who actually goes through with it.

  • Second time around

    The US will have to build the wall on the US side of any flood plains and rivers unless it tears up the treaty with Mexico. That means Mr Trump will render a significant amount of American land no longer be accessible to Americans.

    • Day Day

      It would still be US territory.

  • JLS
    • Seriously?

      There is some very funny stuff in there. I think I’d like the t-shirt with the slogan “Women for Trump” on it. Just the thing for a male to wear. When quizzed I can explain that I’m transitioning.

    • Mark

      I was behind a Mazda today with two Trump stickers :)

    • Boondecker

      I got my TRUMP 2016 t-shirt whist in San Francisco a three weeks ago. I couldn’t find a “Make America Great Again” red cap – but thanks for the link. I will now order one.

      FYI – as an aside, what was amusing was coming across a little shop on the extremely crowded and busy Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf going by the name “Leftys”. A shop totally dedicated to “the lefty in your life” it said on the shop front window. What caught my eye was a large billboard above it with a bunch of well known leftie types, such as Whoopie Goldberg, Obama, Oprah, Bill Gates, Bieber, etc, etc.. I didn’t find a “Rightys”, but then it was California after all.

      • JLS

        Yes, I think I’ll just have to get a T shirt or three myself, I think we have history about to be made here and I’d hate not to have been a part of it. Interesting Hilliary keeps wearing a pant suit, so reminiscent of a Mao suit.

  • kloyd0306

    Trump is not anti immigrant. Trump is anti ILLEGAL immigrant.(Yuge difference).
    Trump’s rallies are sold out stadiums. Clinton cannot fill a school gymnasium.
    Trump is available to the media. Clinton is hiding from the media.
    Trump is high energy. Clinton has none.
    If you get your news/views from TV1, TV3 and the NZ Herald, you are being fed their own leftist agenda, driven by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN – all leftist media.
    The largely leftist media were wrong about the NZ election in 2014, wrong about the UK election in 2015 and wrong about Brexit – because they have a leftist/globalist/liberal agenda.
    And they are wrong about Trump’s chances of becoming the next US President.

    • Seriously?

      A good place for a US election odds update…

      It has always been a two horse race. Trumps worst that I have seen (since the others fell by the wayside) has been a $5 return on your $1 bet. Those that right him off completely should back their prediction with their money.

      Trump has improved since my last check, be that as a result of the Mexico stuff or not I cannot say (I don’t check regularly enough) but it may well be so.

      Clinton $1.39 (on 26/8 was 1.31)
      Trump $3.85 (on 26/8 was 4.70)

  • JEL51

    Ann Coulter has a great way of summing -up yesterday’s achievements. How ever you look at it, the polls are actually looking as though they are responding to the campaign’s ability to getting the messages across. Just how accurate/reflective of the public in general they are, is any one’s guess.

  • Bryan

    i think the biggest thing the american media are missing is that a lot of trump’s supporters are outside the orbit of the poll takers, probally don’t have access to internet and maybe also phones so their views are not being picked up by the pollsters, and come the election day like here they will not understand where all these voters came from and why their polls were so far out.
    I see the latest poll has them now only 2% apart and Clinton like last time against Obama seems to be she is getting more and more unpopular as time goes by because she is not actually spelling out what she could do in policy terms but rather talking up herself and thinks trumps bashing will win.

    • Nige.

      The polls mean nothing because the election is won and lost on a state by state basis. They would have to pole every state individually and then see who won what and put it together. That would be a huge undertaking to do even once or twice let alone weekly.

  • Superman

    Hillary won’t appear at an unscripted press conference. I can’t wait for the debates. Trump is going to crush her. She can’t answer questions unless she has vetted them beforehand and vetoed the ones she can’t answer. How will she deal with difficult questions she has no control over? Trump will just throw them at her endlessly. If she resorts to the feminist defence or even worse to tears she is gone.

    • Nige.

      I would like to think that you are right but I feel Trump will try the softly softly approach for a start and hand her her own rope. He’ll watch the poles and see if that works first.

  • Boondecker

    Yesterday, Trump rubbed the MSM, detractors and libs nose in the doggy-doo in true Trump style. It was a day of utter enjoyment for the likes of myself. I could not have been more happy and what made it even more enjoyable was watching those that oppose him unhinge in the most remarkable of ways. It was hilarious as much as it was glorious. He will win the popular vote with a landslide.

    The Electoral College and their discussed potential agendas is another story altogether.