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via Twitter / Beehive Letters (satire)

via Twitter / Beehive Letters (satire)

  • Sally

    Grant Robertson has had his say. Do I detect a bit of sarcasm?

    • SAM51

      No I think he is saying he would like to get to know the boss better – trying to make the bus driver jealous

  • Keeping Stock

    Is this the start of Mr Little’s quest to become the Member for Rongotai?

  • Sailor Sam

    And pretending to be maori with what I suppose is the te reo version of his name.
    Is he trying to impress the truckdriver from Huntly, or Nanaia Mahuta?

  • twittertit

    Kudos to him for the attempted satire, but given the subject matter, that is cringe-worthy.

  • Old Kiwi

    When you get “involved” in something like this you can expect to be the butt of a bit of ribbing etc. Even if you were completely unaware that it had been produced. That’s what has been evident this morning here on WO in a couple of posts including general debate. It’s called a sense of humour SJWs. No one has expressed being “offended” Can you imagine the vitriol coming from keyboards this morning if JK had been involved. Personally I think Andrew Little’s reported responses so far have not been a bad effort under the circumstances.

  • Brian_Smaller

    Andrew Little denies his pole numbers were inflated.