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  • Sally

    This time cannot find fault with the media. Who can blame them. The video camera is in the wrong courtroom.

    • Sailor Sam

      Are they there because their darling Nicky Hager is supposed to be there?

      • Interesting that Nicky Hager had a hand in both cases.

        • Nige.

          That boy really has been busy…..

      • Ruahine

        Hager has probably told many of them to be there or else.

  • Minnie Mouse

    So the Colin Craig case will drag on for 5 weeks so it said on the tele last night. And, what’s more, his ever faithful wife is there with him all the way.
    God know what’s gone on between Craig and his wife for her to sit there and hear the crazy texts to his Secretary,or whatever her title was, read out in Court. What a cringe-feast me thinks. I’m thinking Colin Craig was channelling Prince Charles and his texts to Camilla – probably not texts as we weren’t into texting way back then. Now, they were really cringeworthy.

    • Flattanker

      It’s funny you should say that, as ever since it came out, I can only think of prince Charles and tampons whenever his name comes up. I think the 2 of me poem combined with his come hither in the heather campaign photo would put him in the same spot. Oh for a lack of humility in the man. we are all fallible. I suspect these events will hurt Colin Craig where it hurts the most, his ego. I feel sorry for him because he may will lose a lot more than his money by the time this is concluded.

      • Nige.

        Already has

    • rangitoto

      I pity the poor jurors who have to sit through this drivel for five weeks. Wondering why on Earth they are running a jury trial for a civil case.

  • ..

    • Lux

      Those series of photos that David White (photog) took of him, have him perfectly summed up. That photographer saw right through him, it’s quite amazing in hindsight.

  • Nebman

    What little reputation he had left among his acolytes must surely be disappearing as fast as the Conservative Party’s hopes of ever getting into Parliament.

    This is just the most fun in ages.

    It’s ironic that the more likely person suffering with mental illness is in fact Colin himself but I’m not sure hubris is recognised as such.

  • Big_Al

    “Crucifiction by Media” That term pretty much sums up what is happening to our naughty little boy Colin. How he can have the arrogance to continue to claim his innocence, after all that has come out so far, is beyond me. He is totally delusional and just adding to his eventual pain by prolonging this court case. Why he does’nt just admit guilt and get the hell out of there i don’t know.
    Oh well! This is very interesting and entertaining media at the moment anyway.

  • Big_Al

    Just now seen a media update, this time it is Christine Rankin giving evidence.
    Wow! No love lost there as she really is putting the boot in.

    • spanishbride

      And it is only day TWO of a five week trial.