Two wrongs don’t make a right, but hell, is it tempting

The mother of two who orchestrated a vicious attack on a drug dealer believed to be selling poor quality methamphetamine has been jailed.

In February 2015 Codie-Lee Greer arranged for four associates to attack the dealer because he owed money and they believed he was selling dodgy drugs.

The 25-year-old didn’t take part in the assault, which involved the assailants arming themselves with weapons including a baseball bat and a hammer, but her role was to arrange a meeting with the dealer at a school at night by text message.

The victim suffered a broken fibula in his left leg, cuts to his head, lips, arms, a broken tooth and bruising to his body.

“The victim was assaulted and he fell onto the ground where he was punched, kicked and struck with the baseball bat and hammer.“He had three crescent shaped wounds, clearly visible, with the approximate size and shape of a hammer head.”

The victim attempted to escape his attackers and managed to get up and run but he was chased down by the group who again knocked him to the ground and continued the unprovoked assault.


He was selling bad meth!

I wonder exactly how bleeding heart liberal you have to be before you no longer support a druggie bashing her dealer to death?


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  • Boss Hogg

    A pro active criminal justice system would provide the following; Drug Dealer – Death Sentence. Four thugs – 10 lashes each. Thugs employer – 20 lashes and 10 years. I do miss Singapore sometimes.

  • sheppy

    Such a pity the judge didn’t jail the drug dealer too, that would have reduced the harm to communities way more than jailing the person who arranged the attack

    • colin herbertson

      bin the lot of them, this sort of assault indicates miss cody and her assciates arn’t very nice people either and,bad P or not, are likely to be dealers also,

  • Nige.

    Well the way justice seems to be dished out in this country….the Maoris want to sort their own Maoris out, the Muslims want to sort their own Muslims out, the same probably goes for some asian communities and islander communities.

    This is how the druggies sort out their community.

    But in a school?

    Just goes to show the extent of their morality.

    • XCIA

      I recall being told in the early 80’s about the 7K and Wu who were trying to establish a permanent NZ base. They had been active in extorting protection money from established businesses through intimidation, threats and violence. They were called to what they thought would be a mass capitulation meeting at a warehouse in downtown Auckland. Once they were assembled, they were set upon, bound, gagged and hung upside down from meat hooks. Following a period of behaviour modification to get their attention they were advised not to bother the established businesses in NZ or any NZ citizen.

      • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

        I like that story very much.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

    Oh boy, would I vote for Duturte.

    He’s twice the man Obama is.

  • Our own Auckland Police Prosecutor sold crap drugs too.

    “Sarah’s lawyer, Ron Mansfield, said his client was sorry for what
    occurred, and he asked the judge to keep in mind that the
    methamphetamine was heavily cut and only 5 per cent pure – compared with
    P, which was usually 70 per cent.”

    Disgraced police prosecutor reveals: Why I sold drugs at court

    He appears in my cannabis protest video outside Auckland, 1 year before police started investigating him.
    Auckland Court protest.