Susan doesn’t like symbols of oppressive groups and neither do I

This will be a short post.

Susan Devoy in her open letter to us all said this…

Not long ago we publicly called out Neo Nazi fascists who wanted to march against child abuse. Many Kiwis joined us when we argued that the symbols of a regime that murdered 1.5 million children have no place at a march against child abuse.  That’s not us.

In my open blog post to Ms Devoy I say this…..

Not long ago we publicly called out Islamic culture and Islamic law for wanting to impose itself on Western nations. Many Kiwis agreed with us when we argued that the symbols of an supremacist ideology/religion that makes women second class citizens, legitimises child marriage and criminalises and executes gays has no place in a democratic, tolerant  and equal society like New Zealand.  That’s not us.

The Niqab is a symbol of oppressive nature of Islam

The Niqab is a symbol of oppressive nature of Islam

  • Jon Low


  • Peter

    A well crafted piece, and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Sailor Sam

    Just as well that you are not a white middle aged male.
    She might, I stress might, take some note of the point you make.

    • spanishbride

      I would have to wear a Hijab to get her to take any notice of me. My views don’t count unless I am Maori or Muslim

      • John

        Apparently she does pay attenton to people who call themselves Nazis. So do the media. It is possible that, as we have seen with other radicals, to go to the extremes is rewarded by media coverages and press releases from govt quangos while mainstream views are ignored.

      • Minnie Mouse

        So who’s the racist then? I’m thinking Ms Devoy is showing signs of racism toward her fellow man – the non-maori and the non-Muslim. She is treading a dangerous path in my view.

    • XCIA

      Since this nonsense was created in 1972, it seems to me that all the incumbents were required to have any and all of their white sympathy genes removed before taking office.

  • sandalwood789

    I wonder if Ms Devoy has the courage to come here and debate with us. I suspect not.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Nothing to stop us setting up public debates on topics such as “Racism and the role of the Human Rights Commission.” As the Race Relations Commissioner it would be the duty of Ms Devoy to attend when possible.

    • Shalice

      Why would she? According to the leftist logic we are all “racist” and probably even “white supremacists” for even starting the debate. Once the left finds a label for you your opinion ceases to matter. The label is their argument.
      Unless, of course, there’s a group of Maoris who would like to discuss Islam. That might work.

      • sandalwood789

        “Once the left finds a label for you your opinion ceases to matter. The label is their argument.”

        Very true. The label is like a big soundproof jar being slammed over a person. It doesn’t matter if your argument is 100% fact-based and true. You’ve been silenced – that’s all that matters.

        • Shalice

          This is all based on the unspoken hierarchy of privilege. White? Male? Happy with being born male? You’re too privileged to have an opinion on anything. That’s becoming a real issue. This needs to stop – everyone is equal and deserve to have a voice in a free speech democracy.

          Edit: added last two sentences

        • MrHippo

          Yes the label…. ‘NIMBY’ springs to mind also as another often used label used against those who may actually be affected be someone else’s pet project.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I am saddened that an otherwise nice and innocent person was chosen for the role she (Devoy) took on. Before her debarcle of a performance at the HRC, she was known as a superb sportswoman. She simply fails to grasp that being an apologist for Muslim shortcomings has absolutely nothing, and I mean zero, nadda, zip…to do with race. Not her role, not her brief. Her role is race relations, not religion relations. By failing to see she is being used by the Islamic community to further their agenda, she has shown her self to be a lightweight, and worse still, easily manipulated. Hardly what this country needs in her position.

    • Bling Bling

      The HRC is a moribund, mediocre and ineffective entity anyway.

    • John

      The “public service” is a nasty beast. It comprises of small groups who drive things in their direction. If an elected member or similar insist to go in another direction they will just tie it in red tape. People who join are buried in to much work, many leaving – it is like jumping into vortex and they will try and spit out those who will not follow their imposed group thought. Then of course there is the conditioning that goes on as in the story on Whaleoil yesterday about sheep – you are dealing with some pretty tough old “public servants” who know how to bully and manipulate. Often with crackpot agendas and a strange mix of wanting everyone to be equal but them to be better. By pandering to what they view as the more vulnerable, they feel like benevolent gods bestowing gifts to their subjects. White people just get in the way of their fantasy, although, they still prefer to live in neighbourhoods with lots of white people rather than communing with their people.

  • John

    I am not sure how many children have been killed by various communist factions, including Pol Pot but they don’t seem to draw the same attention as the Nazis easpecialy by our MSMj

    Devoy will probably argue that she doesn’t need to alert us to child killing communists as she is just focused on race attacks but her release above doesnt make any reference to race either. Unless there is a longer statement it looks like she just can’t bring herself to say who the victims are.

    • JLS

      That the Nazis were white may be the reason. Similarly the South African regime got roasted while Mugabe carried out far greater atrocities, and transformed the fruit basket of Africa into simple a basket case. Pretty selective and one eyed these SJW’s, all about being seen to be the pious and righteous rescuers I think.

      • sandalwood789

        I’m sure you’re onto it there!
        The lefties seem to think that evil can only be committed by whites. A good example of this – I don’t remember Minto setting up any protests over the massacres in Rwanda.

        • JLS

          Minto is a good example of the unhappy types. Can’t foot it in their own culture so set out to rescue and be a hero to lesser cultures by hating and getting back at their own. How sad.

  • Boondecker

    The bhurkha, hijab, and bhurkini (and all forms of it) should be banned from New Zealand public places. Inside their homes and mosques the muslims can wear what they like. This is an argument about what is and isn’t acceptable in our society – the bhurkha is nor. These items of clothing in a western country such as ours are nothing but an insult to our values and basically, women in general.

  • exSME

    Gosh SB – now you put it that way…! Pretty hard to argue with that.

    But here’s where the intellectual dishonesty of the left kicks in though. If they deigned to even debate it there would be some preposterous counter argument put up, probably by an “academic” or “intellectual’ (aka superior being) using logic that even a five year old wouldn’t use.

    Pardon my cynicism.