Vic Crone “double-booked” and fails to show at mayoral debate

Vic Crone

She really is a walking political disaster. She couldn’t organise signs to comply with the rules. Failed to properly authorise her website, and now she screws up a debate.

Environmental issues are expected to be raised at an Auckland mayoral debate in Titirangi this evening.

Six candidates – Phil Goff, John Palino, Penny Bright, Mark Thomas, David Hay and Chloe Swarbrick – have confirmed they will attend the debate, organised by the Titirangi Residents’ Group.

The debate will be MCed by former Waitakere City Mayor and Labour President Sir Bob Harvey, who performed the same duties at Goff’s mayoral campaign launch on August 28.

Centre-right candidate Vic Crone pulled out of the event at the 11th hour.

A spokeswoman for her campaign said she was double-booked and would be attending a dinner date.

“Just one of those things, full schedule and balancing different events and getting around as many audiences as possible,” the spokeswoman said.

She couldn’t organise a root in a brothel.

Each candidate will have three minutes to address the meeting before the floor is open to questions.

The youngest mayoral candidate, 22-year-old Chloe Swarbrick, said she was prompted to stand as a result of a 34 per cent voter turnout in Auckland in 2013.

“You cannot have representative democracy when two thirds are not voting,” she said.

Swarbrick said those who didn’t vote distrusted council or lacked understanding.

Those who did vote felt there was some formidable wastage and a lack of transparency.

That’s just tits.

Oh well what do you expect from someone hand picked by Michelle Boag.


– NZ Herald

  • Ross

    A “dinner date”? Maybe it was a potential future employer? If she was serious about being the next Mayor, I can’t see how a dinner date can be a priority.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      As the report is sourced from The Herald, it is hardly likely to be the full story!

  • Andinz

    Dinner easier to digest than serve up policy in a debate?

  • Fairnz

    I honestly think we’re getting Goff by default. I’m sure, so many are actually disenfranchised by that.

    My feeling here after viewing W.O this last little while. Is that Vic is equally or if not more incompetent than Goff. And she is endorsed. I prefer Palino’s vision and Thomas over everyone. I just think it could be a wasted vote since Crone is getting far more airtime and is seen as the only real contender. (That will come second )

    They’re all probably better than Goff though.