Want to know why your rates bill keeps increasing? Len Brown has let staff numbers explode

The disaster of the mayoralty of the rooting ratbag Mayor Len Brown shows how out of control Auckland Council is.

The wages bill at Auckland Council has topped $800 million and the number of fulltime staff has climbed to nearly 10,000.

The latest council figures show fulltime equivalent staff numbers have risen from 9678 to 9870 between the 2015 and 2016 financial years. This is a rise of 192 staff.

Salaries and wages have risen from $771 million to $803 million, although this includes $20 million of staff costs previously budgeted as operating costs.  

The net increase of $12 million is an improvement on last year’s $63 million blowout in staff costs.

Since the Super City was formed in 2010, fulltime equivalent staff numbers have risen from 8207 and wage costs have climbed from $615 million.d

There are now 1400 more staff in the Super City compared with when it was formed, ostensibly to reduce overheads.

Len Brown, who was a third rate conveyancing lawyer in a suburban law firm, has shown how desperately unsuited he was for the Auckland Council mayoralty.

Perhaps we should ask the government for a Commissioner instead because it is highly likely that Phil Goff will just carry on this nonsense.


– NZ Herald

  • Bling Bling

    How about Auckland building a world class theatre at the same time. Works for Marlborough!

    • Tiberius

      Is that you, Rudman? ;-)

  • Sally

    What also needs to be exposed the cost and how many contract workers are doing work for the council?

  • sheppy

    Phil Goff has already said he supports the living wage so this will balloon even more when he is shoehorned into the roll.
    A vote for Phil Goff is a vote for a continuation of Len Browns policies with an additional 2 minutes per day to use picking ratepayers pockets

    • Kevin

      The big difference is that Goff will get the whole of New Zealand to pay for Len’s policies instead of just Auckland ratepayers.

      • sheppy

        Sadly that just means he will likely up the wastage and Social Engineering to soak up all the money available before taking more.
        Nationals failure to rein in this council will cost the whole country a vast amount of money when interest rates eventually rise, and the cost of the councils out of control borrowing comes home to roost.
        With Leftests there is always another pet project to sink other peoples money into, and always another idea to control the masses behaviour

  • kayaker

    I wish the government had appointed a Commissioner after the 2013 Len Brown tacky escapades. Even without that, he’s clearly unfit for any type of office and Auckland has suffered big time as a result.

    Last week I was taking the lift to a business meeting in Auckland. There was a group of people in the foyer looking for the EAP office. They were from Auckland Council. Trouble at mill?

  • Bob Dazzler

    Auckland City Council, led by socialists who only know how to spend others money, never there’s.

  • Taser

    Not surprised with Lenny the Looter giving many jobs to his mates from old MCC and the likes of Bob Harvey who was given a real claytons job that must cost us ratepayers a lot of money.

  • Whafe

    Team Whaleoil, I think it would be well worth pitting together a post that shows the names of those council socialists whom voted and supported Len Brown back with his sordid antics and behavior…
    We all commented back then that at the next election the support for Len’s supports in council would not garner our support

    • Nige.

      You will have noticed that we have “Guest posts”. Please feel free to put one together and submit it through the tip line.

      • Whafe

        Good call Nige… Hear you

  • Doc45

    Goff has only ever spent other people’s money. He has never earned income from a business venture with its risks, need for restraint and management expertise. Would any board of directors even consider for a second putting such an untrained person in to head a multi-million dollar operation? Would he ever get appointed to a board of directors of a large corporation?
    I cant think of anyone less suitable for the mayoralty than a failed politician.

  • redeye

    The result of amalgamation. If anyone in your area mentions the ‘a’ word object with as much ferocity as you can manage.

  • oldmanNZ

    How can we prevent the same mistake?

    Surely there must be a better candidate than goff?

    Some people are not voting as there is no one else to vote, which is then a vote for goff if we dont collectively vote for an alternative.

  • Raibert

    Really should be taking a close look at the Council Cheif Exec. Surely it is his job to control council staff numbers, he is paid an exorbitant amount to do this. In private business he would have been shown the door well before now. The council operating like a company board should be revitalised with members that will reflect the wishes of the stakeholders not just those pushing their own agendas like Goff.

    Len is gone, it’s really time to move on and look to sorting out the mess that is Auckland, the “super city” has not delivered for 90% of the population. It’s time to revisit Rodney Hides vision, maybe he should be closely questioned about the now known shortfall in expectations. Certainly the ratepayers who are the true heart of the city are feeling disenfranchised and robbed by the current arrangements.

    We need the government to stand up and own up to the mess. It will take some major changes to fix.

    • MrHippo

      Hmm.. Perhaps we need a ‘Commission of Enquiry’ or a ‘crisis’ to be declared in order to fix it…

  • Ross

    That’s absolutely outrageous! An average of around 80k per year for people working for a council? No wonder they aren’t in a rush to release land – the people who work for the council are probably some of the few who can afford to buy in this market with what they’re earning!

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Wow that is a staggering number but it is all good since they will all be contributing to the retail growth which helps create more jobs. Yeah right.
    And then along come Goff. Sure it was second prize getting Loose Len back for a second term but it took that long to see the “real” man. With Goff you know exactly what you are getting. A bit like playing squash with an egg. Good for only one hit. Just be gentle.