Watch what is being taught inside Muslim schools in the UK

  • sandalwood789

    Very nasty stuff (and if anyone thinks that this isn’t being taught in Muslim schools here then I have a bridge I can sell you).

    • McGrath

      I wonder if there is a way to check for extremist teachings in the Muslim schools here? I’d be curious to know who are the backers of the schools e.g. Wahhabi or some other extreme variant of Islam.

      • sandalwood789

        Ideally, the mosques and Islamic schools should be closed.

        Bugging the mosques and Islamic schools would be possible but I imagine that our government is too pussyfied to do so. In any case, the law probably says that they could only bug a place if they had “strong suspicions” so the law just gets in the way (as usual).

        • andrewo

          In my (atheist) view, all parochial schools are a potential problem. We should be teaching ‘The Enlightenment’, not Medieval ignorance.
          I know people who were sent to Catholic schools who suffered similar and worse abuse.

          • RAS

            As an atheist who sends his kids to a Catholic school (because it’s a better school) you really have your head up your ass. It’s nothing like this madrasa.

          • andrewo

            Did I say it was like this Madrasa? Read what I wrote again and this time, think about it.
            I agree that many modern parochial schools do seem to offer a better education than that provided by the NZ state schools. I just hope you don’t in the future find that your children were poisoned with their dogma whilst getting that much-valued education.

      • Duchess of Pork

        From the April 2013 edition of North and South magazine: “the Al-Madinah madrasa-type Islamic school in South Auckland…was placed under direct government control following years of complaints from parents about increasingly narrow Wahhabi concentration on the teaching of Islam.” Despite this the then principal told the article’s author he taught children the full Koranic code. “Koranic law, it is a good thing, he laughed.”

        I suggest that you obtain a copy of the magazine from your local library and read the full horror of the ideology that people seem so willing to allow into our society.

        • Anthony

          If I recall correctly they have had a big improvement in exam pass rates. This now makes much more sense.

  • JEL51

    I wonder why the host was so surprised? Did she expect something else? What did get me was how frequent the kicking, slapping, bullying occurred. So their kids grow up in fear and they criticize us and our society.

  • Abdullah

    This video was filmed in 2011 (channel 4). It is good to know that the guy who hit the kids went to jail. That without a doubt is abuse, which completely contradict to the teaching of Islam.

    • MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels

      Do you think this behaviour might be ongoing in other Muslim schools in the West today?

      • Abdullah

        I believe this is more of a an exception rather than the norm. We would have seen more of this video if this is actually the norm.

        • Rebecca

          My concern is the teaching to “show” respect and appear to conform with the hated and despised kaffir. This undermines well-meaning moderate muslims because it’s impossible for kaffir to tell the difference- until the mask is dropped and the weapons are out.