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  • Nechtan

    Today in Rock History:
    Born today in 1942 Danny Hutton co-vocals with Three Dog Night.

    Born today in 1946 Don Powell drummer for Slade.

    Born today in 1949 Barrie Barlow drummer for Jethro Tull.

    Born today in 1950 Joe Perry guitarist for Aerosmith .

    Today in 1964 The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”, went to number 1 on the UK singles chart.

    Today in 1966 The Beatles went to number 1 on the US album chart with “Revolver” their 9th US number 1 album.

    Today in 1975 Elton John’s single “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” was certified Gold.

    Today in 1988 Phil Collins went to number 1 on the UK singles chart with “A Groovy Kind Of Love”.

    Today in 1988 Guns N’ Roses went to number 1 in the US with “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

    • LovetoTeach

      Did anyone else see the “Mums and Roses” skit on Jono and Ben last night – was hilarious.

      • Nige.

        Looks like it was only me. 😒

        • LovetoTeach

          You’re enough Nige. Quality not quantity :)

          • Nige.

            Jonno and Ben have neither yet…..

  • Carl

    • Nechtan

      Or attempting to take over New Zealand.

      • Michelle

        Didn’t Ruth Dyson wear a similar type when the Christine Rankin thing a few years back?

      • Crowgirl

        Her eyes look practically red in this photo. Not a good look at all.

    • Wasapilot

      The guy in the middle looks trustworthy and would get my vote, yeah baby yeah.

      • KatB

        Oh behave

    • Huia

      Don’t forget this monster, history is littered with them, you think the masses would learn wouldn’t you? instead we have socialists pushing the agenda even though it never works.

  • Carl

    A great start by the NZ paralympics team. 2 golds, one a world record, 1 silver and 2 bronze so far. The target for them at the start was 18 medals.

    • Michelle

      Emma Foy from Dargaville is competing and her parents have gone over to watch
      Really hope she does well she is a neat person

      • Carl

        What sport Michelle?

        • Michelle

          3km individual pursuit apparently they raced early hours of this morning l will have to go and have a look and see how they got on
          They are the World champs 2016

  • Nige.

    Rantykiwi answered last nights question with:

    “less is more”

    In what situation is this true?

    • Isherman


    • XCIA

      Meeting up with Andrew Little in a sauna.

    • Ginny


    • Spiker

      Poems to the staff.

      • Wheninrome

        Especially if you single one out for special poetry.

    • Mike Webber

      Government at all levels. The more Government does the less we have.
      Basic economics.

    • Disinfectant

      Less noise, more peace.

    • STAG

      When displaying a professional level of skill in your task, absolutely.

    • Timebandit

      Less taxes means more money in your pocket!!!

    • When the Mrs says… ‘do you have a moment? we need to talk’

      • dumbshit

        After 43 years we are getting fairly practised at the “no speaks”, game!

    • 99.9% of metal “music”

      • Nige.

        What’s your weakness?

  • XCIA

    I guess this nonsense will be coming soon to a controlled road crossing near us. The LGBTQ+ whatever people have managed to persuade London Transport to change fifty (so far) “cross now” or Go signals to sex symbols confusing people who can’t figure out what they mean.

    • peterwn

      Funny, Berliners seem very happy with their ‘Ampelmann’ symbol on pedestrian lights. It was devised in East Berlin and was adopted by popular demand throughout Berlin when Berlin re-unified. Arguably it is rather sexist.

  • Michelle

    Sign in UK (pic)

  • Sunnyjim

    Cheating Hilary has been at it again; it’s been reported that Hilary Clinton was sporting an “invisible” earpiece wired to receive stealth communications from her campaign handlers during yesterday’s Commander-in-Chief forum carried live on NBC from New York City. Email shows Huma Abedin was in charge of the earpiece.


    • Huia

      People want to hear what she has to say, not what some invisible puppeteer out the back is whispering in her lug hole.

      • Sunnyjim

        Quite right, Huia, SB has just posted a very interesting video which suggests Hilary may be suffering from Parkinson’s decease. This condition would make her totally unfit for POTUS. Makes you wonder what’s really going on and who is pulling the strings. I also do not trust Huma Abedin at all. She is a very dangerous woman.

        BTW, did you go to the scallop festival today? Was a perfect day for it in Whitianga today.

        • Huia

          No, didn’t go to the festival, but had a feed of scallies tonight at home instead. The weather was beautiful for it which is good.
          I don’t think many people trust Huma, Hillary, Obama or his Muslim advisers. Crooked bunch.

          • Sunnyjim

            Crooked bunch indeed. There seems to be some connection between the Obama administration and the Islamic world and Obama is always making excuses for the IS and saying they are nothing to do with Islam, overlooking that “Islamic” is in their name! And Hilary’s campaign is funded for many millions of dollars by Saudi Arabia.
            I’m in Whitianga also, Huia, we should catch up for a coffee at some time.

          • Huia

            Good idea Sunnyjim. Did you go to the festival today?

          • Sunnyjim

            No, I didn’t because I’m allergic to scallops. But it was a beautiful day and decided to tidy up the gardens. Is it allowed to post a mobile number here or would that contravene moderation rules?

          • Nige.

            It is completely up to you if you put up personal details and you do so at your own risk.

            Having said that….

            What I used to do was put up my number and the delete it once the recipient has acknowledged receipt. Never had a problem and never heard of a problem.

          • Sunnyjim

            Thanks for clarifying that, Nige, and thanks for your excellent suggestion.

          • hookerphil

            Met up with Jude simply by agreeing on a place to meet – was great to make contact.

          • Huia

            Got it Sunnyjim.
            May give you a ring some time. Very rarely go into town, we live further north over the “hill”, but you may get a call one of these days with no talking- just heavy breathing. haha.

          • Sunnyjim

            Thanks, Huia, looking forward to your call and catching up with you some time soon.

  • Blueburd

    Crooked Hilary isn’t pulling much of a crowd to her events. Seriously, how is she even close in the race, or do I believe the msm are putting out biased poll data


    • Catsings

      12,000 to see Trump in Florida today with more left outside. Hard to ignore the comparison.

  • XCIA

    There could be Daleks on the street corners in England if the West Midlands Chief Constable, David Thompson has his way. He is looking into employing officers who wear the burka as he wants to increase black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent. The hijab is already part of the uniform.

    • Duchess of Pork

      PC Plod is now going under cover.

  • Jude

    Enjoyed the Sully movie. In a crisis, a cool , calm and collected pilot who knows the plane like the back of his hand, is essential. Still disconcerting that although no loss of life, the industry tried to find fault with the pilot above all else, to the point of have endless simulator tests to prove a result.
    Another movie coming up to keep an eye out for is the Magnificent Seven.
    Well done All Blacks!! Watching taped game now😉

    • Wasapilot

      Thought he did a great job Jude, losing 2 out of 2 is unheard of. He made sound decisions very quickly under massive pressure. Can’t wait to see it.

      Go the Boks 😀

      • dumbshit

        The early conversation with the control tower, was very to the point. Not a needless word was spoken. He certainly has my greatest respect. Hope they haven’t overdone the movie, surely the shear reality is enough drama.

        • Mark

          Went & saw it last night,happy to recommend.

  • hookerphil

    Plenty of seats available in Australia.

  • Blueburd

    Boks dealing to wallabies early on….. love it

  • Fritz

    What happened to the NZ Day of Action against TPPA etc today? Did the MSM not bother to turn up (like everyone else)? https://itsourfuture.org.nz/event/auckland-rally-democracy/

  • MaryLou

    Is it just me that keeps getting caught out by comments like this?:

    “Labour MPs know they are headed for disaster. But they can do nothing to stop the rout. A tragic story, really.”

    It was yet again a British piece, but every time I see this stuff I catch myself applying it to Little before I see the link its attached to.