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  • LabTested

    While you were sleeping…

    An election was held on Sunday in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The AfD anti Islam party got 21.4% of the vote. The 2nd largest vote. This pushed Merkel’s party into 3rd place. This is Merkel’s home state.

    State elections are scheduled for Berlin later this month. National elections are due next year. Currently the AfD is polling 12% nation wide which would make it the 3rd largest party in the German government


    Also over the weekend was a Reuters/ Ipsos poll that showed Trump leading Clinton by 40%-39% amongst people likely to vote. The Reuters article explains why this does not directly translate into a Trump victory. However the poll has changed from a Clinton lead of +8% just 2 weeks ago. The trend is your friend.


    • Blackcap

      Thats great news. I see Stuff and NZ Herald have not picked up on it but they are useless for world events. The BBC have some coverage on it and naturally Der Spiegel do as well. I hope this trend continues, and that the Netherlands vote in Geert Wilders in their up coming elections.

      • Raibert

        I think in the next 12 – 18 months the world will see a huge backlash to the Muslim refugees in Europe. Those refugees who fail to assimilate and break the law in their host countries are only going to make this response greater. For a minority religion to believe that it can overthrow the legal, religious and moral processes in the countries who have shown them such compassion is stupendous arrogance which will result in much suffering for all involved. Have these people learnt nothing from history?

  • George

    To all you self entitled scumbags who think that breaking the law, violating personal property and space is the entitlement of some surperior being such as you, I’m so pleased you got clamped. You see, you represent the very people that are a blight on our communities. Whether you are a beneficiary ripping off the taxpayer or a toff ripping off your neighbour. You both possess the same lack of ethical boundaries and attract the same amount of public loathing. The only noticeable difference is you may be better dressed. I see you also use social media via facebook to endorse your pathetic lack of maturity and IQ by attacking Ms Bashford-Evers for calling you out. Name calling, boycotts, and death threats are the weapons of the pathetic, immature and ignorant, but then again only that type would consider parking on private property is their devine right. You pathetic bunch of posers. And only the MSM would endorse your behaviour simply because anyone who has made a success of themselves is its natural enemy and it also provides loosers like you, a shoulder to cry on. The rest of society are cheering Ms BE on and wetting themselves at the thought of you forking out $220 to get the clamp removed. Have a nice day.

    • Minnie Mouse

      Spot on George. I hope the prat Garner is reading Whale Oil today and reading your comment. If you are Mr Garner, please go ahead and crawl under your rock for making a big fuss about people violating the law etc. etc. You should be ashamed of yourself, Duncan as you whipped a lot of people up into a frenzy so much so that they got on the SJW bandwagon and abused Jillian Bashford-Evers uphill and down dale on your say so. Death threats even. A word of advice Duncan – do your homework first before engage the brain and tongue. A bully springs to mind. TV3 looks like it’s gone to hell in a handcart……

      • Kiwiracer

        I wonder who it was from tv3 that got clamped.

        • R&BAvenger

          If I recall from the article correctly the name farrier was mentioned, along with tickling(?)….unsure of the connection between the two.

      • oldmanNZ

        I wonder if the anti bully internet law will come into play?
        Clearly, they have a case of creating a mass bullying, threatening nature.

      • Davo42

        Garmer would be the first one to cry if we all parked in his reserved parking spot at TV3.

    • Larry

      I will be visiting Ms Bashford-Evers shop next time I am in Auckland to make a purchase.
      Isn’t advertising great. Especially when its free.

    • Hard1

      In essence, despite the fact that she lives there, family visit and containers are sometimes dropped off, certain people deny her the right to both own her car parking and maintain her rights over it. These types of people vote left, as land is communal if you decide your rights trump those of private property owners.
      Signage by the way is not a legal requirement before towing. Clamping I’m not so sure, but towing is the best option.

  • Richard

    Last week I questioned whether any crop circles had appeared on the night 500 cows went missing in Canterbury, alluding to the fact that aliens may have been involved in the abduction.

    This morning, I have discovered that 5 cows have been washed up on beaches in the Dunedin area.

    In light of this new information, my investigations have turned to something of a more nefarious nature, specifically, some sort of time travel experiments of a Bovine nature.

    My investigation has been re-dubbed ‘The Philadelphia Cheese Experiment’

    Please keep an eye out for cows half sticking out of walls and things of that nature.

    • Seriously?

      I think you’re onto something Richard. I suspect Greenpeace are in fact alien lizard people fostering a public backslash against a rival alien group that takeover the bodies of cattle so that they can observe us. I mean Russel Norman? Surely he cannot be a real person.

      Here is a photo of one of the cow people spying inside a home in the exact manner you predict.

      • hookerphil

        Did C4M invite you around?

      • Wheninrome

        Gary Larsen cartoonist of the far side, check out his cow cartoons, quite apt.

      • Brian Dingwall

        Its obvious really. As an ex denizen of the freezing industry I can confirm cows have big heads, and correspondingly big brains.
        You and Richard have now solved for me the oft pondered mystery of what on earth it is that they do (or think about or reflect on) with those big brains all day.

  • Hard1

    Unless you are working for one of the numerous government departments, you are expected to get to work on time. If you take public transport, this means leaving at least 30 minutes early to account for faults and delays. Today’s case in point :”The rush hour commute on the busy rail network has been thrown into chaos with passengers being told by Auckland Transport to expect delays and cancellations across all lines.
    All trains on the Onehunga line have been suspended.”

    With car yards sprouting like mushrooms and hundreds of new car registrations daily, the social engineers at the ACC are pushing a snowball uphill.
    Ban early bird parking, build elevated roads and sorry about your view, the greater public good is paramount. Auckland is a car city, so make the commute easier. Trying to force people onto trains which offer poor service is putting peoples jobs at risk and limiting opportunity to live a gregarious lifestyle with freedom of choice.
    The new train loop will bankrupt the city, be underutilized and risky after dark.

    • There isn’t a week go by without the rail network being delayed, halted or stuffed in some way. If the system is regularly broken then people lose confidence and won’t use it. I certainly won’t…not when I have an Isuzu DMAX from Southern Autos anyway.

      • InnerCityDweller

        Funny enough, when that happens, they tend to provide buses as the alternative means of getting people from A to B…

        • Hard1

          All those empty spare buses with available drivers sitting around? Something stinks!

          • gander

            Over the decades I’ve lived in a few cities and visited many more. Nowhere else have I seen so many Not In Service buses as in Auckland.

            Living for a while near the CBD I thought this was because I was either near a training route for drivers or a bus garage. But it’s the same all around the city.

  • oldmanNZ

    Does business have a place in Facebook?
    When fb came out, it was deem to be on it for exposure, and a cool thing to do.

    Now that most user somwhat don’t use it, like twitter. And that lit full of idiots and SJW, haters, trolls.
    Any one who didn’t get there way would take it to social media and create a fuss, sometimes it backfires, but even then, do you want the negative attention?

    One would ask me to advertise in facebook. To get exposure,…
    There always going to be a bad customers, who will complain regardless…

    Even sites like no more cowboys, or restaurant review sites, i just dont trust some of the reviews, good or bad.

  • geoff2112

    I see that Winston is off looking for the missing million…….

    • Seriously?

      Why wouldn’t he? It is a proven winner of a political strategy.

    • Wheninrome

      Check his bank account, isn’t there some money there that should have been repaid.

  • Blueburd

    I just found out my son will finish school at 12.30 this Wednesday so the teachers can attend a union meeting. Apparently the teachers are all being whipped into a frenzy by the unions over schools becoming more responsible for the funding the receive. The usual rhetoric is being spouted, larger class sizes less being spent on teachers, schools will spend too much on sport.

    I made no friends this morning when I expressed I thought it was a great idea.Schools becoming more responsible for the running of their school, budgeting and looking at whats best for the kids. This went down like a lead lollie. No matter how much I tried to explain that schools being forced to be responsible for the teaching and outcomes is a good thing, I got the usual negative union speak back.

    Nothing like just having an endless pit of money and not being responsible for how it is spent huh

    • R&BAvenger

      Unions and their members it seems, do not have the common sense to employ a financial controller to help them with their budgeting/finances. It’s the obvious solution, should a BOT be incapable of doing so.

      • MaryLou

        My father was a financial controller at a public school for a number of years – hard task meeting everyone’s requirements and still getting the necessaries done. If schools don’t normally have financial controllers, they really should. They’re big budgets but need to be absolutely maximised to deliver the best outcome. It’s not a job for someone without some good business/financial skills.

    • Wheninrome

      Yes, their attitude as teachers is appalling, surely budgeting is a huge life skill that teachers could lead by example with. Getting the best value for their school would be a plus, explaining to the chi,dren as they went, “if we do this it will cost x dollars, so we may ot be able to do that” cou,d be one of life’s lessons. Maybe (tic) we could blame first home buyers expecting everything in their first house on a lack of reality learned at school, a long stretch but some truth.

    • Aucky

      It seems to be luck of the draw. Our local primary school only has one union member on the teaching staff so no closure there on Wednesday. I am told that they are by no means the only school that will remain open.

  • R&BAvenger

    MSM hit job on govt over the ‘housing crisis’ on Prime last night. “Homeless’ people put up in motels having to move out for a prebooked requirement for the hosting of people for a sports tournament.
    A mother of an autistic boy was featured. She had only been able to find accommodation with a friend and that was the 2 of them sleeping on the floor of a bedroom. Naturally enough she was upset and blamed herself from failing as a mother. OK, so cue outrage, Twyford banging on abut the ‘housing crisis and victims thereof.
    All the ‘homeless’ people had been informed when they moved into the hotel of the sports tournament and the need to vacate. They had been advised by HNZ that they might have to stay with friends or family during that time, otherwise to contact HNZ if they were unable to arrange something.
    Said mother acknowledges that she ‘knew’ about the tournament but said she was told by HNZ that she should have a place by then, this has not of course transpired. She has been looking into private rentals. The last one there were 80+ people looking at and she wasn’t chosen.

    So the questions that were not asked:
    What efforts did you make to find alternative accommodation?
    Did you contact HNZ at any time prior to tell them that all you had found was sleeping on the floor of a room in a friends house?
    What evidence do you have of HNZ ‘telling you would have a place by the time the tournament requirement was due?
    What details do you have of the private rental you looked at.
    Have you considered looking for rentals outside of Auckland and if not, the reason why?

    It seems to me we have a couple of main issues here.

    1. HNZ should know by now not to make any ‘promises’ or give any indication (ball park or otherwise) to prospective tenants. (As I learned in customer service many years ago, in spite of any stated caveats, the clients will always remember it as a promise if you have tied yourself into a date or timeline. Only promise such if it is a certainty.)

    2. People is this woman’s situation are not great thinkers or doers it seems. While an effort has been made to find something outside of the motel, on the facts presented in the hit job, we don’t know if she advised HNZ of what she had found. How many friends/family did she reach out to, how many other private rentals did she check out?

    3. It begs the question ‘Did she just assume she would be in a place before the tournament, then panic and make a last minute effort to find something, fail and take up the worst possible option, running off to the media all after the event? On suspects so.

    • Blueburd

      Sadly I got drawn in to reading the comments of the SJW on FB last night regarding this story. Oh the “outrage’ that a hotel or motel would have other bookings.

    • Huia

      Makes you wonder how she got into this situation in the first place.
      Was she evicted from a previous place and has become a tenant nobody will trust?
      Did she start to look for accommodation only when she was told she would have to go?
      Did she make any effort to look for somewhere to live while abiding comfortably in a motel paid for her by taxpayers?
      It is really not the Governments job to look for housing or provide housing for people, they have to be responsible for their own lives.
      I am sorry she has an Autistic son, but what has her input been to improve her lot? or is she sitting back expecting the taxpayer to wave a magic wand?

  • Big_Al

    MSM also do another hit job on our Police this morning. They just can’t help themselves. It’s no wonder some people have such a bad attitude towards the police when they see the constant derogatory articles that are posted about then in the media on a regular basis. MSM should be showing support towards the police and that may encourage a better attitude and assistance from the general public. The journalists really are quite disgusting.

    • MarcWills

      In this case Big Al, I think the victim has a good case to complain about Police indifference to clear and proven theft and false pretenses. Do you think they did what was required of them, given all the help and information they were provided? Maybe the owner should have just got his mates to go in and extract their own revenge – the law of the jungle. We know how that will end.

      • Big_Al

        Not so Marc, this guy has just assumed that the police did nothing because they had’nt found his trailer. He chose to go running all around the country and complain to the media. The police take all complaints seriously but they can’t perform miracles. They may find his trailer one day during routine enquiries but it’s a little like looking for a needle in a haystack. Like i have said, a little more media support for the police may result in more crimes and infromation from the public being reported.

      • oldmanNZ

        Having read the article, it a one man story, running around, clocking up ks, trying to find his trailer… At the end… Did not find it.
        While the police, know who it is, and instead of running around like a headless chook, waiting for the right moment they will know where she is when spotted.

        Now this idiot let it loose on the media, she probably gone hiding and dump the trailer, never to be found, or repainted and different plates.

        The police didn’t go to the address as they already know its false.

        Its theft, yes, but take less priority than homicides, domestic violence and speeding tickets.

  • Blueburd

    This is a pretty good assessment of MSM in the US (and most likely around the world) and how “free” press now no longer exists. The story might be about crooked hilary but you could translate it to any number of people or issues

  • Sally

    What is going on inside Labour. Something is amiss. Nothing from Little for days.
    Also the left, we are not connected with the Labour Party, blog is unusually quiet as well. Grant Robertson has a snide dig at McCarten on twitter and then there is this tweet from a political reporter today.
    With the teachers union rolling stopwork meetings Labour should be all over this.
    The only person holding the place is Twyford with the homeless saga.

    • Maisie

      Well, Sally, isn’t this proof A A reads WO. He is trying to break his last record of foot in mouth actions! Just like most people we like to better ourselves all the time. The only thing he can better himself in, is no F I M episodes.

    • MaryLou

      Yes, it is very strange. So many wee issues they could scream “crisis!” about, but not a peep. Almost makes you wonder if we underestimated, when we said the end is nigh!

    • kayaker

      This is a very telling question. And why all the heavy duty cameras?

    • Sailor Sam

      Vernon Small on Stuff may have an answer.
      People are leaving/have left his office en masse and are not being replaced as yet.

  • Herb

    Found this article in Stuff this morning about the Dallas sniper attack on Police. http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/83897597/inside-the-dallas-police-massacre. One of the best articles I have read for a long time.

    • Nige.

      I tried to read it but it was a bit too stop start and was broken up with all the photos.

  • curry4me

    It’d be good to see parties like this contesting and winning seats at local and national level all over Europe.

  • pisces8284

    My thoughts are with Nikki Kaye and her breast cancer diagnosis. I hope you get the treatment you need and make a full recovery. Comments on the facebook Breakfast

  • Superman

    There goes Sue Bradford again.