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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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  • Richard

    “80 school children TRAPPED on Mount Ruapehu!!!!”

    If by “trapped” you mean being in a self contained lodge with heat, power, free food, water & unlimited Wifi, then I could do with being trapped up there for an unspecified amount of time.

    Way too many eggs in this pudding, as per usual.

    • Doc45

      It is difficult to know what is a story worth reading now or whether some poorly trained, so-called journalist is, once again, throwing superlatives around with amazing, incredible, unthinkable outrage.

      • STAG

        The story about the stuck cable car on Mount Blanc was much more interesting.

  • Doc45

    I guess it has all been said by now on the Chiefs night out but I am bemused by the Ferald’s take on it this morning.
    Their position is that everything the stripper said is factual and accurate. They carefully ignore evidence from independent, sober observers. Therefore the Chiefs have committed a crime against women of international proportion. They quote some stories from around the world to claim male sportsmen are misogynists needing help.
    I am sure there are many guys that do have a poor attitude toward women but I am equally certain there are a heap of women who resort to all manner of verbal, physical and mental assaults against men.

    • Usaywot

      What sort of woman does as she said “performs on their laps”? Come on! I know men should respect and not abuse women but how about the woman having some self respect? And really, what was she expecting to happen?

      • Cadwallader

        Absolutely! Isn’t it telling that this deeply offended and apparently assaulted victim went not to the Police but to the media party? How long will it be before JK is presented to the public with a photo-shopped Chiefs jersey on courtesy of the msm?

  • ChrisM

    Amazing journalism on display here! Find a FB post, write a story and publish. The kicker is the final line: The Herald asked John for comment. What?!

    • Nige.

      “The Herald. Trawling through social media all day, so that you don’t have to”

      Nice of them to use his words and THEN ask for permission.

      What I find amazing is that they actually wrote what this piece of filths prior convictions were.

      “In 2009 was accused of attacking his elderly landlord with a knife and demanding his car and money.”

      He almost deserves a permanent plaque on the bridge for doing us all a favor.

      • STAG

        “On this spot a moron saved the country from himself”

  • Nige.

    On fox news they are reporting that “people can now sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11 attacks”

    I dont know the full whys or where’s but it implies that the Saudis we somewhat of a compliant host of the terrorist machine.

    Oh dear Hillary. pic

    • Nige.

      Wow. Here’s one of her in a lovely headscarf. Pic

      • Blueburd

        And then there are the stories about Crooked Hilary’s aid Huma, and her association with a radical muslim magazine along with the strings she pulled to get Crooked Hilary in for a meeting with the Saudi’s

        • Huia

          Not to mention the supposed Lesbian relationship going with Huma and Hillary.
          This bunch are so corrupt. The whole Clinton / Obama administration needs cleaning out and starting again.

          • Duchess of Pork

            And never forget Barry’s bow to the Saudi king. They don’t come lower than that shocker.

  • idbkiwi

    Roll up! Roll up and read all about it.

    The Fairfax Fact-Free Zone known as the Dominion Post is losing subscribers at an unprecedented rate and will be unviable in a couple of years if the slide, or should I say landslide, of readers driven away at the rate of -14% per annum is not halted.

    No surprises as to why people are no longer prepared to pay for their guff after picking up today’s edition on which the front-page story breathlessly informs us that we have been “Scared Sober”. Yea, verily.

    According to this illustrious organ a mere 52 drivers, just a rate of 1 per week, have fallen foul of the lowered breath-alcohol limits since they were introduced, allaying the fears of a panicky few who predicted “that people were going to be prosecuted for driving after consuming a couple of glasses of wine with dinner”. Silly us.

    The figures quoted in this story are so completely wrong you’ve got to wonder what the reporter who wrote it was drinking.

    The facts are that 8,346 drivers were punished with offence notices and banned from driving for 12 hours and fined a total of $1.65 million due to alcohol levels between the old 400mcg and new 250mcg amount in 2015; that’s quite a lot more than the 52 quoted, or, put another way, it’s 161 per week, not 1.

    The true figures confirm exactly what those opposed to the law-change feared; that people were definitely going to fall foul of the law unnecessarily and unfairly for driving after consuming a couple of glasses of wine with dinner.

    It beggars belief that a front-page story can be so completely and hopelessly inaccurate, but that’s the DomPost and award-winning modern journalism for ya. Eat it up.

    For those who are interested in facts, not fairy-tales, here are the actual figures: http://www.police.govt.nz/sites/default/files/publications/road-policing-driver-offence-data-jan-2009-mar-2016.xls

  • Sailor Sam

    An interesting press release, from a little party, quoting its Tainui tribe MP Nanaia Mahuta.
    It is dated 4pm friday 9 September, posted on ScoopNZ in its parliament section.
    In it she attacks fellow tribe member Tuku Morgan, because of his presidency of the Maori party.
    She aludes to the charitable status of Tainui and that this could be endangered because of Tuku’s involvement with a political party.
    The timing of this press release is interesting, probably not designed for mass media circulation, but maybe an attempt to shore up her position within the Labour party or possibly even a glimpse into a power struggle within Tainui.
    Oh and she got the year wrong.

    • Jp

      labour should open theirs first

    • kayaker

      Is Queen Nanaia jockeying for position?

      • Huia

        “Jockeying”, very clever kayaker.
        Tuku has to have his snout in a trough to keep himself in silk underwear.

        • dumbshit

          That’s the problem, they would be “holy jockeys” by now!

  • STAG

    Now listen here Steve Tew, you double down on this. You can say that lessons have been learnt but the matter is closed. Don’t you dare give in and reopen your investigation. It has been completed properly and the findings are valid. Don’t Let Them Win!!!

  • Jp

    Wow NZ Herald reaches a new low calling the PM a bastard…

    Claire Trevett on Andrew Little
    …The departures and apparent difficulty attracting good replacements all appear to run counter to Labour and the Greens’ self-proclaimed confidence they are within coo-ee of knocking the bastard off after eight years in Opposition.

    Meanwhile the bastard was in Laos rubbing shoulders with US President Barack Obama and Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev while Little was wondering who was left to send out his press releases……

    • Sailor Sam

      It was Edmund Hillary that “knocked the bastard off”.
      And see my post about a lttle party press release.

    • Second time around

      Almost all of the article was about Little’s failure to do anything of note, apart from have his head joined to someone else’s body on the carpet. His endless speeches in parliament on homelessness were not at a time of day that any reporter is going to bother to report them, he can’t find anyone to be press secretary and Colin Craig’s poems are more newsworthy. The “bastard” bit was a bit clumsy, but presumably means that Key steals all the attention that Labour Greens feel they are owed.

    • kayaker

      Ever the optimist, I’m thinking that Ms Trevett really meant JK is really like Mt Everest.

      • Jp

        if that was the case I would have expected to have ‘knocking the bastard off’ in quotations as in attributing to someone else’s work.

    • Hard1

      Don’t you just love Trevett’s snide envy. Here we have a very sane PM talking with world leaders, while Trevett guffaws on about a not very sane Little cartoon like it’s a world shaking moment of enlightenment. Next he’ll be eating an icecream, showing us the leadership mettle of Mowgli.
      The real crux of the article; “None of Little’s speeches got covered in the media.”
      Because they were the same old tired leftovers. From a boring gasbag. Who even the left are struggling to find anything positive to write about. How about a feature on his stylist?

  • Brent

    Woke up to this this morning. Now off for a bike ride. I think I could do this for a living.

    • AL357

      I love that lake (Rotoiti) – it’s a beautiful place

      • Goldie

        Had a school camp at Rotoiti Lodge once and climbed the mountain shown (Mt Robert). The parents also had a bach at Lake Rotoroa (next door) for a while.

        • Brent

          Use to have some big New Years party’s up here in my teen years,

      • Brent

        Walked over to amenity room this morning and plugged in the Nespresso machine and made coffee, got the look from the tourest

    • Keanne Lawrence

      Drat there goes my Saturday again as homesickness kicks in. Obvious from the sun line that you didn’t sleep in on this Saturday. No enhancement needed for such natural beauty. Thanks.

  • Hard1

    The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek is a Marxist. Can he also be realist who can see through the failed human experiment that allows different cultures to be forcefully integrated, when this goes against our basic human nature to be wary of strangers?.
    “I never liked this humanitarian approach that if you really talk with them you discover we are all the same people,” he explains. “No, we are not—we have fundamental differences, and true solidarity is in spite of all these differences.”
    This is why he refers to refugees as “neighbors.” “In Christianity,” he explains, “the neighbor is not a fellow man, one who is like us—the neighbor is precisely someone who you think is close to you, and then does something unexpected and then you tell yourself ‘my God I didn’t know this person at all.’”
    “That’s why the Christian motto ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ is not as simple as it appears,” Žižek explains.
    Another problem with the left, the philosopher writes in his book, is a dangerous tendency to mythologize refugees as especially noble because of their suffering: “I don’t like this romantic false idea that suffering purifies you, that it makes you a noble person. It does not!” On the contrary, he says, “it makes you do anything to survive.”

    Spot on.


    • Kopua Cowboy

      No hes wrong, and Mother Teresa being beatified proves it ;)

      • Greg Nelson

        Mother Teresa has just been canonised- ie created as Saint Teresa of Calcuta in the Catholic Church. She was beatified long ago in 2003, a step on the path to being cretaed a Saint. I think you are confusing the two terms beatification and canonisation. Incidentally she was also a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, perhaps one of the few actually deserving recipients, though of course on this blog she has been labelled ‘an evil woman’.

        • Nige.

          “On this blog” implies that there is an article stating this.

          That is not the case.

          Those were comments made by commenters and you would do well to differentiate between the two.

    • Duchess of Pork

      A very thought-provoking article although the entreat to Christianity seems somewhat ironical. A reconsideration of the concept of democracy also appears to already be underway with the snowflake Remainers leading the charge. But he hits the mark on the mythologizing of refugees.

  • WeaselKiss

    Darn it, My Saturday is off to a rough start: I clicked on a photo of one of those Shee-wee things wondering what it was and now I’m inundated with portable urination devices!

    • Old Kiwi

      Clear cookies and go back to Asian or Russian ladies for a while 😉

      • WeaselKiss

        Russian ladies?
        If you are unaware………back away from the keyboard very…..very slowly and immediately disavow any knowledge thereof!

    • I thank you for taking one for the team – it pays for my time! :)

      • WeaselKiss

        Good to know.
        Actually I spend quite a bit of time clicking around on interesting stuff I get on my page and have bought no less than 3 items from trade tested to name one outfit.
        And those tiny cameras for 20 bucks! might be good to have on the shelf gathering dust.

  • sandalwood789

    A question – if McCarten is being paid from Little’s taxpayer-funded budget, why isn’t the Audit Office onto this like a pack of dogs?
    Wouldn’t this be an area that they should be interested in?

  • sarahmw

    Does anyone know where I could get a copy of Kevin Blacks mine prank call. Tried youtube but can’t locate it. It was a classic, had the album but have lost its over years of moving.

    • Aucky

      Google ‘Kevin Black Ministry of Mines’. There are a couple of links there.

      • sarahmw

        Thanx. Will do.

  • Aucky

    Im enjoying the Saturday morning on ZB for the first time in a long while. Kerre McIvor is filling in for Red Jack and what’s more she’s minus the toy poodle. An easy effortless ‘listen’ which is what Saturday mornings are all about and I’ve already texted her to suggest that the minute she goes solo again on weekday afternoons is the time that I’ll start listening to her again.

  • sandalwood789

    Outstanding article here on the shockingly-racist history of the Democrat Party –

  • Eiselmann

    Russia and the US have agreed a Syrian peace plan


  • Huia

    I see Dustin Moskovitz the co-founder of Facebook has pledged 20 million dollars to help “Hillary the corrupt” get her tubby bum into the Presidential seat.
    Are these people complete fools or just plain thick when it comes to anything wordly that is not their IT world?
    I think he must have been living on another planet and has not been listening to the Clinton history, he is either a believer in having crime in the Whitehouse and a corrupt President, or, has previously made a large donation to the Clinton Fund to buy concessions for the company.
    It would explain why Zukenberg and Moskovitz are so hot on censoring positive things about Donald Trump, while removing all the bad stuff about Muslim Terrorists.
    This behavior of throwing money at what they want and to hell with the rest of the USA would make me support Trump even more, the corruption has long tentacles obviously and they are doing their best to purchase a cheap President.
    To think this powerful pair are in cahoots with Obama, Hillary, mainstream media and the Islamic movement, is too horrible to contemplate.
    I get the feeling we are being lead towards something only they know about.

    • Malcolm

      I like the old saying about the definition of an honest Politician (or President)
      ” once brought, stay’s brought”.

  • Hard1

    Where are the fun police when you need them?
    “Trapped students make snow caves on Mt Ruapehu’s Tukino Ski Field”
    Tukino Skifield manager Sue Graham said everyone is warm, safe and there’s plenty of food. She said the Wellington High School students have been playing in a massive snow drift making caves and tunnels.
    “They’re just having a ball.
    “There’s a massive snow drift on the lee side of the building which means it’s totally sheltered. They’ve dug a whole raft of tunnels and are having a great time.”

    Real Kiwis doing good fun stuff. Now wait for some leftie drifter to rain on this parade…