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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.

  • Nige.


    7am and all is beautiful in the top of the south.

    What’s it like at your place?

    • East Auckland, it’s lightly overcast and it can go either way. Some showers are expected.

      • Huia

        I took this on my walk along the beach this morning, stunning morning, and the sea was like silk.

        • Nige.

          Now that’s what I’m talking about😀

        • dumbshit

          Quick, send some down the coast, just about to climb Mt Maunganui and it is just a bit scotch misty!

          • Huia

            Well put the darned bottle down and climb. Its too early for Scotch Mist.

          • dumbshit

            Pod of 10 or so whales, feeding just outside the entrance. A lovely sight. Wish I hadn’t worn my jacket, scotch mist ran out!

    • Hill16

      Ha ha, I was on that street over the weekend … my sister has just moved in to the area!

      • Nige.

        And why wouldn’t ya? It’s the perfect mix of town and country

    • Keanne Lawrence

      Didn’t that area once be filled with beautiful pick your own strawberries for the Xmas pav?

      • Nige.


  • LabTested

    Socialism does not work in real life.

    A core conviction of socialist thinking is equality of outcomes regardless of input. The 2nd major belief is that resources should go to those with the greatest needs.

    However you try explaining Socialism (while hung over) to two 6’5” angry Belgium men at 8am in the morning when they come to demand their tables & chairs back.

    It was European Bike Week & we were camping in Faaker See in Austria. This is the biggest motorbike Rally in Europe & the 3rd biggest in the world. I am told that there were 200,000 bikes – but seriously I lost count. Google says normally 70-100,000 bikes, but this year the weather was full on summer, so who knows.

    The road that circles the lake is about 10km long and from dawn to well after dark there is just a non stop stream of bikes doing the loop. It is truly hypotonic just to sit by the side of the road with a beer and watch what goes by every second.

    There are countless bands. Besides the main stage, each area around the lake is competing for your custom with live bands. The shopping is everything that a motor biker could possibly want, however shoe sales will not doubt be down this year as the GF stayed at home.

    ..and then there were the Belgiums. These people are famous for having no sense of humour. A Belgium makes your average German look like a stand up comic. Of course it is our duty as drunk human beings to train them. That is why the next night we again practiced Socialism & re-distributed the furniture to far parts of the campsite, because clearly there was a furniture-less-ness crisis going on.

    ..and before you cast us as total rat bags – the furniture in question was owned by the camp site. You could just sign it out. The fact we didn’t get our own was due to it being 1am (and Jack Daniels may have played a part).

    Long haul home. 11 hours in 33 degrees. (some random pics)

    • Disinfectant

      Can’t be bothered about motorbikes.

      Noisy, useless in winter, expensive and little protection in a crash.

      • Flattanker

        Maybe, but a 90 year old v twin on a summers day, priceless:-)

    • Nige.


    • Duchess of Pork

      Are we to understand you didn’t buy 3 pairs of shoes for the GF who has been toiling at work during the hottest of summer days. What sort of welcome home do you expect?

    • Rosco

      Nice!! A new word – hypotonic – had to look it up! From google, “of or in a state of abnormally low muscle tone.” lol Very appropriate usage. The other part of the definition has to do with osmosis. Always like to learn new words like this! Well done.

  • Isherman

    Hey Fairfax, do you feel like idiots this morning after your beat up yesterday of the Hosking radio slot with Oliver-Kirby? You should. Enjoy those lemons.

    • Cadwallader

      I have never seen the point in that segment so avoid it. It seems to be just a lot of yelling, talking over each other and infantile banter. Kirby hits the highest of the decibels, Hosking pulls rank and the sports guys giggle or snigger. The segment wouldn’t be missed if it was permanently removed. On a tangent Hosking is continually braying about how he’ll be present in Washington on the date of the Presidential vote. I understand he’ll not be the sole representative of the NZ media there. Why? Is the NZ msm so entrenched in its narrow world view that the resident US correspondents (NOT Tame!) can’t be trusted to render suitable accounts of the day? Is the NZ msm held in such high regard that it will have access to the news conferences, I doubt this? This is more than extravagance it is meddling.

  • PaulVD

    Currently visiting the UK, so get sent a different set of ads with my WhaleOil. A bit bemused that several of them are from Muslim organisations, especially charities wanting me to contribute zakat to them. At first I was slightly appalled: WhaleOil providing a platform for Muslim organisations? But then I turned it around: WhaleOil is taking money from Muslims to expand its message, just as Muslims are enjoined to get money from the kuffir to expand Dar-al-Islam. So there seems a nice symmetry to this.

    • oldmanNZ

      Uk appears to have more muslim contenr than nz.
      Do tell us whats its really like over there

  • Nige.

    Hillary is a rogue. She thinks the rules don’t apply to her. She let guys without security clearance handle her devices without a care in the world that they hadn’t been declared authorized to do so.

    Who’s to say that these guys aren’t the source of leaks?


    • LabTested

      following on from the WO post the other day on did Hillary use a body Double. The UK Sun (yes I know its the sun) has done some deeper analysis. eg

      ear lobes different
      indent finger longer – or shorter than the ring finger
      + some more


      • Huia

        Interesting situation isn’t it?
        Another point to ponder is, where were the body guards?
        they are usually surrounding her, but, when she exits the apartment she is alone.
        Apparently they don’t guard body doubles.
        I want to visit that apartment of Chelsea’s, when you leave you look 10 years younger, your wrinkles are less AND you have lost weight.
        That would be a must on my list of things to do.

      • Seriously?

        Seriously guys, this body double stuff is crazy. I was sure it was posted yesterday as a joke, something from the nutty fringe for us all to have a laugh at. That is all it is worth. Now I’m not sure that was the intent.

        I can understand if some think it better if Trump wins. But when you buy into the nutty fringe stuff to justify that… well at that point it starts to sound more like a religious cult of personality than a serious political debate.

        • Spiker

          Agree. There’s enough to fault HC over without these sorts of distractions.

          • Seriously?

            John Oliver had a theory about Trump. That Trump is in fact three Umpa-lumpas dress in one suit, with two as the legs and one on top, and they take turns at being on top. That explains the hair, the orange appearance, the tiny hands, and the changes of position on a topic within hours. Now I thought that was reasonably funny (when delivered by Oliver at least), but to me is has about the same credibility as the body double idea.

        • Nige.

          “this body double stuff is crazy”

          Remember, we’re talking about the Clintons here. Stranger than fiction.

          Of course no one’s buying into it.

          Although….Nothing would surprise me.

          • Seriously?

            That sounds very Trump-like Nige… “I was being scarasic, but not that sarcastic really”…

            Reading the comments on here I was staggered to see that some do seem to be treating it seriously.

            I think both Trump and Clinton are poor choices for President. Personally, I think Clinton is slightly “less-bad” than Trump, but I can see why many (especially those sick to death of politicians in general) would think otherwise. But there is a fine line between things like this body double stuff and some of the more extreme examples of KDS here.

          • Nige.

            Would it surprise you?

          • Seriously?

            Yes, more than just a surprise. I think the idea is absurd.

          • Nige.

            Nothing should surprise anyone in politics.

            The stakes are much higher than money or ego. It’s a bloodthirsty sport and the likes of politicians are made of different stuff to the normal man on the street. We are seeing this playing out in full. This is the biggest U.S election to date. They all are.they get more and more intense with more to play for. This woman and all who are around her believe she is destined to become the first woman president. It’s not tiddlywinks. They cant have a “common man” with a tupe on his head compete with her! Much less BEAT her! This is why everything she does is micromanaged down to the very last piece of jewelry she is seen in.

            Now there’s buying into it and there’s not being surprised. Buying into something is to go full retard on it. It’s a topic of conversation. It’s a dilemma. There’s no right or wrong answer to whether you think she has had a body double step in. It’s a conversation.

          • Seriously?

            Of course there is a right or wrong answer. Either it happened or it didn’t. You may not be able to satisfy someone one way or the other, but that doesn’t make both options worth serious consideration.

          • Nige.

            Yeah good call. And likewise there’s no use speculating without the facts. Some people are seeing facts that aren’t facts to others

          • MaryLou

            I would have said absurd too, and I certainly don’t buy into it. But American politics as a whole can frankly be described as absurd right now – and I mean that in the worst sense of the word. From the Clintons to Obama – and yes, Trump, all the shennanigans inside and outside government and the FBI – forget basket of deplorables, the whole setup is a basket case.

          • Seriously?

            You could be right, maybe absurd is their new mundane.

            I liked watching “Veep”, a comedy centered around a US presidential election with a female candidate (and yes, she had a body guard chosen for her likeness to the person she was guarding). It was very very funny, highly recommend it, but the things they got up to… I have to admit the current campaign is making some of them seem less fictional than they did at the time.

          • Wheninrome

            Surely voice analysis would sort the issue out once and for all, the alleged body double had plenty to say when she emerged.

        • Isherman

          So supposedly Clinton goes into her daughters apartment and a ‘double’ emerges. So how long had this double been there at the apartment just waiting? Nobody noticed ‘Hillary’ walking in while she was still actually at the memorial? Not buying it at all.

          • Seriously?

            It is the sort of thing that if people want to, they can believe it and you’ll never be able to convince them otherwise. Any evidence contrary to their desired view is merely a furtherance of the conspiracy (of course they’d say that if…, or of course they’d do that if…) and therefore more evidence to support their view. Getting into the “analysis” of it is like being sucked into a vortex of delusion.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            Who’s to say that they don’t have a body double ‘on hand’ all the time as they, and only they, know the state of HC’s health? With the huge cars and blacked out windows who’s to know?
            Time for both candidates to have independent doctors examine them and the findings be revealed.

            Also if she is feeling ‘great’ as she said outside the apartment why does she need to take time out to rest?

          • Nige.

            Personally I think she had a high dose of codeine to get her through the speaking without coughing as it is a cough suppressant and then had another couple after and that dehydrated her further and then had a bit of power aid or berroca or something an that saw her get over it. They just don’t want her tagged as a drug taker slash abuser

        • Huia

          Winston Churchill regularly used a body double, Hitler also had one.

    • Catsings

      An interesting observation I read. Us ladies usually wear our handbags over the same favourite shoulder. The possible stand-in wears hers on the opposite shoulder to Hillary earlier in the day.

      • JEL51

        The knuckles appeared to be knottier as well. That whole leaving the apartment was also staged. The little girl who was drop-dead gorgeous looking on another clip, initially waited for direction, eventually was beckoned then turned for photo then without a word, left isolated/abandoned as the act continued. 

  • Keeping Stock

    Meet NZ First’s Education spokeswoman Tracey Martin. She seems to have failed National Standards in Literacy and Numeracy…

  • MaryLou

    Bitter-sweet moment yesterday hearing Mark Thomas pull out of the Auck mayoral race. That was where my vote was going to go. But… he is a pragmatist, and his reasons were all valid. Unfortunately Goof will get in because mostly it is about name recognition, and frankly – when it comes to local body elections the populace is lazy. (He did quite say that, but I will).

    I hope he’ll come back next time though – there is only one way to get that recognition, and that is to be seen and heard. In the meantime my forlorn vote will go to Palino.

    • Aucky

      We have to ensure that we get a Council that can nobble Goff and keep him in check.

      At a personal level I am not sure whether I shall continue to attend Anzac Day services at the Cenotaph because the hypocrisy of having Goff reading the Lesson will be too much to bear. We must never forget what this apology for a man did to the memory of our servicemen and servicewomen with his appalling actions on the return of our troops from Vietnam. He is not fit to be mayor.

  • yoyoyo
  • Disinfectant

    Hottest day recorded in South East England since 1911.

    Therefore it was even hotter 105 years ago.

    • Nige.

      They spin it like it’s hot. But they told us we’re entering a phase of global cooling….