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  • idbkiwi

    Terrible news…

    According to Salon, the auspicious left-leaning online organ so beloved of the luvvies, icon of the online intelligentsia, global warming is so bad and Arctic sea-ice melt so severe they just had to show us a picture, and, I’ve got to say, it is disturbing…It will take your breath away as you see foolhardy penguins, Emperor’s I think though they could be King’s, watching on as the very Arctic ice underneath them disappears. Yes folks, this phenomena is so troubling to the clumsy critters they appear to have swum the 18,000 kilometres necessary from their home, close to the South Pole, just to observe the disastrous scene unfolding at the opposite end of the earth.

    And, boy, oh boy do they look shocked, or as shocked as penguins can be, bewildered to find themselves in such a strange environment, possibly saying to themselves (in penguin speak) “Where the squawk is the ice dude?”. Hopefully, maybe tomorrow, Salon will show us Polar Bears visiting the South Pole in a reciprocal display of solidarity.


    • sandalwood789

      Heh……. BUSTED! :)

    • sheppy

      And how many will take the picture at face value…

      • STAG

        More then enough to perpetuate the myth.

      • Michelle

        wonder if it turns up in the MSM?

        • curry4me

          Probably in 5,4,3,2,1, oh, it’s here already.

    • R&BAvenger

      They are all thinking…”How the heck did we end up here, so far away from home”?

    • KatB

      Maybe a sequel to the movie The Penguins of Madagascar. The Penguins of the Arctic.

    • Wheninrome

      I dont know, I have seen them on TV stealing bikes from children no less, so no surprises where they might turn up next.

    • Cadwallader

      They may as well have placed them on the top of Ayers Rock in the sun at 40c+

      • STAG

        Then the caption would read “Endangered Central American Condor forced to migrate”.

    • Dan

      Easy to explain really. All that arctic ice migrated south after being nudged and chipped off the Arctic Sea Ice continent by climatologist icebreakers.

      The penguins wake up on morning and were recorded in penguinspeak saying the equivalent of, “OMG! Where on earth did that monstrosity come from?”

      • sarahmw

        And immediately contact a newspaper to shrill, we are offended,disgusted how can this be. The is the Fendalton of the pole don’t ya know. Remove it this instance!
        And on another polar event, nice off Peter Hilliary to hop on the tractor right at the end of the trek. Was this his only time over the journey.

    • Huia

      Looks as though the North Pole is going to have to tighten its borders with illegals pouring into the area.
      Santa will be upset at this turn of events.
      Please tell me NZ are not going to try and repatriate them as they did with the unfortunate “Happy Feet”.
      That little fiasco cost the taxpayer thousands and didn’t end well for HF, it ended really well for the well fed Orca who got him.
      If he was thick enough to leave his home and head for the sub tropical NZ you have to wonder at his intelligence.
      At least Happy Feet the illegal immigrant didn’t shout Aloha Snack Bar and do his best to annihilate all and sundry.

    • Nessie


  • Sailor Sam

    When the New York bombing first happened, it was attributed to a gay activist.
    Today’s news gives his name as Ahmad Khan Ramami, a naturalised American from Afghanistan.
    He is in police custody.
    We await the ISIS connection.

    • STAG

      He still might be a gay activitist, but I think his CV would list Terrorist before Gay Rights Oppressor.

    • roblin

      Cannot believe that politicians and MSMs are going hand in hand trying to cover up the obvious causes of these madness. They are treating people like all of us are stupid. No wonder people will vote for Trump.

    • Catsings

      He’d just got back from a trip to Afghanistan and had apparently ‘changed.’

    • Huia

      He may be a misunderstood Gay activist with an alcohol problem, a bit of a lone wolf with mental issues, who holds an American Passport and a heavy transport and pilot licence.
      Time to call these attacks for what they are.
      Terrorism in the name of Allah.
      No other description will do.
      Does make me wonder how they will describe the next attacker.

      • waldopepper

        “Time to call these attacks for what they are.” agreed. and with islamic terrorists trying to blow the world to bits, perhaps its time to call islam what it is. the religion of pieces.

      • Tiger

        I note with alarm that the MSM are trying to redefine terrorism. This morning on ABC, the “correspondent” from NY had a mouth full of teeth trying to explain that this was possibly not a terrorist attack. The NY mayor called it terrorist, by the state government were not so sure. The MSM must think the people are stupid!

    • waldopepper

      “We await the ISIS connection.” well, apparently there isnt one according to the media. phew, thats a load off. for a moment there i thought the world might be in the grip of an islamic terrorist jihad.

    • Richard

      Nothing to see here, he was just a bit upset with the local council over the opening hours of his chicken shack.

    • Crowgirl

      And just think, that was only 1 of 3 terrorist attacks to happen in the US that day.

  • Wheninrome

    Given all the rhetoric from both the Trump camp and the Clinton camp, indeed Clinton coming out and say she will engage with the terrorists, I have my doubts, she is a woman, does Islam engage with women on an equal footing. I don’t think she would be able to, they will not give her the time of day.
    I do prefer Trumps idea of a vetting process that takes a couple of years to finish, with luck they would get tired of the process and not bother and simply decide to stay where their beliefs are more comfortably held.

    • Huia

      This is the same woman who has filled her pockets with Middle Eastern Money?
      The same woman who has sold Uranium to the Russians?
      This same woman who has preached long and hard about living alongside a peaceful religion?
      The same woman who left her Ambassador to be mutilated, raped tortured and murdered while ignoring the Embassy cry for help, all the while sympathizing with the terrorists.
      The same woman who cannot tell the truth no matter how hard she tries.
      Yeah, nah.
      No way is she going to engage with terrorists, except make promises in exchange for dollars.

  • XCIA

    ACC called yesterday to advise they had sent the wrong voting forms and they would be sending out the correct forms for the right area today. I can’t imagine that I am the only one so blessed – has anyone else received the call?

  • Jdogg

    Was reading last night about a leader from Britain currently visiting the us, telling his audience to accept terrorism as he was promoting with or visiting promoters of some sort of Globalisation program, something like “building bridges”, will have to find it again.
    But it got me thinking in light of David Seymour’s thoughts, why are almost all western leaders hell bent on bringing potential threats to our shores and telling us to live with it??
    The won’t be doing it for the love, what are they to gain?
    And this on US immigration and they call Trump crazy:
    The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants who had pending deportation orders, according to an audit released today by the Homeland Security Department’s internal watchdog. https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-government-mistakenly-grants-citizenship-hundreds-immigrants-171005999–abc-news-topstories.html?ref=gs

    • Sailor Sam

      Further to David Seymour’s post yesterday, which attracted possibly the biggest number of responses outside of General Debates And Backchats.
      I look forward to see/hear his responses, if any, to our comments.
      I hope that he does front up and takes note and turns his exposure on WO into a win-win situation electorally by starting to differentiate himself from the grey wishy-washies in our parliament.

      • Jdogg

        I wonder if there will be response too.
        The idealist in me hopes that that was a starting point of engagement. The jaded cynic sees another talking head with a centerist gentle foot in both camps, more of the same, that in a coalition will be a watered down pointless exercise. We live in hope.. :)

  • Forrest Ranger

    I saw this great video from Katie Hopkins in the UK giving a strident defence of Israel. i could’t agree with her more. http://www.lbc.co.uk/watch-katie-hopkins-strident-defence-of-israel–137206

  • Greg M

    Big decisions this morning. Do I wear the white WO shirt, or the black WO shirt to the high court today.It’s all a bit surreal going to court to hear evidence from a man who profited from stolen property testifying on behalf of someone who just yesterday admitted to making stuff up. Could be quite amusing.

    • richard.b

      Take them both and change at half time. “Those WO shirts are everywhere!”

    • Huia

      Have fun, cant wait to hear about it.
      Do you think all the Colins will turn up or will it be just the one? keeping him away from your legs might be a good idea.
      Watching a fine upstanding citizen like Sticky on the stand, should be wonderful entertainment.

      • Seriously?

        hehe, good point. Maybe the claim against him should have been some sort of inverse class action.

    • Time For Accountability

      If you want to distract and are in the right place, each time Craig gives evidence look at the jury and shake your head in disbelief and Look at them with an incredulous look and slight smile.

      They will be bored and any distraction is welcomed as comic relief.
      You can sometimes get quite a rapport going as long as the judge doesn’t pick up on it.

      It can destroy the evidence givers credibility.

    • Richard
    • MrHippo

      Just an aside, would a WO shirt work better at getting out of jury service than a suit?

      • jonno1

        Wear a suit with a lapel badge – doesn’t matter if the badge is from a cornflakes packet, it will terrify the defence lawyer from a distance. Works every time.

  • oldmanNZ

    Has Rachel “Kevlar” smalley been living in a bubble.

    She goes on about the horrific N word.
    And how she thinks its all staged to improve the show rating.

    We already know, or dont care smalley.

    The N word is not thst bad.
    Its mentioned many times in HBO comedies.
    Black rap singer say it all the time.
    I even call my black friends it, they dont care.

    It just a word.

  • nellie

    I’m not sure I would want to actually do what this headline from the Herald seems to be suggesting….

    Watch: Fatal accident at Huntly

  • Minnie Mouse

    Just poked my nose into Breakfast this morning. I have absolutely no idea what this new Breakfast format is all about. The main players – Barry & Tame – nothing to see there. Brodie Kane – Sports Reporter? What a joke. More like the village idiot. The entertainment reporter? So what the hell is that all about and is it going to be a daily fixture when she presents drivel from Hollywood. Who’s interested in that? TVOne – biggest ballsup so far. I won’t be watching this programme at all, and it’s not like I tune into Paul Henry every morning either.

  • Seriously?

    I’m beginning to wonder whether we should have any local government at all.

    What do they really achieve that could not be done via central government? Is that worth the hassle?

    Should we simply abolish all local government? Perhaps alongside a small increase in the number of electorate MPs, with or maybe without any increase in the total number of MPs.

    • Damon Mudgway

      But what will we do with all the in-trays?

      • Seriously?

        I could think of a few places to shove them.

      • Spiker

        Stack them in the out trays of course.

      • Seriously?

        This is me trying to be serious Damon!

        While I accept there is an access to decision makers question, and a knowledge of the community issue, I think both are overblown. We are about one good sized city all added up, and the size of the country doesn’t matter as much as it may have in 1950. If needed, we could slightly increase the number of electorate MPs, and they purport to represent their communities and have knowledge of local issues.

        But look at the upsides. Consistency across all on NZ in terms of all our laws and planning rules (you could still have regional variations but build them on the same base), better building consent decision making, only one tax system to administer, avoiding small lobby groups corrupting the process (think fluoride or GM), less conflicts of interest to manage, fewer nutters and has been / wanna be politicians…

        • Raibert

          While you are at it, why not make list MPs nominate at time of election an electorate that they would represent. Then if elected it would give the public greater access to politicians and give the politicians a voter base to truely represent. Yes, I know it could end up with several MPs representing an electorate but this shouldn’t be a problem as there would still be only one electorate MP.

  • johcar

    Some Random Travel Thoughts

    Czech Republic:

    Czech girls are generally gorgeous, very easy on the eye.

    Czech boys are generally attractive too, if that’s what floats your boat.

    (Disclaimer: My sample set is relatively small, being Prague, Cesky Krumlov and those I have met and know in NZ. YMMV.)

    NZ DEFINITELY has an obesity problem. The only “two-seater” I have seen in Czech was a tourist in Cesky Krumlov. Plenty of “two-seaters” anywhere you look in Auckland or Wellington…

    Have seen a few hijabs, but only one burqua.

    The Czech countryside, where there is horticulture in evidence, has very few fences, even on the roadside.

    Where there are cattle, there are fences, but the paddocks are huuuge. Which I assume reduces the pasture management overhead (all their animals are housed inside barns during the winter)

    Beer can be bought at gas stations for about $1.50 per 500ml bottle. A 750ml Jacobs Creek Chardonnay spotted in the same gas station for $15.

    A half litre glass of good (is there any other kind?) draught beer in Czech in a bar/restaurant is about $2.00.

    A nice main course costs between $15 and $20.

    Police are all armed, and very visible in Prague.

    Airport police have pistols AND machine guns.

    Never felt unsafe or threatened in either Prague or Cesky Krumlov. Took “normal” precautions…

    Using a public toilet costs 35-50c (6 to 10 koruna) and a lady sits and manages this task (and, I assume, cleans and restocks)


    The”Ugly American Tourist” has been supplanted.

    The Chinese now seem to wear this mantle. En masse, they are rude, pushy, loud, don’t know the meaning of the word “queue”, and did I mention loud and pushy?

    Individually, they seem normal/pleasant….

    Shanghai International airport (Pudong) is very large. Many planes do NOT load and unload via an airbridge. Instead, passengers are bussed to and from the Terminal. Very crap Duty Free shopping here.

    Schipol is very large. It can take 15 minutes to taxi to the gate.

  • waldopepper

    i note the other day that doc have announced a new zealand “predator free” by 2050. ill be long gone by then (i think) but seems to me its one of those lofty “feel good” ideas that hasnt any grounding in reality – no doubt the greens had something to do with it. bit like stating that we are cancelling gravity, or are going to spin new zealand a bit to the left so everyone gets more afternoon sun. or am i wrong ? according to my ex wife that was my default position, so nothing may have changed there i guess.

    • oldmanNZ

      Think they talking about kdc… He still here, hard to eradicate

    • Michelle

      Saw the possum fur guy in town yesterday and he filled 2 wool packs with possum fur in the time l was there
      He told me that a fadge full of fur is about 10,000 possums and he had 8 in the horse float yesterday when he left
      He had visited a few places by the time he got to town
      They were bringing the stuff in to sell to him by the rubbish sack stuffed full and still there are possums everywhere so will take a fair bit to get rid of them

    • Huia

      For moment there I thought you meant they were going to screen some of these ratbags in the teaching and Christian professions.
      I thought that would be a step in the right direction.

  • Seriously?

    Nomination for idiot of the week…

    Low budget tourist trying to hitchhike around the South Island spends four days trying to get a ride on the West Coast (I wouldn’t stop for someone carrying a rubbish bag). In the end he was arrested for damaging road signs when he got angry.

    He’s been remanded to appear in Christchurch on Friday. I wonder if we are providing transport? If not, I think they’ll need an adjournment until mid 2017 – its a long walk.


  • Seriously?

    Okay okay, last one….

    The Horrid have an article about displays of sportsmanship, but the incident that prompted it is questionable. They explain:

    “The true spirit of sport: After Brownlee’s heroics… Great Britain’s Alistair Brownlee gave up his chance to win the final Triathlon World Series race of the season to carry his exhausted brother Jonny over the line in an effort to help him win the world title.”

    That is a nice thing for someone to do for their brother, but is that cheating? Its a bit more than stopping to help him up and encouraging him. I wonder how the person who was second in the race for the world title felt about it.

    • hookerphil

      Does not appear right to me, if it was a spectator, coach, friend etc. I would suggest he would have been disqualified I am sure. The fact that he really was in a very serious way could have easily led to his death from the extra effort he had to do.