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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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  • yoyoyo

    in all of the side show in the courts what has happened to Mr Craig’s business?
    has he sold it?

    he made his money via a body corp management company I believe. (not sure how much)

    you would think with the info coming out in the media and court about his alleged behavior his business might start to suffer.

    the age old principal applies people do business with people they trust and like.

    • peterwn

      A body corp management company has a virtually captive market since it can be difficult and expensive for a body corporate to change management companies. Seems the management companies bid for management ‘rights’ with the highest bidder paying the developer for the rights. Possibly Colin’s company might not be drumming up new business if developers think that naming them as managers will scare the punters, but then the management company has probably not been decided until the bulk of the development is unconditionally ‘sold’.

    • Quinton Hogg

      I was speaking recently to the chair of a BC which uses the services of Mr Craigs company.

      suffice to say he is not impressed with the company and the BC will be contracting with an alternative management company.

      I suspect that other BC management companies are rubbing their hands with glee at what is going on in the high court.

      • jonno1

        That’s interesting, I have had the opposite experience, ie very good service from Centurion after sacking another high-profile company (Centurion was already managing another property). I guess it depends on the individual you are dealing with.

  • Nige.

    Obama is saying that Hilary is behind in the polls because quote “America is sexist”

    Socialism knows no depths to which it will stoop to cling on to power.

    He should shut the hell up and stay out of it. Let HER fight HER own battles.


    • Wheninrome

      He is the one with the problem, assuming she needs a man to fight her battles, now that is sexism at its worst, “the little woman syndrome”.

      • Nige.

        Nothing to do with her breaking rules and lying and destroying (technically) government property.

        Nor anything to do with the fact that she ignored procedures which likely cost the lives of hundreds if not thousands due to her devices being vulnerable.

        • Wheninrome

          Agreed, cause there was nothing about sexism when she was leading in the polls.

    • Herbert Charles

      Thats up there with everybody that dosent like that Ghostbusters movie reboot is a sexist misogynist hater.
      Obama should say Hillary Clinton needs to be the first female US President…….because its “2016” too.

    • dumbshit

      Talk about “biting the hand that feeds you”. Muslin undercurrent is alive and well.

    • ex-JAFA

      Maybe Jim Bolger or some other former National PM could lobby for Mr Key’s re-election next year on the basis that not to do so would be anti-semitic.

      • Wheninrome

        They could include fair play as well, it would be an historic 4th term, NZers love the record book.

    • R&BAvenger

      People should be selected on merit, not gender, race or any such other form of ‘selective and inclusive’ criteria, whatever position they are trying to seek. Otherwise they are devalued as a person in that role as they’ve only been selected to fill an imaginary quota and immediately lose respect in the eyes of others.

    • oldmanNZ

      Hmm. could it also be the voters are racist?
      They dont want any more islamic immigration.

    • Huia

      Hillary is quoted as telling America that Trump is secretly recruiting Muslim terrorists and working with Islam. I guess some fools will believe the rhetoric.
      There is something very wrong in that woman’s engine room.

    • Duchess of Pork

      That didn’t worry Obama in 2008.

    • JEL51

      Trump filled a stadium of thousands in Florida, turning away more than the 200 that barely filled a hall to see Hillary http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/09/19/photo-donald-trump-draws-massive-crowd-far-more-than-hillary-clinton-in-florida/

    • lyall

      does that make all the African Americans that voted for him ‘racist’

    • Michelle

      I think he is enjoying being on the campaign trail, being in the spotlight again No doubt he will find a way to stay there once he has left office

    • kloyd0306

      When Hillary lost to Obummer in the 08 primaries – was that sexist too?

      Liberals – crazy loons and brainless to boot…….

  • LabTested

    Autumn has arrived very suddenly here in europe. 10 days ago it was 33 degrees, now its down to a mild 14. You really notice a sudden 20 degrees drop in temperature.

    Time for one very last road trip before winter, and its a good one. 6 motorbikes & we are heading off first thing to Minsk in Belarus.

    No internet where we are staying, so please keep notes of all the good stuff that happens while I am away. Fingers crossed – see you in a week.

    ..and yes the GF is coming this time because she has heard stories about Belorussian girls & needs to keep and eye on us.

    .photo of the back of the GF’s helmet (simply because I had nothing better to go with the post) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50a4c545675df52c9a85857f5ca55de432ad9713380adaf564b728e975204511.jpg

    • dumbshit

      Is the “picture” from the front, similar?

    • Mark

      Belorussian girls are…exhausting. 😱😂😈

  • Isherman

    I got my local body voting pack yesterday, and after opening it at glancing through the names, the only analogy I can appoint would be opening a box of chocolates to find all the good and half bearable ones gone. The amount of head scratching this leaves is sufficient to make the risk of developing a small bald spot pretty real.

    • MrHippo

      Local body voting – determined by the ‘least worst’. Start by crossing off the ‘absolutely deninately dreadfully nots’, followed by the ‘dreadfully nots’ and then work your way through to the ‘oh dears…’ Pretty soon you end up having to add back some of dreadful, until your local candidates consist of ‘oh dears’ down to ‘dreadful’.

    • JEL51

      Try picking 7 out of 21 contenders for the local hospital board when you don’t personally know any of them.

      • peterwn

        Does not matter – they have very little say in how the hospital is run. Power lies with the Ministry of Health, the board chair and members appointed by the Health Minister and the Chief Executive Officer. After Helen Clark initially dispensed with Hospital Boards, she must have got feedback about lack of ‘democracy’ so in the early 2000’s reintroduced partially elected health boards having the thinnest veneer of democracy she could get away with.

        • JEL51

          Mike Hosking keeps bringing that matter up. I’m starting to understand why now.

        • dennis

          You are 100 percent correct. This was a sop to the left who did not agree with the crown health enterprises. Waste of money though.

        • jimknowsall

          Yeah, elections of public health boards seems utterly silly to me. Healthcare is one of those areas that is simply not best to be run by democracy.

    • Minnie Mouse

      I will be voting very strategically. There is absolutely no way I will give my vote to a local nutcase whose claim to fame is that he is a 4th generation in this town and oh, his father served one term on the Council way back in the stone age. This man will not get my vote. The others are not that inspiring including the incumbent. So I’m thinking the nutcase will get on anyway, despite me not voting for him. in a nutshell, unless one is prepared to stick one’s neck out and stand for Council, then it’s one’s fault if a bunch of ‘joe average’ people become one’s Council Representative.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Here in our ward of Matamata-Piako, we don’t get to vote, (except for the Waikato Hospital Board), all re-elected unopposed.
      Think I’ll consider putting my snout out in three years time.

  • Nige.

    Niges tech tip of the day:

    To close a tab press ‘ctrl -W’. This is useful if you are using a website with ads that pop up when you are trying to close them.

    • dumbshit

      Which buttons is that, on the IPad?

      • Nige.

        Just mash your whole hand over the entire screen

      • yoyoyo

        you have to do an interpretive dance to make it work. but don’t cover your camera on the front so the FBI can watch also #tinfoil

      • It’s the command key and W on anything Mac.

    • yoyoyo

      oops to quick to try….
      Closed the “Current” tab i.e WO

  • GoingRight

    Local body voting:

    We voted for John Palino, (mayor) Bill Ralston, for rep on city council, then 7 Auckland future list for Waitemata Ward and finally hospital board 5 C & R reps, numbered 1-5 Bassett, Milne, Aitken, Bell, Mathias, and a couple of independents 6 and 7 Bensch and Amos for good luck!

    We have got to vote even if the mayor is a ‘fait au complit’. Can’t have Phil Goff stacking the council with the leftie city vision crowd. Can’t happen if we all get out and vote and post our letters back in time. Will be encouraging our family to do just that as previously they did not see the value in getting involved in local politics. Now all house owners it will hit them fair and square in the pocket!

    • spanishbride

      I am using David Farrar’s voting guide to help me decide http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2016/09/auckland_council_voting_guide.html
      As well as the Auckland ratepayers alliance information which you will also find in the above link. I agree that we may not be able to stop Phil but we can stack the council with sensible people to rein him in.

      • JohnO

        I am going to use the same guide to try get some fiscal responsibility .

      • GoingRight

        Oh thanks, luckily we voted Bill Ralston. He will do a great job in my view.

      • Goldie

        Was going to say it’d be nice to have something like that for Wellington, then looked at the link and he has commented that there is one coming – yay!

    • jonno1

      Thanks for taking one for the Waitemata team (by reading the booklet). Will copy that!

  • kloyd0306

    Hosking highlighted some statistics on the number of refugees in the world.

    The number is a direct correlation to the failure of the United Nations and the failure of of countries not having democratically elected officers.

    Close the UN – it’s a useless, toothless, mickey mouse outfit.

    Countries and governments that are bleeding refugees need to be held accountable for not looking after their own people.

    • JEL51

      ….and those pushing the Globalism should be held accountable. Take a look at what is happening on a Greek Is. over-loaded refugee camp. There will be more like this as winter moves in. Imagine Calais with more than 10,000 waiting to cross the channel.

      • Rosco

        Hi Jel, just watched the video’s – couldn’t get over the gender and age of these so called refugee’s. They were all male and looked to be under the age of 30!! In my opinion the next set of refugee’s will be the natives of the EU wanting to jump ship to the likes of NZ, Australia etc. A revolution is coming and it will not be pretty. The backlash against immigrant communities in the EU will bring back memories of the pogroms of Eastern Europe and the brownshirts of Nazi Germany against the Jews. If the globalist’s wanted destabilisation, they sure have got it!!

        • JEL51

          So right there and I bet the make-up of those in Calais is exactly the same and that mass has exceeded 10,000 now. There were riots on the streets in Germany at the weekend and Sweden are loosing huge numbers from their police everyday. They all need to get their soldiers out on the streets before tensions get worse and hope&pray they have the coldest winter on record.

      • Platinum Fox

        I thought an early paragraph in the report amply illustrates the problem facing Europe:

        ‘Shamshaid Jutt, a Pakistani migrant staying at the camp, told France24 that the fire started after “a brawl involving Syrians, Afghans, and African migrants”.’
        I wasn’t aware that there was a conflict in Pakistan or even in Africa which would justify [real] refugees to head out. The residents of this camp are evidently “fake-ugees”, otherwise known as economic migrants.

        • JEL51

          Exactly, and the same probably applies to all the other areas/camps. I remember seeing a documentary, I think from Somalia, where the aged head of the family was justifying sending one of his many, many sons off away to Europe in the hope he will support the rest of the family.
          The thing these fake-ugees have in common, they are sons, sons that can be spared of many, many sons, that have the same beliefs, that are young fighting age, that would need a hard-to-find-job in an over-populated area/city if they were to remain in their own home…. those whose life has little value.
          I can understand them seeking a better life. Sadly, they are too keen to kill others in order to reach that goal.
          I have learnt to despise the visionaries that accompany the Helen Clarkes of the World, who have encouraged the melee.

    • curry4me

      You’re right. Much leftist legislation is driven by UN policy.

  • spanishbride

    Thank God for New York thieves who prevented two terrorist explosions according to Ben Shapiro.Apparently one thief saw a suitcase unattended on the footpath, opened it, discarded the pressure cooker bomb and chucked it into a trash can ( accidentally disconnecting it ) and another thief stole an unattended backpack, opened it, saw the bomb and quickly rang the police. Ben said it is because of reduced Police numbers in New York that these two explosions were prevented LOL New Yorkers owe their thieves a big debt of gratitude.

    • R&BAvenger

      Ben is well worth listening to. He articulates well and also is very precise in his critiques of individuals, backed up with evidence. Link to relevant You Tube video.


  • jimknowsall

    I enjoyed Nigel Latta’s look at the world of politics last night. I did find the pay and perks of MPs quite astonishing though. I’m not usually one to moan at their pay – they do a tough job, work long hours, and you don’t want to pay peanuts and get monkeys. But…all that free travel, and no-questions-asked expenses seems a bit cheeky.

    I also thought that Latta simply didn’t understand the idea of political debate. He was baffled by the adversarial aspect and thought that working together for some kind of consensus best outcome would be better. I think he could do with some lessons in formal rhetoric and why it still prevails 2000 years after the Greeks and Romans were doing the same thing!

  • I’m at the high Court today to support the troups. It will be interesting to observe Nicky Hager in the flesh.

    • Brian Dobbs has read his statement. Recess now. He’ll be crossed before lunch. Then it is Mr Hager’s turn….

      • Lunch. Mr Dobbs will be back after lunch. At this stage, still no sign of Mr Hager. I suspect he’s hiding out in a safe location rather than sit with the rest of us.

        It is a rather odd situation. At lunch we all share the same spaces. We pretend the other people don’t exist. And when something is said, it’s all very civil.

        It’s surreal to be breathing the air with people trying to sue you for a million dollars and just act like you’re waiting to get back into the movies after intermission.

  • Nessie

    Me too. I have my eye on a chap who has extensive local knowledge of the drains along the rural roads. The one outside my block is overgrown, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be out there with his digger as soon as I tell him he’s got my vote! If he isn’t I’ll complain (again).

  • Jdogg

    So some citizen journos on reddit believe Hillarys IT guy asked for help to strip out some “Very VIP” email addresses from archived emails at a very significant time in 2014.
    The redditers appear to have done their homework to find the links between the user names on social media and reddit and Hillary’s IT guy.
    Circumstantial but damning.
    Lots of info #stonetear on twitter.

    • curry4me

      At the minimum, they deserve a virtual chocolate fish.

    • MaryLou

      Wow… the media must pick up on this. They can hardly keep pretending it’s not there.

    • MaryLou

      This is like watching a car crash in not-so-slow-motion.

      • Jdogg

        That’s if it gains any traction.
        A couple of more MSM sites have now published.

        Hours after the story first broke, the user logged in and apparently deleted his posts, but, this was anticipated and thwarted by internet sleuths, they were archived.

        Looks like he may have even shared the server security keys as well as system security info.
        Can’t help but feel it all seems very, ridiculous for an IT guy not to understand what’s on the interweb stays forever and well, convenient timing..
        Hard to believe he might really be that stupid.

        Tin foil hat on – Is he the patsy for something anticipated to come? Wiki leaks have threatened to publish leaks before the debates, that will finish Hillary..

        IT guy’s been given immunity, but if this story gets some legs and comes up solid, he’s for a bad time.. meanwhile Clinton cancels engagements again.

        • MaryLou

          Agreed, it all does seem remarkably “silly” for an IT guy – although I don’t know if you could plant and backdate posts on sites like Reddit.

          Since he didn’t end up complying with FBI and basically pleasing the 5th I imagine his immunity is sunk, unless he squawks right now. Interesting that his boss was concerned that they had nothing in writing from Clintons to do what they did. I hope Congress wouldn’t a free pass to Hillary because of that. Interesting times…

          • Jdogg

            I don’t think you can backdate posts on reddit, thought about that too. But given the timing, and only they know why they’d want to strip email addresses, as they were beginning to be under the pump…were ‘they’ planning ahead for contingency, hiding in plain sight?
            Seems so silly in that industry to be so open, maybe he is really that daft. I think you’re right on his immunity. Surely if he’s a contractor he’s under orders for a required outcome, suppose that depends on the scope. Unreal, interesting times alright.. !

        • MaryLou

          Also just for posterity’s sake – the sleuth was apparently a woman the the name/handle “Katika” or similar, that already seems to be forgotten or ignored by some dudes who seem to have taken over !

          • Jdogg

            Yeah, I saw that too!! Grr..

  • spanishbride
    • hookerphil

      #greattoseeyourarticle #welldoneSB

      • spanishbride

        #ThanksHookerphil #FeelingChuffed

  • sandalwood789

    Oh dear – more bad news for the Greens –

    “Arctic Sea Ice Rebounding Rapidly” –

    Quote – “The ice has been regrowing remarkably rapidly for the last week, and already stands above the start of the month. Tentatively, we may be seeing one of the fastest September growths on record.

    This was also one of the earliest minimums on record, indeed the
    earliest since 1997. This is a good indication of just how cold it is in
    the Arctic at the moment.

    Already, ice extent is above that of 2007 on the same date, as well as 2012.”

    • JEL51

      I dare say there will be many on the Northern Hemisphere just willing those conditions to continue ;)

  • sandalwood789

    *Excellent* reply to David Seymour by Brendan over at his “Conservative perspective” blog –

    The very best part is Brendan’s reply (below) to another Seymour comment.

    Quote – “There is no politically correct solution to the problem of Islam, which is why politicians like yourself are ill equipped to respond appropriately to this threat. There is little point in committing cultural suicide in order to demonstrate our tolerance and inclusion to a people who don’t care for either of those virtues.”

    Outstanding! Game, set and match to Brendan.

    ( Edit – formatting )