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  • Dumrse

    Muslim teacher quits her job after she was told she had to shake hands with male members of staff at Swedish school.

    Headline in today’s Daily Mail. From the smallest beginnings………

    • Dan

      Sweden’s answer will be to outlaw handshaking in public and private places because it is a symbol of racial and gender disharmony.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Unfortunately I feel you are correct. We submit to their mores rather than them fitting in with the country they CHOOSE to come to!

    • Wheninrome

      Imagine if they had to rub noses with maori how would that go down. This could form part of the initiation to NZ

    • XCIA

      I guess she won’t want to be inducted into the Walibri tribe of Central then.

  • Korau

    Hallelujah, the world is saved!

    “Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have promised at least $3bn in funding for a medical initiative to cure, prevent or manage all known diseases by the end of the century.

    The program, managed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) that the duo set up after the birth of their first child, will fund scientific research that others won’t, build tools to aid the next generation of scientific discovery, and build networks of engineers, doctors and researchers in a long-term effort to crack some of the most difficult medical challenges ahead.”

    Well, I guess that’s the end to begging to cure (enter whatever malady you can think of) that constantly beset me..

    Read More : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/09/21/chanzuckerberg_to_rid_world_of_disease/

    • Karma

      Unfortunately they probably won’t eliminate the disease of champagne socialism, which is pretty much incurable by all accounts.

    • taurangaruru

      Based on your first sentence I assumed Brad & Angelina had agreed to go to marriage counseling……….

    • Bazza63

      Drug companies do not want to cure disease as this would destroy their multi-billion dollar industry. So who are they going to work with to develop & test the new improved wonder drugs.

    • Ruahine

      Hate to be a party pooper Mr Zuckerburg but $3bn wont go far. Try for $30bn.
      Forbes says that you are worth $55.8 bn. You can spare it mate.

  • Sally

    They have a competent and respected leader who is clearly demonstrating his credentials as a prospective Prime Minister.

    Just read this in a paper and choked on my cornflakes. I have finally found one of Little’s supporters.

    • Nige.

      “credentials as a prospective Prime Minister.”

      He has no credentials. He can’t even be elected to a constituency. The most fundamental part to being a politician.

      Yeah. He seems to have a few friends in the media. What more credentials does he need?

    • Second time around

      The same shrewd observer (a former UK Labour MP) noted that caucus was becoming “more” united, that there was less public bickering and all that was needed now was to control the urge to politicise every single issue and to allow the MOU with the Greens to develop. The difficulty is that the Greens still politicise every issue, for example, the Kermadecs first and foremost the abuse of Maori rights rather than a marine sanctuary with some details not fully sorted out.

      • johnandali

        In partnership with Rights, there is another word – Obligations (or Responsibilities). I’m fine with Maoris having special rights, but I’m still waiting to hear them discuss the real reasons why so many of their people end up with prison sentences, poor education (or none at all), no jobs, no skills, a life-time on benefits, single parenting, homelessness, gangs, drugs, alcoholism etc, etc. Now why would that be? After all, when Maoris signed the Treaty all those years ago, in return for the rights given to them, didn’t they also cede governance to the Queen? And if they did indeed cede governance, isn’t that an agreement that they would obey the laws of the country? But when we find that 50% of the prison population is Maori, and 60% of Maoris will serve a prison sentence during their lives, isn’t it obvious that they are in breach of the Treaty? And if they are in breach of the Treaty, what penalties should apply? Surely if they are in breach, should they continue to be given huge amounts of money, fishing rights, lake ownership (and even fishing licences), forestry, national parks, city buildings and so on. I’m happy for our government to give away our assets, but not when nothing is given in return.

    • Old Kiwi

      I was half way through reading that article by Bryan Gould thinking what a load of tosh. What a surprise to find a response and contra view from one Michael Cox former National MP from a few years back printed directly under it. Michael had obviously read Bryan’s article – he was responding directly to it. One assumes that Bryan Gould also was able to look at the reply before the articles went to print.
      The delusional left? Why oh why would BG still be happy to let the articles go to print?
      For some reason I couldn’t help thinking of the Monty Python skit. ” I’ve come to buy an argument”. “No you haven’t”.

    • Brian Dingwall

      Gould is scathing about the market economy, claiming it is “bottom-line” driven. In fact markets are about voluntary exchanges, meeting needs at competitive prices, constantly evolving needs, and they deliver innovation and new wealth. You only get a chance to engineer any bottom-line if you are meeting customer needs at prices they accept. And there are markets for everything, including labour.

      It is telling that that China, a country that still professes socialism, now refers to its 1949-1978 period as the “planned economy period” and the period since 1980 (say) as the “market economy period”.

      Imperfect as the latter may be, it is the market economy period that has delivered so many souls out of poverty, and continues to. Social engineering and central planning just can’t cut it anywhere….

  • Hard1

    Worst subject or worst article of the year?. Captain Devoy on deck immediately!

    “Which is New Zealand’s whitest region?
    Have you ever noticed your town seems very … white? Any chance you’re in the South Island?
    It’s there you’ll find the face of modern New Zealand still looks distinctly European – and it’s a sensitive issue for councils, ahead of next month’s local elections.”

    Let’s paraphrase that;
    “Which is New Zealand’s brownest region?
    Have you ever noticed your town seems very … brown? Any chance you’re in the East Coast?
    It’s there you’ll find the face of modern New Zealand still looks distinctly Polynesian – and it’s a sensitive issue for councils, ahead of next month’s local elections.


    • Sailor Sam

      Saw the article and just glanced at it.
      The obviously racist slant on this beats me.
      New Zealand is a free country, people can live where they chose.
      And why does the author believe it should be a sensitive issue for councils ahead of the local body elections?
      Is the article sublimally suggesting to a squashplayer that she needs to intervene and start to paint the South Island brown?

    • Ruahine

      I always thought Chinese and Koreans were “white”.

      • oldmanNZ

        Yellow apparently. But if you have a house in these neighborhood… Its all about locations.

        • sonovaMin

          Heaven Knows where yellow came from. Many Chinese and Korean women have some of the most beautiful fair complexions you will ever see.

        • Nige.

          Apparently Twyford thinks yellow is the new white.

  • Nige.

    Nige’s tech tip for those on Android. You can see where you’ve been if you need reference or proof that you went somewhere. (This should be common knowledge) Unless your stuff is switched off Google is watching all the time. Pic


  • Herbert Charles

    Is this the real reason they have been hiding Hillary? Her voice has the sound of finger nails scratching a blackboard.

    • MaryLou

      Yeah, that’s pretty ugly.

    • Jdogg

      She seems to spend a lot of time time knocking the Trump movement and his supporters, while campaigning from a place of platitudes and slogans that I’m sure people are quite sick of.
      And the hypocrisy here is astounding! Sure glad I don’t have a horse in this race!

  • Wheninrome

    Powerful supporter for Trump last night Martin Luther Kings niece, who basically said he was on the right track with his comments about black americans being left out and the making of America great again. She tried to be fair and said a few words about Clinton they didnt amount to much given the contrast to how she talked about the issue of the violence and Trump.

  • rantykiwi

    I wonder if ACT have the cojones to follow the Phillipines’ lead around reintroducing the death penalty. It would make for some good debate in the build up to the next election.


  • Disinfectant

    Stuff headline today; “which is New Zealands whitest region”.

    I wonder whether we will see which is New Zealands Yellowist, Blackist and Brownist regions.

    Being white, am I offended? No, couldn’t give a toss.

    • D.Dave

      Hey, I love living in NZ’s “whitest” region. But, I have never considered it as such. It is just where I live, along with my maori neighbours, and the Asian family down the road. The fact that anyone else of ethnicity, white, brown or yellow, chooses not to live here is their problem. Otherwise, my level of offence is some south of “who cares”.

      • Disinfectant

        Headline now changed to “pale shades of N.Z..

        This quite humerous.

        Me thinks they read whaleoil.

        Edit: spelling.

    • Odd Ball

      The Southern Alps, especially in winter..

    • veridian

      What is the obsession with white people, and why the almost religious zeal with which ‘diversity’ is pursued. You’ll very often hear politicians from Western countries chant the phrase ‘Diversity is our Strength’ or alternatively ‘Our Strength comes from our Diversity’, straight out of Orwell’s 1984. The plan appears to be to chase down every single white person and white area on this earth and Diversify it and them. Who knows what the ambition is behind this objective.

  • XCIA

    Had a quick squiz at Breakfast on TV1. The desk they sit at looks like a big toilet bowl – harbinger of things to come perhaps?

    • GoingRight

      I lasted ten minutes on day 1. Hillary is appalling and has her back to Jack when interviewing which makes Jack look redundant! Shan’t bother going back

      Edit: changed appealing back to appalling! Spelling error by computer!

      • curry4me

        All my TV viewing is PC based. I don’t have a TV, and never view TVI, 2, or 3 unless there is a link from here. The last link I followed was the dildo throwing one. Since 2013, I’ve bought 3 newspapers.

    • Minnie Mouse

      Yes, been there, done that. Not interested in the programme at all. Hilary Barry – the most famous person from TV3? Don’t think so. Jack? Nothing to see there. Sam Wallace? Over his antics. Brodie Kane? Made to look like the village idiot with her antics as well. TVOne have stuffed up imo. What the hell were they thinking? Breakfast will never overtake Paul Henry – now or never while Paul Henry sits in the drivers seat. Hope TVOne have the balls to make apologies to those they moved on for no apparent reason other than desperation.

      • Jayar

        When I watch Fox News and see their glamorous women fronting the programmes I notice they are “not just a pretty face” but are extremely knowledgeable and competent and certainly “know their stuff”.

    • MarcWills

      They need to stop changing the deckchairs. While the actors are important, the most significant influence is the producers. Therein lies the main problem.

  • kayaker

    Has anyone been pinged (nay, gouged) by Wilson Parking?

    Parked at the almost empty car park at Auckland Fishmarkets one afternoon this week on way home from work. Nipped inside for literally three minutes to grab our snapper for dinner. Jump in the car, drive off, notice what I thought was a small flyer stuck under windscreen wipers, but no it was a ticket for $65 for not displaying a pay & display. Should’ve, but didn’t. Lesson learned. But $65?!? A Vulture must’ve been waiting in the shadows and pounced. Fast work!

    Edit: sp

    • oldmanNZ

      I think someone disputed and won, a ticket for over staying,

      I thinkk they have security cameras, someone is watching all the time in an office.

      Just thank ful it was not clamped or towed.

    • Greg M

      Yes they are onto that sort of thing real fast. The standing joke around the CBD is that they make more money from the penalties than the parking fees.
      Lucky you didn’t get towed and forced to make a contribution to the towing people as well.

    • johcar

      You may be able to get away with just ignoring it. IIRC they don’t actually have the legal right to impose penalties. Someone with more legal nous might be able to confirm…

    • Melissa

      A few months ago the same thin happened to me. I wrote to them with an explanation of why I believed I had been overcharged. They let me off, worth a try.

  • Hard1

    At Gallipoli, the Kiwi soldiers fashioned heads on a stick, put on a helmet and poked them above the trenches to bait the Turkish snipers. Here in Auckland, and probably across NZ, we have the same effect with Council elections for powerless positions. The conclusion is that the elected are the bait, while the real action is out of sight.
    John Roughan’s article spells it out nicely.
    It is often lamented that National are failing to put up decent candidates. Perhaps National are running the Council on the inside. After reading the article, it seems entirely plausible.

  • JEL51

    The interview with Mrs Clinton by Zach Galifianakis which Leighton mentioned earlier.
    Worth the 6mins if you haven’t aready seen it.

    • aero13

      That’s the funniest thing in a long time!!

    • yoyoyo

      whats the best way to reach you…. email?

      pure gold!

  • Sally

    Anyone struggling to know who to vote for. Here is a list endorsed by the Meat Workers who not to vote for.

    • JEL51

      Great, John Minto is on there. Will use list as a guide for who to NOT vote for.

    • Disinfectant

      Go easy on my data limit!

      Videos chew it up but Telco’s won’t tell you that.

    • Crowgirl

      That was close! I nearly voted for one of these wretches because she didn’t put that in her blurb!

  • Isherman

    Looks like our little French hitch-hiking friend has got more trouble coming…new charges of theft are apparently being considered. How terribly sad.

  • Sunnyjim

    The Express today reports that Sweden, once the country of peace and calm, is now in total chaos as a result of the illegal migration of refugees, with a rise in sex assaults, drug dealing and children carrying weapons.

    The situation is so serious now that it is no longer under police control. The police force is in crisis with officers being attacked and police cars being stoned by masked groups and vehicles being set ablaze. There are now 55 areas declared as “no go” zones.

    It is estimated that 80% of police officers are considering changing jobs and 3 police officers are handing in their notice every day.


    And while all this is going on a Swedish charity organisation is broadcasting TV commercials saying Swedes need to give up their identity and that they must integrate with migrants.


    Meanwhile France plans 40,000 more combat troops and 8000 isolation cells in its war on terror. And Germany are expecting further horrific Islamic State attacks due to the huge number of migrants that have entered the county with fake passports, many of which are suspected to be terrorists.

    Multi-cultural enrichment indeed…….thanks to the architect of Europe’s destruction, Angela Merkel.

    • veridian

      It can’t all be laid at the door of Mama Merkel. The Blair creature was also responsible for flinging open the doors of the UK to the third world in a drive to flood the country with dependent labour voters and as a bonus rub the right’s nose in diversity.