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keep-calm-and-don-t-shoot-the-messenger-3Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account.

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  • Korau


    Over a month ago, a hacker was found to be selling login information related to 200 million Yahoo accounts on the Dark Web, although Yahoo acknowledged that the breach was much worse than initially expected. This sale is part of a half billion user credentials stolen.

    Yahoo is investigating the breach with law enforcement agency and currently believes that users’ names, email addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, passwords, and in some cases, encrypted and unencrypted security questions-answers were stolen from millions of Yahoo users.

    However, the company does not believe the stolen information includes credit card information or any bank details of the affected users.

    This could affect large numbers of Kiwis using xtra email addresses which have been outsourced to Yahoo for some time.

    I would recommend any Yahoo account holders change their passwords forthwith. I know I have done so recently. Yahoo is said to be in the process of contacting affected customers (cue flying pigs).

    Spark said this month that it planned to switch all its email customers away from Yahoo to a new email system supplied by New Zealand company SMX.

    • Martin

      I used to have an xtra account and when we changed phone companies it just stopped which was most inconvenient. I had to pay $30 per month to get it back which I thought was pretty rough. The customer service was pretty average then.

  • Korau

    In another tech based ‘mistake’, Facebook has admitted to overstating their video viewing (ie. ads) time by as much as 80%. This must make a huge difference to the value of this data munching ad flinging behemounth.

    Wonder if their share price will suffer?

  • idbkiwi

    “Stuff, Latest breaking News NZ”

    This will come as a shock to those who hold the view that once you’re gone, you’re gone; because it appears that you’re not. Today Stuff relays the sad news that Sir Paul Holmes has died again. Befitting the mercurial media-star his passing has attracted among the most comments on their site.


    • XCIA

      I saw that last night and thought they may be trying a Lazerus story to keep them alive……….

  • Korau

    Idiot of the Year finalist.

    A Canadian idiot has been sentenced to a year behind bars after he was found guilty of calling in a bomb threat because he was running late for his flight (in 2014).

    Michael Howells, 37, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal mischief and received 12 months in jail along with a fine of CA$3,844.88.

    Howells was sentenced for the hoax when, running late for a flight from Kelowna, BC, he phoned in an anonymous bomb threat to the airport claiming the Calgary-bound plane he was due to fly on had been rigged with explosives. His plan was to cause takeoff to be delayed so he’d make the flight.

    • Dan

      Stupid idiot didn’t understand that even if the flight is delayed, the Check In times do not.

  • johcar

    I’m happy Bruce is experiencing the local culture, but I’m concerned that his enthusiasm may mean that I may have to pay excess baggage for him for the trip home….



    • Sally

      I am starting to think Bruce has a drinking problem. Might have to go to AA when he gets home.

      • johcar

        But, but, but…. He doesn’t need maps…

        Oh – you mean THAT AA… ;)

  • Poppa

    Would it be impertinent to ask why Tiahleigh Palmer’s mother wasn’t caring for her?


    • johcar

      A horrible story, but my impertinent question relates to this

      Trent Thorburn, 19, is charged with committing incest with Tiahleigh days before her alleged murder on October 29 last year

      Bearing in mind the girl was fostered, I have to assume there is no blood relationship between this 19 year old scumbag and the girl with the silly name. So how can it be incest?

      • Crowgirl

        It can’t – the Herald are just being salacious

      • Huia

        He raped the child, he was no relation so there was no incest.
        Technicality I know,and I guess “INCEST” goes for the shock headlines these rags want.

      • Santa Fe fan

        I think I heard somewhere on the news yesterday that the arrested were her stepfather and stepbrother?

    • Huia

      I thought the same thing when I saw her at the head of the team protesting. Where was she when her daughter needed her?
      Why were other people responsible for her daughter?
      It is okay to throw stones after the event, it was yet another shocker.
      Beside putting the blame firmly where it belongs on the abuser and murderer. Some does need to go onto the mother for leaving or having her daughter in such a vulnerable position. Whatever happened to caring for your own children.
      Maybe she has an addiction problem, but that is her choice and her daughter shouldn’t have had to pay the ultimate price.

  • Cadae

    Headline in Stuff “New figures show 80 per cent of renters lack resources for house deposit, Labour says”
    Labour are so stupid it’s painful. That figure will just about always be around 80 per cent of renters, even if houses are very cheap:
    Cheap houses = more renters that buy the cheap houses
    More renters that buy cheap houses = fewer renters
    Of the now fewer renters there will be around 80% who can’t afford the cheaper houses !

    • Sailor Sam

      So Phil Twitford went round to every single renter in the country?
      If not, maybe he just asked 10 people who rent and came up with that dodgy statistic.
      I am sure that Twitford does not how many houses in NZ are owned by investors who rent them out unless he knocked on every house in the country.
      And I have not seen him walking along our street or heard him knock on our door.

      • Mick Ie

        Maybe those questioned were State Housing tenants. If this was the case, it would actually make Labours statistics correct for once.

    • sandalwood789

      “…80 per cent of renters lack resources for house deposit.”

      Oh, wow. In more news, 100 percent of rain is wet.

    • Metricman

      Approximately 26% of the population have an IQ below about 92, and 26% of the population also support Labour, there is apparently no way of knowing if these two groups are in fact the same people.

      • johnandali

        I would say that it’s a pretty reasonable assumption. However, the IQ test includes an assessment of reasoning capacity. It’s a good bet that Labour supporters, if tested, would have very low reasoning scores. However, it’s now becoming evident that traditional hard working, working-class people have now come to the conclusion that the old system of ‘Labour Right Or Wrong” where they ignored political facts and simply voted Labour, are now leaving Labour in their hordes, which now means that Labour voters are made up of academics, unemployed, beneficiaries and unemployables who simply want a free ride to the wealth they think is being created by “The Rich”, but is in fact the hard-earned cash being paid in taxes by working people and middle income groups.

  • GoingRight

    Hilarious article in the NZ Herald today named ‘The Funniest Thing about Donald Trump’ in the business section. 4 kiwi lads have designed a game about Trump but if you want a chuckle well worth a read on an overcast Saturday morning.

    • johnandali

      My five year-old grandson stayed with us the other day. He had a game with him about Batman and The Joker. Except The Joker wasn’t The Joker any more, his name was Donald Trump. Grandson was most insistent that this was correct.

  • sandalwood789

    Funny video for the morning – “Cross-eyed Hillary” –

  • Huia

    Thankyou for applying for the Receptionist position with our Firm.
    We will get back to you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e563dee6a0c098f6778a35de3918afdd4b631854e1831d01857c6c070274d344.jpg

    • Effluent

      Could be quite effective if your objective is to deter unwanted callers…..

      • Carl

        Or if you were selling meat skewers.

  • Sailor Sam

    From Scoop NZ – Parliament this morning:

    A little party press release dated 23 septmeber 2016 at 12.29PM –
    Carmel Sep—– and Iain Lees-galloway state that Talleys are hiring, though the MInsitry of Social Development, inexperienced workers to work at their plant in Manawatu.
    Of course Talleys are the union busting company so beloved by that little party.
    Then at 5.11PM the same to late for any TV news and late on a friday, this is retracted by Iain Lees-Galloway as being incorrect.
    The little party have great form in doing this this sort of cheap political stunt.
    Try and get traction during the day, then retract late on a friday when they are wrong (again).

  • sandalwood789

    A victory for free speech! Tommy Robinson wins his court case, thanks to a courageous judge and a couple of courageous police officers who went against what their “PC” superiors would have wanted –

    • JEL51

      Is this the case where he & his kids were removed from the pub/sports club? Case was dismissed by the sound of it. So it is ‘higher’ up that needs to be answering some heavy questions from the msm. Waiting….

  • Blueburd

    Well I never. Saw Mr 7% today. Funny thing was, as he walked around very few spoke to him. Must be a lonely life

  • Sunnyjim
    • Huia

      That is completely offensive to me.
      I cannot believe the general public are staying quiet about it and going with the flow.
      Is it a man or a woman?

      • Sunnyjim

        It will be a woman since they are supposed to be totally covered. I would be very uncomfortable dealing with police dressed like this. Mind you, I believe areas in Britain already have Sharia courts and the new PM, Theresa May, has no problems with these courts.

        • Huia

          It will be a woman?
          how do you know?
          you cant see it.

          • Sunnyjim

            True, but this police officer is wearing the burka, which women must wear under Islam.

    • johcar

      I arrived in London yesterday and was immediately struck by the large numbers of “walking bollards”.

      It’s been 30 years since I was here last (lived here for two and a half years) so I notice a huge difference in the ethnic makeup.

      Walked down to Buck House/Trafalgar Square last night and had to step around several, obviously Muslim, women beggars in the street. I don’t know their back story, but couldn’t they have been just as comfortable doing that in Syria (or wherever)?

      It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I have not heard a lot of English spoken either. In fact, I probably heard more English spoken in Czech and Netherlands, than I have here…

      • Sunnyjim

        Thanks for that, Johncar, if you haven’t been back to the UK for 30 years you would indeed notice the difference and I guess it explains why London voted for a Muslim mayor.