Whaleoil Music Quiz

And if you thought that was easy, try this one:

  • Carl

    10/10 for the first one and 10/10 from the second but I’m a Queen tragic. and only one guess out of the 20. Finally a music quiz I got more than 3 in.

  • Crowgirl

    5/10 and I like Queen!

  • Jafarma

    Not being a Queen fan I thought my guessing ability wasn’t too bad to get 4/10

  • Wasapilot

    7 and 3

    Not bad for someone with only a pssing interest in the band. The Prime rocks series on Queen/Freddie was great, and where most of my knowledge came from.

    This may be heracy to some, but I have never purchased a Queen album or 45.

  • Rosco

    5 and 3 – with a few guess’s lol. A queen fan but not a tragic (like some others). RIP Freddie – Like John Lennon you were at your peak of creativity when your life was cut short – who knows what you may have given us!

  • hookerphil

    3 & 4

  • Keeping Stock

    9/10 (easy) and 6/10 (hard) – not bad, I guess, considering Queen is my favourite all-time band.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    8/10 and we won’t mention the hard one.

  • Barnacles2

    5/10 and …2/10 for the hard one, so I got 7 :)

  • Sunshine

    Wow pretty bad 3/10 for the easy one and 5/10 for the hard one.