Whaleoil News Quiz

  • Wasapilot

    9/10, missed Natinals lead over lab/greens by 1

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Ditto – tried to remember the numbers and add them up but either my math or my memory played me :-(
      Still best result EVA so perhaps this not rushing thing actually works!!!

      • Lux

        Same here !!!

    • Duchess of Pork

      Yep, that seems to be the one that’s tripping us.

      • Nige.

        That question will be in every quiz when a new poll comes out until the election.

        If I remember.

        • Duchess of Pork

          Ohhh, a Trigger Warning. Thank’s Nige, you’re a real mate.

    • Keeping Stock

      Yep; I stumbled on the same one.

  • Carl

    9/10. Missed the combined total of Lab/ Greens.

  • Spiker

    10/10 first for awhile.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    10 all the way, didn’t need to think on any of them. Too easy?

  • Crowgirl

    10/10 – well of course :P

  • Sunshine

    8/10 a couple of wrong guesses

  • Lux

    9/10 Don’t try and hold me back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XCIA

    I guess, considering the results to date, mine at 7/10 leaves me in this position ;-)

  • JEL51

    8/10 and it was a good weather week too.

    • Nige.


  • Keeping Stock

    9/10, but those poll numbers tripped me up. They must have been bogus!