Whaleoil Political Party Poll

Today’s political poll is to obtain a snapshot of where Whaleoil readers currently sit politically. I will poll again closer to the election to see if there has been any change.

Click here to complete the very short poll.

  • Disinfectant

    I clicked on the “Done” button but don’t know whether it has been received as no confirmation came up.

    • EvoDriver

      I got “Thanks for completing this survey.” – sounds like yours might not have been submitted.

  • Gaynor

    Is “1” the most prefered ?

    • spanishbride


  • Sally

    As my local MP is not standing at the next elections, at this stage I don’t know where my vote will go

  • Well now. Turns out I’m undecided.

    I suspect it will all depend on the political landscape at the time.

    In the end, I might have to place my vote with National again as a “anyone but the left and I don’t wan’t to waste my vote” vote.

    • Big_Al

      Pete, can you please clarify the voting. eg. If i select the party i will vote for it gives 1 to 6 numbers so i am not clear as to which number i need to pick. Also for all the other parties do i tick the N/A on all them if not interested. Thanks

      • Big_Al

        OK cancel that, i have it sorted

    • the north

      my thinking is Maori party they are a safer bet than a Islamic supporting party

      • spanishbride

        I didn’t mean to miss the Maori party off the list. It was not deliberate. I guess they have not made much of an impression on me this election cycle.

    • Builder

      I selected Act as #1 as their policies align better with me but when it comes to voting I will go to National if there is risk the vote will be wasted. Sorry Act, you need to do more to raise your profile. Take a much stronger stand against Islam rather than the soft statement from David Seymour today.

  • Philip the Skeptic

    A survey like this does not allow for tactical voting.
    Depending on the list position of the National candidate in Tasman a vote for Damian O’Conner is a tactical choice and could keep a hard working MP in and reduce the number of labour list M.P.s..
    So many labour M.P.s represent electorates where the party support goes to National, keep Andrew and Carmel out vote Damian!

  • Brian Dingwall

    From the headline I thought for a mo there is to be a Whaleoil Political Party; if it were so I’m in, if not then damn…..

    • spanishbride

      Cam has thought about it and suggested a few policies to me. One was public floggings for people towing caravans. What do you think?

      • Brian Dingwall

        Graded penalties, stocks, ducking stools, scolds bridles, and flogging. No problem with that. Extend to motorhomes, and the lycra brigade, actually it could be a long list……

        • hookerphil

          Hoi, as a member of those two we will be meeting at dawn …..

          • Brian Dingwall

            OK then ultimate sanctions only applied to all slow coaches that speed up for each and every passing lane…..

          • hookerphil

            Now in agreement, and lycra maggots who ride 2 abreast on thin roads.

          • Brian Dingwall

            This policy wonking is a breeze….what’s the next item on the WO manifesto?