Whaleoil Political Poll results

Over 1000 people ( 1352 ) took the time to complete our Political poll so it is a significant sample of conservative and libertarian voting preferences.

Who do you think did better in this poll, Act or New Zealand First? You have seen all the other polls but what do the Whaleoilers say? Do they rate the Greens at all? Just how badly did Labour do?

NOTE: I failed to list the Maori Party as a choice in the poll which may account for the strong showing for the ” other ” option. I won’t make the same mistake in future polls closer to the election.

Drum roll please…

First the results for the PARTY vote:

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-05-16-pm screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-05-24-pm

The results for the electorate vote:

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-06-42-pm screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-06-51-pm

  • Keeping Stock

    I found the most difficult decision was which of the Labour Party and the Greens to rank the lowest!

    • Jonat

      I thought that was easy. The Greens.

      • Keeping Stock

        That was my initial thought, but when you consider it, Labour is in many ways even more toxic.

        • bevanjs

          Labour are only more toxic because where they lead National follows.

          • Sailor Sam

            National has moved to the centre left and by doing so haseffectively frozen Labour out of the centre where most people reside politically.
            I doubt if it will move any further to the left like Labour has been forced to do.

          • Seriously?

            I think the NZ public has moved slightly right over the past 20 years. The current “centre” is not where it once was. National might have shuffled slightly left, but it seems more like the mountain coming to Muhammad.

            Take Clinton as an example. The US rave on about her being a leftie, but most of her policies seem to be the kind that we might consider centrist (or even right of center) if they were proposed here. I’d think that if she was running for office here, the most comfortable fit for her would be National.

    • Rosco

      That part I found the easiest! 1. Nats, 2 Act, 3-6 N/A – which means not applicable!! or really more like – not (in any way, shape or form would I ever vote for those gormless ratbags) applicable.

      • KGB

        Act’s numbers surprised me until I realised I had marked National 1, and everyone else N/A. Didn’t realise they were meant to be ranked 😳

      • Andrew Gibson

        Especially when you realise N/A can mean not acceptable……or appropriate….and yes, I think it is important to rate the Maori party; after all, they and another similar party will be around for a long time.

  • Backdoor

    May I suggest that this poll says more about those who read Whaleoil than it does about the state of the political parties. Maybe as reliable as Labour’s polls that place them on 30%.

    • Sailor Sam

      I think a valid poll of like minded people.
      I doubt that anybody at WO is going to claim this is an accurate reflection of the whole electorate, unlike what a little party is saying.

    • KGB

      Which would say a lot more about Labour who cannot get past 30% in their own polling.
      Probably the most accurate polling achieved by all is the preferred PM percentages:)

    • Seriously?

      I think that was the point Backdoor.

      It is plain that the authors here have a point of view (and are not ashamed about saying so).

      Equally, the commenters are mostly a subset of the political spectrum, at least far from a well spread cross-section.

      But it is interesting to see more about the readers, of which there seem to be vast majority that don’t make comments.

  • Builder

    Not many surprises there except a lot of support for Act. Act perform so dismally in the established nation wide polls, they need to do something bold to get more support.

    • andrewo

      I would avoid ‘bold’ because it usually means ‘inadvisable’.
      My interpretation of these results regarding ACT is that the current government is looking more and more like the Clark government, so some on the centre/right are looking around for an alternative, and ACT looks saner than Winston.

  • Builder

    My suggestions for ACT to win more votes from from Labour and the Greens, these by and large are emotional voters so policies about tax and the economy don’t resonate with them.
    1. Sports. Get popular sports personalities on ACTs team and promote sport.
    2. Green policies. Out-green the Greens, clean swimmable rivers etc.
    3. Free stuff. Free school lunches for all, prepackaged lunch box.

    Sandwich and 2 pieces of fruit could be done for $5 each, approx 200 school days per year. It would be cheaper that having the country run by Labour and the Greens.

    • ex-JAFA

      “Free”?? I don’t think you understand ACT at all. Free either means the taxpayers pays, or the companies who provide the goods pay. ACT wants to *reduce* the burden on taxpayers, not increase it, and governments should have considerably less say in what businesses choose to do than they do now.

      • Builder

        I totally get that but Act is polling at 0.6%. Be pragmatic and buy some votes.

        • ex-JAFA

          You’d have more luck advising Winston First to give up racism or Greens to give up Marxism.

    • BG

      Never work. The media party has them labeled as a far right wing party so any messages of green policy either won’t be printed or be given to the nutters in the Green Party to comment on, losing any hope of the message being delivered

  • kayaker

    I couldn’t bring myself to rank any of them except National. All the rest were N/A, not because I hadn’t decided, but because I consider the line-up so poor.

  • Mick Ie

    I’d like to align my National vote with another party to pull them back toward Centre Right. I like NZF for their view on immigration and the fact they are against racial separatism, but with WP being so ambitious I am concerned he could strike a deal with Labour and Greens to further his political career.
    I like many of Acts policies, but with DS wanting to see more immigrants/refugees coming into NZ, I am not willing to support this party either.
    Hence, 2 ticks for National. Better the Devil you know.

  • Nige.

    What part of the green policy sounds good at first? Can you think if any offhand?