When did Labour call for no state visits from Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand or any other country other than Fiji?

David Shearer has gone full retard on Fiji. Like the Media party, the Labour party have a real blind spot and resort to finger-wagging over domestic issues in a sovereign nation.

Their latest stuff up is to call for halting of a state visit by Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama in October.

Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman David Shearer says a state visit by Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama should be “quietly put on hold” until concerns about the Opposition politicians in Fiji are resolved.

Over the weekend five people – including the leaders of two opposition parties and a trade union leader – were taken into custody in Fiji after taking part in a public political forum.

RNZI has reported all had since been released but the Director of Public Prosecutions was reviewing the cases, raising concerns of politically motivated charges to prevent them contesting the next election in 2018.

Prime Minister John Key had invited Bainimarama to come for a formal state visit while he was in Suva in June this year.  

Key said that invitation still stands and it was possible Bainimarama would come for the Bledisloe Cup rugby match in October.

Shearer said it was important not to over-react and Bainimarama should be free to make a visit to watch the rugby. However, a formal ‘state’ visit should be delayed until the situation cleared.

“While we should not overstate what has happened nor should we sit back and say everything is perfectly normal because it clearly is not.

“I think it would be probably a good idea to just quietly put the state visit on hold for a while.

“I just don’t believe right now that Prime Minister Bainimarama quite understands what democracy is all about.”

What an insult.

Of course, this is from a man who thinks we should be facilitating arrangements with terror organisations like Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah.

Fatah just suspended elections in the West Bank but we haven’t heard a peep out of David Shearer.

New Zealand really must get over constantly lecturing Fiji about domestic affairs.

You don’t see a peep out of NZ over executions by China for body parts. Or a word about Saudi Arabia or indeed any other nations in the Middle East for executing homosexuals, apostates, Christians and others with sham trials and summary executions in barbaric and illegal ways.

Thailand has a constant coup culture and yet we sought and obtained a free trade agreement. China’s human rights record is appalling but Labour signed a free trade agreement with them.

Why the special and untoward treatment of Fiji?

Little wonder that Fijians have little tolerance for the governments of NZ or Australia, and the same goes for their meddling bureaucrats lecturing Fiji into toeing some post-colonial line that is dictated by New Zealand and Australia.

We don’t see Fiji commenting on domestic issues in New Zealand, like the inability of Police to bother to prosecute numerous Electoral Act breaches over the past 12 years in New Zealand. At least in Fiji they take laws and upholding of those laws seriously.

If you commit rape in Fiji it is off to jail for at least 14 years with no parole, whereas we operate a catch and release programme for criminals and our judges ignore the will of parliament over the three strikes law.

We should stop lecturing Fiji and sort out our own house before embarking on meddling in the Pacific.


– NZ Herald

  • Hard1

    Why do bullies pick on the small guy? Cowardice.

  • Seriously?

    I’d like to think that our focus on Fiji rather than some of the other examples given is because we actually care more about Fiji and the Fijian people. They feel like a part of us in a way. A part of our south Pacific community.

    Add to that a feeling (apparently misplaced) that our words and actions may have an influence in Fiji.

    The others, not so much on either count.

    It does seem a bit paternalistic. And it maybe simpler: that we think we can take the high ground and be stroppier as we have nothing to lose by it.

    • Actually we do have plenty to lose. Fiji will seek counsel form other nations…like China and India. If Fiji grants Russia or China a base in Fiji then we have most definitely lost a great deal. There is a very real risk of that.

      • Seriously?

        I’d rather they didn’t, but if they do, then what have we lost?

  • Second time around

    A state visit does not mean that the countries endorse each other’s policies. It is however a chance to show that there can be constructive dialogue. Neville Chamberlain visiting Munich in the late 1930s did not mean that he liked the Nazis, but his visit was instrumental in getting an interim accord that deferred World War II for a year and shifted the eventual battle front further away from Britain.

  • Muzman349

    What has always amazed me is the unadulterated ignorance by members of parliament about how Fiji actually operates and what Frank Bainimarama has actually achieved.
    His motives were very much in favour of all Fijians at the time of his original moves and then I supported them. It is however disgusting that we still have this rubbish being spouted by the old useless overpaid politicians in NZ.

  • Boondecker

    Shearer is on the same bandwagon as the media party. it’s obvious he’s not quite sure how he got there, but he will remain flavour of the month whilst he goes into bat for those media-types like Barb Dreaver who are banned from Fiji.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It makes you wonder why anybody would have considered Shearer had an iota of diplomatic ability. Leave Fiji for the Fijians. Like him or not he is the elected head of the Government of another great rugby nation.

  • ross

    New Zealand politicians love to try and boss Fiji around because it makes them feel powerful and they can pretend they are colonial overlords.