While Terrorists teach their children how to kill, France teaches theirs how to hide

PHOTO-beforeitsnews.com The children of the IS are taught from craddle to grave to kill infidels, they live to one day kill an infidel.

PHOTO-beforeitsnews.com The children of the IS are taught from cradle to grave to kill infidels, they live to one day kill an infidel.

It is a tragedy that all the French education system can offer their children as protection from terrorism is first-aid training and hiding techniques.  Teachers should be armed and trained  and armed guards posted at every school. Terrorists are cowards and  always choose soft targets.  Gun free zones are their preference so the French should arm every school.  If the threat is real enough for them to be doing these drills then they should be serious enough about their children’s safety to take the war to the terrorists.  Hiding is not going to protect children from bombs or gunfire but  armed teachers and guards will.



Young French children returning to school this month will be taught games to hide from terrorists as part of a new curriculum created in response to a series of attacks in the past year.

In addition to drills three times a year, education officials have suggested teaching younger students some games so they can be prepared. Among the suggestions are teaching kids to hide in boxes without being scared of the dark, running from the playground to the school at the teacher’s command, and playing a game known as “le roi du silence,” or “the king of silence.”

Students aged 14 and above will be put in first aid classes so they can learn critical life-saving skills that could be used in the event of an attack. School administrators will be required to hold mock attack drills to improve “the ability of schools to react and not be taken by surprise.”

France has fallen victim to three major terrorist attacks since 2015. The Islamic State has listed schools as a “top priority” target for terror attacks. The country has remained in a state of emergency as a result of the attacks.



  • Brian_Smaller

    They are surrendering before the shooting starts. A record for the French.

    Seriously – actually it is hard to take this seriously. Run and Hide is the response to terrorism? Like kids are so good at hiding from an adult intent on hunting them down like prey. Have you ever played hide and seek with kids? On the whole they are terrible at it.

    • Seriously?

      In terms of the kids though, what would you want them to do if their school is attacked by an Allah Nutbar shouting fool? For the kids, run and hide seems fairly practical advice.

      • oldmanNZ

        Not a easy answer as it seems.
        While the extremist are trianing the young to kill, they are training to love and hide.

        Who would be sitting ducks when they go looking for them.

        They could be trained to use a high pressure fire hose, even throwing rocks, some sort of self defense could be better than no defense.

        • Builder

          What about very loud siren alarms? Not great for little kids ears but armed intruders wouldn’t want to hang around either.

      • spanishbride

        Looking back to when I was teaching at Hutt Valley High in Lower Hutt I cannot think of anywhere my students could hide. In the classroom they only have desks to hide behind which were plastic and would not stop a bullet. Outside the classroom there was only the toilets and the doors to them could not be locked from the inside and once the terrorist found them it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Their best chance would be scattering and running out onto the field towards the stop bank.
        If a terrorist entered my classroom he would have to come through the door ( the only entrance and exit to the classroom ) and the children would be trapped. The only chance they and I would have would be if I was armed.

        • KatB

          Our school has recently put new lockable classroom doors in and have had lockdown drills. Now schools are looking to go to these modern learning environments, where it’s open plan with several classrooms in one big area, they won’t be able to easily confine a problem.

      • Nige.

        At a school age yes. They should really be preparing them for the future.

        • Seriously?

          Well this story is about kids of school age.

          I don’t think anyone is pretending this is an answer to the terrorism risk, but I cannot understand why we would want to mock them for giving the kids sensible advice.

          Even if we did arm guards or teachers, it still seems like a very good idea to teach the kids to run and hide, and even to play out some of that as a game for them.

  • I’m confused how did they intend to kill infidels with wooden guns ???

  • iera

    French birth rate: 1.8 children per family
    Muslims in France: 8.1 children per family
    30% in France younger than 20 are Islamic.
    By 2027, 1 in 5 Frenchmen will be Muslim
    In just 39 years France will be a Muslim republic.

    This happening without gunning down French schoolchildren.
    Is teaching running and hiding just helpful lessons in submission?

    • KatB

      That’s scary stuff. Putting it pretty black and white. If people don’t want to believe anything else about Islam, they can at least acknowledge the breeding rates and decide if they want to convert to be allowed to live in a Muslim world.

      • Tui

        If Europe becomes an Islamic state then every other Western country is under threat as well including eventually New Zealand.

  • iera

    SB – I am computer illiterate – it was not my intention to include the movie below. Please remove it and this comment.

  • waldopepper

    with western governments bending over backwards to allow muslim take overs of their countries at the expense of their own indigenous populations. one has to wonder what pressure is being applied and by whom to make all this happen.

  • bristol

    Twelve years ago, almost to the day, the world held its hands up in horror as the Beslan School siege unfolded. The Islamist attackers killed 330 hostages,including 186 children. I doubt the result would have been any different if those innocent children had received prior training on ‘how to hide from terrorists’. Foolish Western politicians, and ‘officials’ still think denial is a river in Egypt.

  • Duchess of Pork

    There are already armed guards at many French Muslim and Jewish schools. It would be a new, though feasible strategy to introduce them to the secular schools. However, like New Zealand primary schools, the French école are primarily staffed by women, likely of a leftist persuasion, who would simply refuse to carry and use weapons and seek alternative employment if coerced.

    • Citizen

      French soldiers do guard Jewish and Muslim schools and mosques…But I have first hand accounts of how they are treated at the different institutions…at the jewish ones parents bring cakes..teachers bring cups of tea…at the muslim ones they are abused..even spat on…The reason that they are guarding the Muslims, despite there being zero attacks on Muslims in France…is because the Govt has backed down from cries from muslims that to only protect jews is racist…

  • Mark

    Maybe these are old lessons they used to teach before WW2

  • Intrigued

    Is this the new normal for our children’s generation?

    In the past week both of my school age children’s schools have had lockdown drills.

    Both are in Auckland, one a state school primary school and one a private secondary school.

    I am at once relieved that they have a protocol to follow if need be and at the same time deeply disturbed that this is potentially the new normal and to be expected.

    With all the Islamic terrorist attacks overseas – it is getting harder to explain to my children when they ask about it. My eldest is even suffering anxiety about the world – natural as a teenager – but it reminds me of the Cold War fears we went through that we could all end up obliterated in a mushroom cloud from a nuclear attack.

    It’s all very well teaching the children in France to hide – but i agree with WO that its time to stop being the cheese eating surrender monkeys of days gone by and take the fight to these terrorists before they obliterate the innocence of children the world over.