Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

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  • pisces8284

    I think Clue 3 is Billy Connelly and Pamela Stephenson. No idea what the other two clues are though

    • AL357

      Clue 1 is a Fonterra milk powder site
      Clue 2 is Foveaux Strait??
      Clue 3 – don’t know!

      • James M

        You’re right about the first one.

        No idea about the second one. I’m thinking does it indicate off shore or overseas considering the first image is fonterra.

        Anthony Hopkins & Malin Akerman in the third one.

        I can’t piece them together

        • Goldie

          2 is a salt flat in Bolivia, but also having trouble finding someone to link them

  • Tiger

    Frederick Drumpf aka Fred Trump and third wife. The Drumpfs came from Karlsbad (SE Germany)? Father of Donald.

  • James M

    I can’t for the life of me work out who the mystery person is though i know what images 1 & 3 are.

    Cunliffe’s false CV included one of them. The other has a taste for human flesh. maybe that helps someone else…

  • Ceebee

    Burt Munro.
    1) Born in Edendale (photo is the dairy factory at Edendale)
    2) Raced motorbikes at Oreti Beach
    3) Played by Sir Anthony Hopkins in the World’s Fastest Indian.

    • Goldie

      You could be right, although I think 2 is a salt flat in Bolivia – he got his world record on the Bonneville salt flats

    • James M

      Ahhh bugger, that makes the most sense. loved that movie.

      I couldn’t stop thinking about the Hannibal movies and think about his connection to NZ.

    • Sally

      Did well to get the person and link 1 & 3. Clue 2 was salt flats which Goldie got.
      Good team effort.