World Vision suspends the Gaza office…what happened to nothing to see here, all above board?


Shalom.Kiwi reports:

In August we reported on the breaking news that the director of World Vision in Gaza, Mohammed El-Halabi (pictured with Mike McRoberts), was arrested by Israel for allegedly diverting tens of millions of dollars of aid and donations to Hamas terror.

When the allegations broke, World Vision announced it was “shocked” and said it has “no reason to believe” they are true but will “carefully review any evidence presented to us” and “take appropriate action based on that evidence”. World Vision has now suspended operations in Gaza and 120 staff have been laid off.

This follows Israel freezing World Vision bank accounts in Jerusalem. Other governments have also taken the allegations seriously – Australia and Germany halted funding to World Vision, with representatives from both countries making strong statements:

World Vision massively damages the trust necessary for aid work for the people in Gaza … Hamas is a terrorist organization, which should not be financed with taxpayer funds.” – Volker Beck, German Green Party MP

Any diversion of the generous support of the Australian and international community for military or terrorist purposes by Hamas is to be deplored and can only harm the Palestinian people.” – Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade  

Shalom.Kiwi filed questions to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Official Information Act. MFAT responded that the New Zealand government has made no payments to World Vision for projects in Gaza, so Kiwi taxpayers can rest assured in this instance.

However, New Zealand is a core funder of UNRWA and has praised their work, which has been linked directly to Hamas terror activities and incitement to violence – leading some to call UNRWA one of thegreatest obstacles to peace. UNRWA and other aid organisations may also be under investigation by Israel for supporting Hamas terror.

Time to pull the plug on these clowns.

They fought us and Shalom.Kiwi for weeks denying that there was anything to see…now they’ve closed down the office.

Perhaps World Vision might like to come clean on their dodgy operator and the damage he has caused the organisation.

I wonder if Mike McRoberts will do likewise?


– Shalom.Kiwi

  • spanishbride

    To be fair they may have shut down simply because their funds are frozen so they cannot afford to pay staff. This is not an acknowledgement from them yet that a staff member defrauded both them and the public that donated.

  • Isherman

    The issue may go deeper than just the question of NZ taxpayer funds going to the Gaza office of WV specifically. Over the last several years, the NZ government has dished out around $7 million to World Vision, and we know that since the 80’s WV have engaged in co-sponsoring of news segments with MSM outlets, where those media outlets are effectively manipulated to adopt WV’s wider anti Israel narrative. They also co sponsor other projects such as the film “With God on our side” (with Tear Fund) which was filmed throughout NZ, and was a fine example of Anti Israel bias and propaganda, that used massive distortions of fact to push a narrative.
    It will be interesting to see what the likes of Roger Fowler have to say in response.

  • MarcWills

    Mike McRoberts will deny Hamas exists – after all he managed to spend 3 weeks with TV3 filming in Gaza without once showing any of them, just children and medics who apparently were the ones IDF were fighting in the schools and hospitals.

  • Jimmy Rustle

    Now to shut down the 650 Israeli company’s funnelling money through NZ via the Panama papers. And get the money back from jewish students who ripped off NZ’s elderly selling dead sea salt. Not to mention the binary fraud options that are still going and stealing billions all under the protection of “Israel”…

    Yes lets talk jews and money!

  • DeplorablePersonOfColor:WHITE

    WV no longer gets their sub from me…what we need now is a movement akin the AUS-Exit suggested by One Nation….to opt out of all UN nonsense in NZ

  • sandalwood789

    Just another of the countless number of left-wing aid agencies that have been completely politicised. One of the very few that has not been (as far as I know) is “Medecins Sans Frontieres”.