Would you pay for an ad- free Whaleoil?


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  • Wheninrome

    Yes I would pay for an ad free whaleoil, but I fear it would lose those people who come for a sneaky look, those who could really benefit from reading what people are thinking. Will they pay? I see some of the benefit over and above me being able to comment on the issues of the day is for the lefties to see what is really happening an unblinkered view of the facts.

    • Aucky

      The quickest way to kill off growth in circulation. I only came here initially to satisfy my curiosity and would not have been prepared to pay a sub for a ‘look-see’.

      Is the technology available to have a free edition with ads with the provision of a supplementary charge to have an ad-free version? Just as the Pandora phone app provides.

      • johcar

        Yes there is. I believe Geekzone has this implemented…

  • Sally

    I tend to skip the news sites that are user paid. Much as I would like to read some of the article the outlay would be huge if I had to pay for everything.
    Ads free WO maybe, maybe not, really depends how much. I have gotten used to the ads, really doesn’t bother me too much, although if they were tucked away on the side instead of being in the middle of an article would make for a better read.
    Also the worry is making WO a paid site would that be a turnoff for the casual reader?

  • LabTested

    I don’t mind the real ads as I occasionally see something that really interests me. It’s only the ‘sponsored news links’ that seem generic to every news site that bug me – No I don’t want to know who Tiger Woods was seen with this week, but the actual ad for cheap flights to Asia gets me clicking & thinking

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Came here for a look-see as to what all the fuss was about (Dirty Politics).
    Had it been a paid site I would never have gone further than the front page – I rarely even go past the front page on sites that require ‘free’ registration, so making it a paid site may discourage people to come and see and then get ‘hooked’!!!
    For me, once I realised this is somewhere I would want to come back to I set up a monthly donation as felt that was only fair. Not a lot but regular and I put extra in when funds allow and the mood takes me.
    Proper ads don’t bother me but as LabTested it’s the ‘sponsored news links’ that seem generic to every news site that also bug me.
    There are aps that I pay for so I don’t have ads and those ‘free’ ones that I don’t use a lot I put up with the ads – perhaps there is a mid point between sponsored ads and registration?

  • I had to say no, because I really can’t afford it. But because I want to support WhaleOil I have adblock turned off for the site.

  • Wheninrome

    Further thought maybe a small sample free like the NYTimes and then you have to pay, need to get the people to come to the site, like what they see and then join. Spreading the “better way” and also letting people see that they are not alone with their point of view. I was surprised that people thought along similar lines to me when I first started reading. Sometimes you think you are a lone voice with extreme view points.

  • axeman

    No I don’t think I would, While I enjoy the articles & comments posted and the more centre main stream insight and more accurate thought, its not a have to have. We have dropped our local newspaper as it is of no value, and I will be discontinuing my business advertising in it as well. I have to say it is not quite the same without Cam’s input as well. Still superior to anything else but not quite the same. This is not a criticism but a mere observation.

  • Tom

    No I wouldn’t, I feel most of the good stuff is now going to insite and whaleoil is becoming a bit too “Cut and Paste ” from other news media. The originality is dying.

  • DangerMice

    No, because if I don’t want to see ads, I’ll turn on adblock

  • Andy111A

    Already do, I have adblock on but as I have been supporting WhaleOil financially for a number of years I don’t worry about it

  • Some of you are talking about ad blocking. I respect that you don’t want to see ads, but ad blocking will actually become self defeating, as more people use it the ad revenue goes down and then sites like this will cease to exist. So by all means use ad-blockers, but I don’t want to hear any moaning when I shut the site down because it is no longer sustainable….and it’s not far off that BTW.

  • kayaker

    I wouldn’t pay for ad-free. I really enjoy visiting WO as it’s just about the only news and opinion source I trust. I just scroll through the ads – they’re a minor irritation at times (1st world problem), but I can handle it and sometimes I do actually see something I’m interested in. Is it possible to offer two versions?

  • Luke Lucas

    No I wouldn’t and I couldn’t care less about the ads that are on the website now

  • curry4me

    Thanks for providing this site. I’ve been following it since 2008. I do use an ad blocker. However, I’d be willing to fire some $ in your general direction every month. I might even consider disabling ad blocker for this site. I don’t recall the PC I use to access this site at another location being covered with annoying ads, and flashing graphics.

  • John

    The truth for me is that I am really broke. While I enjoy spending a good part of Saturday catching up on WhaleOil, if it where more than a few dollars it would be another luxury I can not afford right now.

    Edit to add _ the right adds can be informative.

  • Odd Ball

    i would be happy for it to just be easy to access consistently, I don’t mind the ads

  • Odd Ball

    I sort of struggled with the survey, because I’m not sure what a reasonable amount of $ would be, however, I haven’t done a donation for a while, so thanks for the reminder.

  • Spiker

    This is about the only site I find worthwhile tolerating the ads. Currently I pay a $1 a day donation but would happily double it to be able to access an ad free version of WO.

  • Holdonamo

    Sounds strange… but shouldn’t we all, wherever possible, bother to actually support the advertisers that actually bother to support Whale Oil by actually choosing and paying to advertise on their site?
    They obviously believe that the Whale Oil readers are generally “like-minded” individuals to their own views and thoughts, or if they were rabid lefties they wouldn’t be advertising here out of principal and putting up with the SJW stupidly seeking to ban their products.
    So we should be supporting those, that support those, that we support.