Young Labour dealing with the important issues


When I saw the news on this originally I thought it was a terrible thing the way it was pushed. Forty years for a waiting list seemed awful, and then I saw minute details that it was in fact a really small subset of people, and even then it wasn’t a disease or illness or anything other than a voluntary option for surgery.  

While I can understand that the 88 people who want to superficially change their sex (they aren’t really changing their sex just the appearance on the outside) feel this is really important, there are only so many ways the health dollar can be rationed and so the system allocates resources to those most in need. People in pain, people with aggressive but curable diseases, emergencies and the like.

The reality is 88 transgender people are waiting because there are better and more urgent priorities in the health sector. They are waiting because they want the “job” done and paid for by the taxpayer. If it was so important for them they’d save the cash and go get it done privately or offshore. I don’t care about the costs and how they are out of reach for most people. Boo hoo, the price along with the waiting list is another method of making sure these people are really dead set serious about a nip and a tuck or a permanent strap-on.

The fact that Young Labour thinks this is a serious and important issue shows you how out of touch with reality the nutcases of Young Labour are. However, when your party is desperately seeking relevance and the missing million 88 more bludgers with their hands out is a bonus for the party, I guess.


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  • Quinton Hogg

    This is a first world issue.
    I would rather our health dollar was spent on elective surgery. Improving access to health services etc.
    The bloke can get off his ample backside, work and save up for the opperation he wants.

    • Damon Mudgway

      Or the SJW’s can start up Givealittle pages so those with a similar burning need to help, can contribute financially.

  • metalnwood

    It’s plastic surgery done to change the way they feel about themselves. Ahead of them in the queue are surgeries done because peoples physical health is at risk.

    Thats the reality. I don’t doubt for some of them that there is a mental health aspect attached but perhaps the best option for them is psychological help to deal with being a man in a womans body or vice versa.

    Not every outcome to help a patient is the one they ultimately wanted.

  • baw

    The squeaky wheel gets fixed first. Explaining why they should not be funded is boring too many. Add to that this condition is often discussed in public, and the feel good PR opportunities, I have a suspicion that at some point in the future, the funding will be given anyway regardless of the merits for and against.

  • Eiselmann

    I’d rather , given the choice, fund 88 surgeries for people who need it in order to have a decent shot at life, than fund 88 surgeries for people making a decision to alter their bodies but don’t want to pay for it.

    If it really was that important they would find ways to self fund their personal choices…its not my fault and not my problem that the people who advocate for those on the waiting list don’t believe in anything but ‘state sponsored charity’.,rather than putting their hands into their own pocket..

  • Second time around

    Cataract surgery is about 15x cheaper and restores sight and independence to those who have it. Hip replacements are 6x cheaper, and again relieve immense pain and restore lives. Annette King may believe that tidying up existing genitalia to match the mood is a priority in the health system, but it certainly wasn’t when she was Minister of Health.

  • papagaya

    Only 0.3 per cent of the population is estimated to be transgender. I can’t believe that Young Labour is still banging on about this, it’s the biggest turn-off to middle New Zealand. Young Labour is either hopelessly out of touch or trying to win brownie points with a tiny clique of hard-left activists. I’ve known two transgender people who transitioned and in both cases they spent years saving and paid for the op themselves. There’s nothing to stop those on the “waiting list” from doing the same thing. Work two or three jobs if you have to.

    • Larry

      0.3 % is 3 in a thousand or 13500 in 4.5m. Really? That many?

  • Big_Al

    Looks like Young Labour are no different to Main Labour. The party’s future looks bright (not). As already stated, this is not a life threatening issue and if they are that concerned about getting their bits butchered then they can pay for it themselves and go private or overseas. There are far more important medical issues to be dealt with that are life, or quality of life situations. If these Young Labour members are so concerned then they can offer to fund these procedures themselves.

  • rustyjohn58

    When I saw this I naturally howled in indignation at the TV and like most here expressed the view that it was plastic surgery for a lifestyle choice etc. The caring sharing half of the marriage pointed out to me that transgenders have much higher rates of mental illness and about 6 times the suicide rate of the rest of us. I reluctantly accepted that was a fair point of view however it seems to me then that rather than a waiting list based on first in (at 2 a year)then maybe it should be assessed on mental illness grounds and whether such an operation is going to save someones life. Pretty hard to assess I guess but what else can you do.

    • Second time around

      I wonder what the evidence is that having the bits to match the gender assignment does relieve serious mental disorder caused by having the wrong assignment. It may be successful, but it could be just one cause of the mental problems these people tend to have.

    • phronesis

      The suicide rate is no better post-surgery. In the long run it may even be higher than for those who never get the surgery. A large proportion of these people eventually decide that maybe they are better off sorting their mental issues than trying to make their body into something it isn’t.

      • contractor

        A person we know who had a sex change is a self centred neurotic mess. On that sample of one the govt should treat sex change like hallucinogenic drugs, a destructive move.

  • cows4me

    A better spend of money would be brain implants for young Labour members, I know someone who works at Tegal Chickens, finding donors should not be an issue.

  • R&BAvenger

    If you want to go all the way to changing from John into Janet or vice versa then you can pay for it. Many are saving and have done so.

  • Mick Ie

    Choice sex change operation:- $180,000.00pp
    No choice Cancer (Keytruda):- $ 12,500.00pp
    88 @ $180,000.00 = $15,840,000.00
    1267 @ $ 12,500.00 = $15,837,500.00
    We must never let these people take control of National Purse.

    • James M

      you forgot one…
      88 bought Labour votes @ $180,000.00 = $15,840,000.00

  • Wheninrome

    What about all the mothers out there who have produced babies, now there are all sorts of surgeries that could improve their lives, put them back as they were pre child, not the least being attention to the breasts. Think of the pschological improvement to their lives (I include myself selfishly in their number) Lets not tell young labour or they might include this in their protest for fairness and they might be well on their way to the missing million, cause lets face it there might be the odd husband or partner who might like the idea as well.

  • geoff3012

    So far out of touch with reality…..they’ve fallen off the cliff

  • waldopepper

    this is not something i want my taxes paying for thanks very much.

  • Nermal

    Cosmetic surgery should not come out of the health budget, unless it is the result of accidents or sickness, e.g. burns or cancer.

  • contractor

    Blinkin heck, so if I don’t like having buck teeth or something else about my looks that is causing me angst should the govt pay for correction? These people can wait 400 years as far as I’m concerned.

  • Hard1

    I think that the cost estimate is wrong. False reporting or a blowout on surgical fees?.
    In the US: The cost for female-to-male reassignment can be more than $50,000. The cost for male-to-female reassignment can be $7,000 to $24,000. Between 100 to 500 gender-reassignment procedures are conducted in the United States each year.Aug 26, 2013.
    In Thailand, the works at the top doctors is under $20,000 including airfares and hotel/hospital stay. The locals pay around $6,000.

    • Second time around

      The US has a population 60x greater than ours, so if we fund 4 a year that is in line with US figures, greater if some people in NZ go private. Maybe our health costs are too high, but the US fees you quote sound more like the fee for the anaesthetist than the fee for the surgeon.

    • WBC

      That U.S, fee wouldn’t cover the bed, the anesthetist, the astronomical cost if there are complications, the medication, the list goes on.

      You can easily be in hock for more then $50,000 if you simply injure yourself over there and were too foolish to buy health insurance.

  • Andy

    It’s really sad to read this in light of a Fijian father who was denied residence due to having kidney needs, die, because of the 200k cost to NZ. I wish people would wake up in NZ.