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Labour’s New President

As expected Nigel Haworth won the Labour presidency in a triumph for the liberal elite wanker wing over the uncouth union thug wing represented by Robert Gallagher. Fortunately for Haworth he also has done his share of union thuggery so was able to split the vote.

The Labour Party has elected economist Nigel Haworth as its new president.

Professor Haworth replaces Moira Coatsworth, who stood down in December following Labour’s election defeat.

The big challenge for the Professor is raising money. Ever since Mike “Fat Tony” Williams, New Zealand’s best political shakedown artist, retired, Labour has been broke, with even the Greens spending more than Labour in the 2014 election.  Word from inside Fraser House is that the party is so broke they have to beg for money from everywhere, so the acid test of Prof Haworth’s tenure will be whether he raises funds.    Read more »

Guest Post: Best Little Capital group launched

Wellingtonians would be dumber than a sack of hammers to want an Auckland style ‘Super City’ for the capital.  Unfortunately it’s all the vested interests, ratepayer funded throughers and former MP who were forced into retirement now pushing for amalgamation.  A couple of young lawyers from Wellington law firm Franks Ogilvie have, on their own bat, launched a group to coordinate resistance and push back against Wellingtonians falling for the ‘bigger is better’ rhetoric.

New Group Against Amalgamation

A group of Wellingtonians have launched a campaign to resist the Greater Wellington Regional Council’s scheme to amalgamate Wellington’s existing councils. The group, Best Little Capital, has been formed by Wellingtonians Michael Moughan and Digby Livingston. 

Mr Moughan says, “Best Little Capital is a call to arms for those who want better local government, but worry that Wellington City has been drifting towards amalgamation without establishing that it is the right solution for the region’s problems.”  Read more »

Teachers and their unions don’t like the new Education Council. Good

When it comes to professional disciplinary bodies, there is always at least the perception of conflict when the profession sits in judgement of their own.  Lawyers, police, journalists, real estate agents – they all go to their peers to be judged.

The government is taking a sensible step away from this with teachers, and it’s fair to say it’s ruffled some feathers.

Groups representing primary principals and secondary teachers are planning to ignore this week’s call for nominations to the council because they are angry they are losing the right to elect any of the organisation’s members – instead the Education Minister will appoint them all.

The primary teachers’ union is also unhappy, but it will challenge the Government to choose people who represent teachers by running its own nomination process.

The Education Council is replacing the Teachers Council and will be a statutory body rather than an autonomous Crown entity, a change that places it further from government influence.

However, all the new organisation’s nine members will be selected by the Education Minister from a pool of nominees that anyone can put forward.

To be clear – anyone can be nominated.  It doesn’t actually freeze teachers, principals their union mates or any strong advocate out from the process.   Read more »

Embellishing… not something decent, trained and skilled journos do, surely?

Regan at Throng had a blinder about Sky TV yesterday.  Today he climbs into the NZ Herald.

herald-x-factor-bsMost days I find something in the NZ Herald that really makes me angry. The number of times I have read things that are simply not true or have had massive embellishment is astounding. Take this utter nonsense that the NZ Herald leads with this morning.

According to the once proud bastion of the fourth estate,

Television mogul Simon Cowell – whose company Syco Entertainment created The X Factor reality format – had no knowledge MediaWorks had used convicted killer Shae Brider on The X Factor NZ and is taking the matter “very seriously.”

That sounds very ominous indeed, except that Simon Cowell said none of that at all. Read more »

Toby Manhire wants us to follow in Denmark and Sweden’s footsteps.

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Toby Manhire is such a person. Rather than do what Churchill did when he joined England in the fight against Nazism he thinks that a more gutsy decision would be to increase our immigration, thereby bringing into our democratic country the very ideology that John Key wants us to oppose.

Sweden and Denmark increased their immigration and look what happened.

Woe to anyone in Sweden who dissents from the orthodox view that welcoming large numbers of indigent peoples from such countries as Iraq, Syria, and Somalia is anything but a fine and noble idea. Even to argue that permitting about 1 percent of the existing population to emigrate annually from an alien civilization renders one politically, socially, and even legally beyond the pale. (I know a journalist threatened with arrest for mild dissent on this issue.) Stating that there exists a Swedish culture worth preserving meets with puzzlement. And yet, the realities of immigration are apparent for all to see: welfare dependency, violent bigotry against Christians and Jews, and a wide range of social pathologies from unemployment to politically motivated rape. Accordingly, ever-increasing numbers of Swedes find themselves — despite known hazards — opting out of the consensus and worrying about their country’s cultural suicide.

All this is part, say critics, of a decade-long transformation in Denmark’s approach to immigration and integration, under pressure from the populist Danish People’s party, the DPP… Denmark’s Muslim population are the party’s particular focus. There are many Muslims, it says, who are unwilling to integrate and hostile to “Danish values” such as free speech.


Read more »

Mental Health Break

What happens if Winston wins Northland?

Winston Peter is the only NZ First candidate capable of winning the Northland by election. If he wins National do not get a top up List MP, so the balance of parliament is altered.

If Winston does win the only major problem for National is RMA reform. National will not have enough votes to push RMA reform through Parliament, just as it didn’t last term. So the smart play from Labour & the Greens is not to run a candidate and let Winston have a chance of winning.

It will be interesting to see if Labour are smart enough to realise this, and the Greens smart enough to realise this is a perfect opportunity to show Winston they can work with him and can be trusted.

Israel punches above its weight in so many ways

There are those who build and contribute to mankind and there are those who destroy.

ISIS's contibution to mankind. Destruction. Islam has a long 1400 year history of burning and destroying the libraries and museums of the countries it invades.

ISIS’s contribution to mankind.

Islam has a long 1400 year history of burning and destroying the libraries and museums of the countries it invades. Above is but one recent example. Islam dominates and destroys. One of the things that has always stuck in my mind is what happened when Israel withdrew and handed over land to the Palestinians. The land had been developed and had wonderful technology and buildings that could benefit the new occupiers yet the first thing they did when they took ownership was to tear down and destroy everything because it had been created by Israel.

Israel on the other hand makes lemonade when life gives it lemons. They work out how to farm the desert. They don’t just benefit themselves they create technologies that can benefit the world. The ReWalk is but one example.

Imagine giving a paraplegic back the ability to walk again.

Imagine that the man who created the technology is a quadriplegic.

Now imagine that the scientist who designed  this amazing technology is from Israel, the country that does so much with so little.

Invented by the Israeli entrepreneur, Dr. Amit Goffer, who became a quadriplegic in 1998, and manufactured by ARGO Medical Technologies, ReWalk™

Invented by the Israeli entrepreneur, Dr. Amit Goffer, who became a quadriplegic in 1998, and manufactured by ARGO Medical Technologies, ReWalk™

Read more »