What 22.4% means to Labour… ctd

Some insight from the West Coast

I don’t think Labour have kissed goodbye to WCT [West Coast-Tasman]. They are putting a lot in to it and are fighting dirty.

Last week they flew in almost their whole front bench – Ardern, Cosgrove, Parker, Cunliffe, Little.

Cunliffe tried to cash in on Richard Seddon, making a very tenuous family connection and trying to say Labour was the descendant of the Liberals. I don’t know about you but I seem to remember that the Liberals transformed in to Reform who became the National Political Coalition – becoming National in 1936. I also remember them keeping a lid on the unions. Mind you, Seddon’s Old Age Pension Act didn’t pay to Chinese so I can see the link with Cunliffe there.

As for dirty they have been slinging much about Maureen Pugh’s record as mayor of Westland – despite the fact that the numbers show Westland is now the best off council on the coast, and hardly as bad as Tasman. Read more »

MEDIA ADVISORY: Glenn Greenwald is a fraud

I’m getting sick of having to do your job for you. ¬† Why are you calling Greenwald a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist? ¬†He’s nothing of the sort. ¬†Five minutes of research would have told you that.

Step 1:  Go to http://www.pulitzer.org/ and search for his name.

Would you be surprised to find he doesn’t come up as a winner?

Step 2: Check what he has actually won:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_George_Polk_Award_winners


Yes, but Cam, you say, he was working for the organisation that won a Pulitzer.

So was the receptionist. ¬†And the guy cleaning out the toilets. ¬†I don’t think they go around claiming themselves Pulitzer prize winners.

Step 3: Search a bit deeper (by the way, this is what a REAL email looks like) ¬† Read more »

Wednesday morning mailbag

Some good work going on out there.  The Ground Crew rules!   Some more coming later today too, but check this one out:

Cam & team,

Seeing the Herald are running an-anti Key line I thought I would provide this Herald analysis for you. Please use / discard as you see fit.

At the start of they election campaign I thought I would analyse both your content and that of the Herald.

You are open and honest about your affiliations, which is why I read you, but the Herald holds itself up as the bastion of the Free Press here in New Zealand.

A Yeah right moment if ever we needed one.

So every day I screen captured the Herald politics headlines and the trend became apparent after only 1 week.

1/ Every story on Key is either negative or connected with dirty politics.
2/ every picture is showing strain / ageing or funny face.
3/ David Cunliffe is taken at his word and NO questioning of anything he says.
4/ Right aligned minor parties are ridiculed, Left aligned are paragons of virtue
5/ Dotcom features almost exclusively as a “white Knight” character. Everything he says is true, everyone else is wrong. Read more »


Laws really are optional in this country, especially if you’re Winston


Email from someone who knows these things

Winston Peters has declared he knows from his time as DPM that he¬†knows where the NSA offices are and is prepared to show anyone who¬†asks him. Read more »

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Face of the day

Abu Abdul Rahman

Abu Abdul Rahman – Facebook

A Kiwi jihadist who has links with al Qaeda and has taken up arms in Syria wants to leave the war-torn country — but first needs a fresh New Zealand passport after burning his old one.

Mohammad Daniel, also know as Abu Abdul Rahman, and formerly known as Mark John Taylor, says war-torn Syria needs humanitarian aid rather than a bloody jihad.

Sounds good but it doesn’t change his past does it?

He claims to have been in touch with the New Zealand government in a bid to get a new passport.



I assume the words in black were added.

Is this a person we want to allow back into New Zealand?

A spokesman for New Zealand Intelligence Community — an agency made up of the Government Communications Security Bureau, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’ National Assessments Bureau, and the Security Intelligence Service — refused to comment on any specific case.
But it said that, in general, fighters taking part in or returning from any sort of conflict zone are a “concern for many countries, including New Zealand”.

“We are aware of a small number of New Zealanders who have travelled to areas of conflict,” the spokesman said.

“We strongly recommend that people do not travel to these areas.”

In 2009, Mr Daniel was arrested by Pakistan authorities while trying to gain access to an al Qaeda and Taleban stronghold close to the Afghanistan border and was subsequently subjected to travel restrictions by the New Zealand government.

He left New Zealand again in May 2012, and lived in Indonesia for two years working as an English teacher.

In June this year, he entered Syria across the Turkish border.

I come to Syria as a Soldier for Allah,” he told the Herald on Sunday at the time.

Online, he claims to be an “adventurer living in Syria. I have no links to any groups. I’m independent, living under good care by Muslim brothers”.

He has posted photographs of himself clutching machine guns and boasted of going on “patrol” and doling “guard duty“.

Earlier this year, he also proudly displayed his burnt New Zealand passport on Facebook and declared he was on a “one-way trip” with no intention of returning home.

Now, it appears he has changed his mind.

He told Aotearoa Independent Media Centre that he was planning to leave Syria “around late October”.

He advised that while he had requested a new passport from the New Zealand government, he had no intention to return to his homeland.

Asked if he had broken any laws, he told Aotearoa Independent Media Centre: “No, I only went there for adventure Jihad, but along the way I realised Syria is in a very direct need of humanity aid and support.”

Mr Daniels, who has spent several years living in Australia, was friends with another New Zealand radical, Muslim Bin John.

Mr John, along with Australian Christopher Havard, were suspected of links to al Qaeda splinter group AQAP, and killed in a drone strike last November.


Daily Proverb

Proverbs 16

9 We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

Tuesday nightCap

Charlie goes to Burning Man

Caution: Adult Themes.

A bit long, but worth the view.  Wondering if this should be on my bucket list


Today’s Trivia

via wikipedia.org

via wikipedia.org


TONIGHT’S TODAY’S TRIVIA is brought to you by one of the Team, and they’re much tougher than I am. Not sure if you wanted to remain anonymous but I’ll leave it to you to reveal yourself and crown tonight’s winner if you want to.


NERF, of kids play guns and various cool toys fame is actually an acronym which means “Non-Expanding Recreational Foam”. (source)


Read more »