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Have you been eating Sushi wrong too?

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There is fanfiction for the Bible. (source)


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This is just surreal. (A cat video even cam will like?)

If Len Brown watches this, I’m sure he’ll want these for Auckland

Leaders Debate Debate

Please to talk about the TVNZ Leaders Debate – please do not use Backchat

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Laila Harre doesn’t actually believe in her own party policies

…or she does, but she doesn’t have a clue what it all means. ¬†(More likely)




I still don’t believe that everything on Mega is inaccessible to the people who run Mega. ¬† It may be safe from outsiders, but the fact that they hold all the software and it hasn’t been independently verified to be secure leaves the possibility open that Mega staff and owners could, conceivably access anything at all.

This would be a matter of trust, would it not?

So you need to look at the people behind Mega. ¬†I wouldn’t be comfortable with it.




Apparently, the reason Kim Dotcom admitted to hacking a Prime Minister and alluding to not liking John Key so he may just do something about him, as well as Pam Corkery losing her rag in front of the media she’s supposed to be managing into a happy place is all the fault of Brook Sabin, because his father is a National MP.

THAT is the thinking on the left, folks.

Nothing to see here, just another National Party dirty trick by a media infiltrated son of a National Party MP.

Also, Brook¬†was recording a piece to camera when Pam started her rant, the cameraman stopped and ran over to film it. ¬†But don’t let the facts get in the way of character assassination. ¬†Gosh, it, it… looks like… Dirty Politics!¬†