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The world’s heaviest ball of twine weighs 21K pounds and was created by a man named JFK over the last 37 years. He says that in 1979 God told him to quit drinking and turn to twine. It’s hard to tell if he stopped drinking then.  (Source) Read more »

Some of these people vote. Probably for Trump

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New Zealand v Australia


This is tonight’s Rugby Post.  Please do not talk about this game in Backchat.  Even when the game is over, do not post the results or talk about the score, as there may be people waiting to watch it delayed.    Read more »

And… Kiss!

via RNZ

via RNZ


Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama was on Saturday welcomed to Government House in Auckland for his first official New Zealand visit since he took power in a coup in 2006.

Mr Bainimarama was greeted with a powhiri and a military inspection before he sat down with Prime Minister John Key for talks.

Mr Key said the topics discussed included development and aid, the PACER Plus pregional free trade agreement, defence links and regional sport. Read more »

The advantage for National if they win Mt Roskill

Rob Hosking explains how National would gain an advantage in the extremely unlikely event they won Mt Roskill in the by-election.

National has one large advantage in the byelection – well, two, perhaps. There are significant benefits from what is still, despite a fairly lacklustre run since re-election at the end of 2014, an aura of success – or at least of not being as pratfall-prone as Labour.

And National, unlike Labour, is not struggling to get donations for next year’s general election, let alone for a byelection.

The biggest advantage is much the same as Hillary Clinton has in making a fight of Arizona. No one is going to be all that cut up if the party loses.

But a win would be the equivalent of an intercept try in rugby: a large psychological blow to the opposition.

In fact to some degree the psychological blow has already been struck: Labour in Mt Roskill, like the Republicans in Arizona, is being forced into defending home territory, territory it should be able to take for granted, at least to some degree.   Read more »

Is benefit fraud a NCEA course?

If benefit fraud is an NCEA course this women seems to have got at least a “merit”. With points deducted only for getting caught.

A Kapiti woman who fraudulently claimed $131,371 in social welfare benefits has been sentenced to 10 months’ home detention.

Georgina Harry-Anne Marama Kelly Kraus , also known as Georgina Huriwaka, 39, pleaded guilty in the Porirua District Court on Wednesday to 30 charges of using a document fraudulently.

Huriwaka, a traffic controller, first applied for a domestic purposes benefit on January 8, 2010.  On the form she advised she had separated from her husband.

Over the next five years she continued to claim a benefit despite still living with her husband. The couple had another baby in 2013.

She did not declare her earnings from the fulltime work she started in May, 2015.   Read more »

Good point Chris, why do Labour keep going around and around in circles?

Chris Trotter wonders why Labour constantly goes round and round in circles.

WHY DOES LABOUR do it? Why is it forever tying itself up in ethical knots and programmatic contradictions? Its policy-making does not seem to proceed from any discernible core of political principle. On the contrary, it comes across as the sort of haphazard collection of fleeting public obsessions a party guided exclusively by opinion polls and focus groups might present to the electorate.

Voters are prepared to forgive National for this sort “suck it and see” approach to policy-making. Most of us understand that the only principle that National will never abandon is the one commanding it to remain in office for as long as possible. Everything else is negotiable – as the Government’s recent swag of policy tweaks and re-adjustments makes abundantly clear.

Nor can the voters object too strenuously to National’s governing style. After all, it is their own likes and dislikes that are being so assiduously fed back to them by the party’s pollsters and marketing specialists.

If democracy is about giving the people what they want, then John Key’s preternatural sensitivity to the slightest change of pitch in the vox populi makes him a democratic leader of no mean ability.

Read more »

Trump’s “disabled reporter” incident COMPLETELY fabricated by the Media Party

Sobering really.

You can see why Trump is confident to stand there and claim the election process is corrupt.