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Back in the real world: Alzheimers steals our loved ones away


Today’s Trivia



George Washington spent 7% of his Presidential salary on alcohol. (source)


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Using the power of social media to talk to your own children about … toilet rolls


How to get the Bobcat on the truck


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David Cunliffe’s Challenge

What's it to be David?

What’s it to be David?

Today David Cunliffe challenged me to release information obtained from Labour people. I am not sure if this is a good idea either for David or Labour.

The nature of a political blog is that when there are campaigns on people try pitching stories against their opponents. There have been a number of nasty campaigns going on inside Labour, and so I have received a lot of stories from different people in Labour.

There are some absolute crackers.

Like the ABC faction member who has briefed about the two mystery donors to his leadership campaign trust.

Or the identities of all the anonymous bloggers on the government payroll that blog for the Standard.

Or the DC faction briefing against a leadership opponents spouse’s corruption problems.

Or the fly on the wall at Fraser House who gives details of the financial position of Labour.¬† Read more »

Couldn’t she wait until the bodies were cold?


Siobhan Downes reports

Bradford told Fairfax Media when she sent the tweet she was not aware anyone had been killed.

“It is a total tragedy, and [I have] every sympathy to those affected. It’s just terrible.”

But she stood by her comment. “The Work and Income office is the front line of the Government’s welfare policies. People are very, very badly affected by what happens there everyday.

“This is in no way excusing what’s happened. But I think it’s unfortunate that governments sometimes don’t understand or accept the risks that they put their staff under in implementing their policies.”

Not backing down.  In spite of this:

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Monthly blog ranking post

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

With the election still in the last three weeks unfolding in such a brutal way, the blog performance stats have exceeded our best expectations.  We have some mixed feelings about this of course.  It is the most positive part of what has been a very stressful time.

Our aim to hit 4 million pageviews per month by the end of 2014 seems to be in the bag. ¬†We’ve picked up a lot of new readers this month, thanks to “Dirty Politics”. ¬†Readers who have discovered Whaleoil picks apart the “news” and shows them the behind-the-scenes manipulations in the media. ¬† You’ve seen it today, when a TVNZ poll shows national on 48% and it is presented as “National in crisis”.

If the hacker and his/her enablers hoped that “Dirty Politics”¬†was going to be a mortal blow for Whaleoil, they made a huge mistake. ¬†With the traffic settling down, it looks like we’ve picked up 15-25% more eyeballs in the space of a month. ¬†If that’s you, then welcome to Whaleoil. ¬†Remember that we don’t expect you to agree with everything you read here. ¬†But we do expect you to be informed, entertained, and every so often learn something new.

For those of you that expect this to be a “National Party blog”, you might end up disappointed. ¬†Even though our politics is mostly towards the right, and certainly more right than National’s policies right now, we also take the freedom to agree with policies on the left, such as the Greens’ Clean Waterways policy. ¬†And, we reserve the right to criticise people on our ‘own team’. ¬† We do not turn a blind eye simply because a mistake is make on “our side” of politics.

If that makes you uncomfortable, and you really want to 100% partisan blog, then Whaleoil won’t be for you long term.

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The left’s economic sabotage of Whaleoil – progess report


As you may recall, the left, through their attack blogs, have been systematically targeting advertisers on Whaleoil.

Among those that knee-jerked some reactions based on a very one-sided complaint (and without consulting with us), were Powershop and Flight Centre.

I’m happy to report that both of those companies have recommenced their advertising. ¬† This isn’t a sign they support us. ¬†Instead, it’s a sign that they will advertise wherever their customers are. ¬†And with a quarter of a million of you, their customers are Whaleoil readers too.

Keep in mind that Whaleoil never called for a customer boycott on these companies.  In fact, we only revealed Powershop as one of the companies involved until after they reversed their decision to block advertising.

So, any of you who took your business away from Powershop and/or Flight Centre, please take these developments into account when you do your business in future.

(and let’s face it, $159 per person one way to Sydney or Brizzy is a good start when you easily pay double to get to Queenstown)

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