OK, forget all the other issues, THIS will make you really mad

Police are considering a zero tolerance approach to holiday speeds.

In case that isn’t clear, it means you’ll get a speeding ticket at 51 km/h and 101 km/h (or whatever is over the local limit)

Anyone exceeding the speed limit this summer can expect to be pulled over as police move towards zero tolerance of speeding.

It comes after police ran a successful campaign last summer where fatalities over the summer period, from December 1 to January 31, dropped 22 per cent while police operated in a 4kmh speeding tolerance.

However, police also issued more than 200,000 tickets for people speeding between 1kmh and 10kmh over the limit – more than five times the same period the previous year when the reduced tolerance was not in force, a police report into the Safer Summer campaign showed.

The tickets totalled more than $6 million in fines, an increase of about $5m from the previous years.

Total speeding ticket numbers were also up from 134,813 to 308,580.

But the reduced tolerance also helped prevent crashes, with 201 less minor injury crashes, 21 less serious injury crashes, and 11 less fatal crashes.

Police assistant commissioner, road policing, Dave Cliff said it was time the focus shifted away from thinking about a speed tolerance and towards driving to the conditions and the speed limit.

This is absolutely silly. ¬†Why don’t the Police make us all walk instead? ¬† That way there will be no crashes. ¬†It is all very well to say that 100 km’h saves lives and crashes, but so will 90. ¬†And 80. ¬† And 70. ¬†Why stop there? ¬† Read more »

The fun never stops

From: James Codyre <[email protected]>
Date: Nov 27, 2014 1:51 PM
Subject: Whale Oil Contact submission
To: [email protected]

Name: James Codyre

Email: [email protected]

Message: What a totally disgusting blob of crap a former president of
the National Party spawned.I think they threw the baby away and raised
a pile of dung! Read more »

Kim Dotcourt

Dotcom’s ¬†lies via his NZ Herald enablers never stop

“I’m broke”…he said, via video conference from the Mansion.

Credit: Emmerson / NZ Herald

Credit: Emmerson / NZ Herald

The German entrepreneur and failed politician has revealed this week that his three-year, $10 million legal fight against extradition to the US to face trial on an alleged conspiracy to commit the biggest-ever breach of copyright has seen him run out of cash.

A high profile Queen’s Counsel and one of the country’s biggest law firms stepped down from his legal team team earlier this month.

“The US Government has taken all my assets up until the raid in all jurisdictions and after I invested money into the internet Party, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) sued me civilly to try to seize those assets too, so I’m officially broke right now,” Dotcom said via live video-link from his Coatesville mansion at the Unbound Digital conference in London yesterday.

Dotcom¬†still has¬†staff and is paying rent on the Coatesville Mansion. ¬† That’s not my definition of broke. ¬† It may feel like that to a man used to carelessly throwing millions around (Good Times? ¬†Really?), but honestly Kim, you have no idea what broke is.

While you have a roof over your head, and you are fed, and you have the time to play games and have your staff look after you, I’m not sure you’re going to get much sympathy for your current financial hardship. ¬† Read more »


What you you like Dunedin? Medical equipment, or a fish tank?

Let’s get started, and then I’ll make a point or two

A fish tank in Dunedin Hospital cost $73,000 to install and more than $1000 a week to run in its first year.

They have admitted to spending $129,000 on the tank in the first year.

However, the cash-strapped Southern District Health Board says the maintenance bill will be ”significantly less” in the tank’s second year of operation.

The tank is funded by donations to the children’s ward.

That’s pretty poor stewardship of generously given funds.

It cost about $56,000 to maintain in its first year, not including the cost for electricity.

Seriously? ¬† How is that broken down? ¬† ¬†You can pay a full time person at $35k to tend to it for 40 hours a week all year long, and still have $21,000 left for food and incidentals. ¬†¬† Read more »

Mental Health Break

You did it!

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Thank you for getting us into the finals by placing your vote for “Best Blog”. ¬†Let’s see if we’re lucky enough to add another Golden Cube to our collection. ¬†You’ve done your bit, it’s now all up to the NetGuide award process.


Map of the Day

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Slater speaks out! Well, I never…


Some of what I told TV3 earlier today, for those who need to catch up

Prime Minister John Key has had further contact with Cameron Slater since Monday night’s text message chat about the Security Intelligence Service’s (SIS) release of documents to the blogger in 2011.

Slater has confirmed to 3 News he had to provide Mr Key with the text messages so his office could make them public.

“I provided them to him because he doesn’t keep his texts, and he requested that I provide the texts and I sent them through,” says Slater.

In the exchange, which Mr Key initially told Parliament didn’t take place but later backtracked to confirm it had, Slater claims Phil Goff leaked the report in full, that Labour chief of staff Matt McCarten was behind the hacking of his computer that led to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, and that he has evidence his political opponents “tried to kill” him.

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Hey @NZHerald, mind fixing this mess?

At at 1 pm today on your website front page:


Your front page. ¬† Then, when you click on the headline, it goes to ¬† Read more »

Are Rawshark and The Comedian linked? You decide

Rawshark is a bastardisation of Rorscharch.


Rorscharch being one of the Marvel DC Comics masked villains of course.  One of the Watchmen.

So colour me surprised when Josh Forman picks “The Comedian” as his secret name. ¬† Read more »